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Wotofo Bravo RTA

Wotofo Bravo RTA

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RTAs (Rebuilder Tank Atomizer)

A rebuildable tank atomizer allows users to build their own coil. This way, they have the power to create a personalized coil according to their own requirements and preferences. In addition, RTA also enables users to fill the tank, which implies that they don’t need to be dripped again and again to be puffed up.

RTAs provide richer, more intense, and smoother flavors compared to other atomizers. One huge difference between RTA and RDA is that RTA supports the tank to contain a greater quantity of e-liquid. The capacity of e-liquid can vary between two and six milliliters, depending on the brand and make of the RTA being used.

There are many choices available so there is an RTA out there for everyone according to their personal preferences and desires. Plus, RTA also resolves the problem of leaking e-liquid, which can be incredibly frustrating for regular vape users.