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The mod comes package in a typical Wotofo box with its green accenting. Once you open the box, you will see a foam cover. Lift the foam cover and your mod along with a spare squonk bottle is sitting in the foam insert. Underneath the foam insert is where you will find all of the documentation for this mod. It’s a good looking box. As soon as you take it out of the box, it has a very light feel to it. The fire button is gold plated so it really stands out against the black carbon fiber look of the mod. One of the first things you notice when you lift the squonking cover off of the mod is that this mod actually has a 30 amp fuse in it. That’s interesting.



·         1x NUDGE BOX MOD

·         1x 7ml PET Squonk bottle

·         1x User Manual

·         4 Spare Fuses

·         Spare bottle with no collar or cap




On the top of the mod, we have a gold-plated 510 ring. The threading is gold-plated as well and so far, all of my atomizers have sat flush on this mod. The 510 pin itself is a squonking 510 because this is a squonking mod. The 510 is spring-loaded and gold -plated just like the rest of the pieces on the 510. It has a medium sort of spring to it and a medium sort of throw. This mod will hold a 24mm atomizer with very slight overhang on the sides. I have had no issues at all with any of my atomizers making a solid connection on this box. It’s definitely one of the better 510’s I’ve used on some of these mechanical squonking mods that have been hitting the market lately, even though technically, because of the fuse, this is not a true mechanical squonker. I do really like the way the gold plating contrasts up against the carbon fiber look of the box.


With the fire button facing you, on the right side of the mod is the removable panel with the squonking hole in it. The front of the panel has a carbon fiber look to it and it actually does have a little bit of texture to it as well. Take the panel off and on the interior, there is one large magnet that coincides with another magnet on the battery tray. The opening for squonking is what I would call just the right size. I have no problem getting my thumb in there or any other finger. There really is not a lot of play on the battery door. It stays in place pretty solidly.

Once the panel is off the mod, on the left side of the mod is where your squonking bottle goes and on the right side is where your single 18650 goes. In between the squonking bottle and 18650 battery, there is a slot for a 30-amp fuse. My mod came with the fuse installed already and four spares in the box. The squonking bottle is soft and it does have a stainless steel collar that is removable for easy cleaning. The tube in the squonking bottle is on the loose and you will have to readjust it after filling.


One thing that really bothered me about the spare squonking bottle is that it comes with no collar, tube, or cover. I don’t know what Wotofo was thinking but what good is a spare squonking bottle if I can’t fill it up with juice and have it ready to go at a moment’s notice. I guess the only reason for this spare squonking bottle is if you actually damage the one that comes with the mod. Otherwise, the spare is pretty useless. Bad move on Wotofo’s part, they should have included a full squonking bottle set up as a spare or don’t include one at all. What would have been a total win is if they included a bottle with a collar and cap. Then the user could fill it, cap it off and when they are ready to refill, all you would have to do is swap out the tube and cap of the installed squonk bottle and you are ready to vape. I think by not doing that, Wotofo missed an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the pack.


I know some people may not like it but I do like the fact that they included a 30-amp fuse in the box. I’m always for safety and if this can keep just a few people safe, I’m happy to go along with it. Wotofo did include a bunch of spare fuses just in case you do something stupid and blow the fuse. I would rather see the fuse blow then someone’s face blow up and have it plastered all over the news. I’m sure there is a little bit of voltage drop with the fuse installed but so far, I can tell you that that voltage drop is very negligible. I would definitely accept that little bit of voltage drop in the place of having a safer mod. Kudos to Wotofo for thinking about safety and putting it in one of their mods. I think this is especially important because squonkers are becoming very popular and a lot of newbies are starting to buy mechanical squonkers. These people that are buying these cheap mechanical squonkers may not necessarily have all the information they need to vape safely. This kind of mod with a fuse built in, at least provides those types of vapers with some sort of defense against their own ignorance.

Another thing I did not like about the internals of this mod is the fact that there are no clear battery orientation markings. Yes, the battery will work, whichever way you put it in, but I think there should have been clear battery markings advising the user to install their cell negative side up. The other thing about the battery tray is there is no strap. You literally have to bang the mod up against your palm in order to get the battery to pop out. I would have liked to have seen some sort of cut out or battery strap in order to make getting your batteries out easier.


Once the battery is removed, you will notice that there are two gold-plated contacts. The one on the top is a lever style contact and the one on the bottom is a button-styled contact. So far, all of my batteries have fit in there nice and snug and I have had no issues with my wraps tearing. There’s been no battery movement or rattle.

On the front of the mod, we, of course, have the firing button. The firing button is gold plated with a gold ring around. The button is circular in shape and it does have a pretty long throw to it. It also has a really nice resistance to it that gives it a springiness that is not mushy at all. Every once in a while though, it does misfire but those are far and few in between. There is some texture around the edges of the firing button and that is there for a reason. This firing button does have a locking feature to it. You simply grab it by the textured part and turn it to the right. This locks the button and makes it impossible to fire the mod. It can be a little bit of a pain in the neck to lock sometimes because you really do have to get your fingers in there to spin the button but it is definitely a pro that this feature is built into the mod.


As I said before, the whole mod from top to bottom is done with a carbon fiber look. It’s a good look, that seems to have held up pretty well. There are a few little scratches here and there that you really have to look to see but for the most part, it has held up nicely. On the bottom of the mod, on the same side of the firing button, there is some Nudge branding. On the bottom plate of the mod, there is also a gold circular plate that is attached to the bottom battery contact. There is some branding on it as well as a star. This plate can tend to get a little warm if you chain vape. Not warm enough where you will burn yourself but you will definitely feel a difference in temperature on this plate versus the body of the mod. The rest of the body of the mod is done very plainly in carbon fiber with no branding.


I really like the way this atomizer looks on top of this mod. I know, they both have the same name so Wotofo probably did develop them with the idea of using them in conjunction with each other. I just think they look really nice together. Yes, there is a little bit of overhang on the sides because the RDA is 24 millimeters but overall, I think the look is just fantastic. I like the carbon fiber look of the mod and the gunmetal atomizer that Wotofo sent me is a beautiful color that goes extremely well with the carbon fiber look. So far, the atomizer has held up fine as far as the paint and color go. Like I do with all of my atomizers, I did run it through my UC and the paint held up just fine. When you pair the Nudge RDA with the Nudge Box mod, you have a nice, short and compact squonking setup.



Both the atomizer and the mod do vape very well together. I like to hit that I get off of the Nudge box mod even though there probably is some slight voltage drop because of the fuse. I love the flavor that I get off of the Nudge RDA. I think the airflow is very smooth and the flavor is excellent as well as consistent. I like using it in squonking mode but because of the way the airflow is, you do have to be careful that you do not over squonk. It is not that easy to over squonk but it definitely is possible and it’s something that you have to be conscious of. Wotofo also built in a juice splitter to the bottom of the deck that ensures your juice distributes to both sides of the deck when you squonk. I know I have mentioned it before but for this, RDA performs just like a dual coil Wasp Nano would. I get the same kind of airflow and flavor. As far as vape quality goes, when you pair these two together, you have a very flavorful squonking setup.


Sometimes in life, it’s the little things that get you. It’s the lack of attention to detail that can make things significantly better or significantly worse. Most of the things that I am mentioning in this part of the review do not really negatively affect the vape quality of both items but they are enough of a concern for me to bring it up in this section.

·         No Battery Orientation Markings

·         No Battery Strap

·         Just A Spare Bottle

·         3 Coils

·         Slight Overhang

I have covered all these issues in the actual review so I’m not going to go over them again for the sake of brevity. Needless to say, just some slight attention to detail on some of these issues would have made both items better. Not necessarily as far as the actual quality of vape goes but the overall aesthetics, looks and usability of both items. The overhang thing is a bit of a nitpick but they did name the RDA the Nudge, so it’s only practical that you would assume that it would work with the Nudge box mod and have no overhang.


I have to say that I really do like both items. I like using both items together as well. I think the Nudge box mod is a very affordable option with a nice safety features built-in as far as the fuse and locking firing button go. It hits just fine and add its price point, it’s a very good value. I like the looks of it and I also like the safety features that Wotofo made a conscious effort to put into this box.


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