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Wotofo Wafer 5000 Vape Pod

Wotofo Wafer 5000 Vape Pod

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wotofo skuare 6000 vape pod

Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod

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What is a Box Disposable?

Recently, box disposables become an increasingly popular option for vape enthusiasts. These devices are box-shaped disposable vape products. They also come in a wide range of styles, capacities, and constructions. You can always find one to match your needs and budget.


A box disposable also has the advantages of other disposable vape. They hold much more e-juice and last much longer than other small disposable. The box disposables are draw-activated to use. It’s designed in a box shape, but not so bulky as the box mods. The devices are also compact, light, and portable.


1.What is the advantage of box shape disposable vape compares with box shape mod?

1)Easy to use,box disposables are a great choice for beginners or inexperienced vapers.

2)Box disposables are pre-filled with e-liquid,and they can hold more e-liquid than other smaller disposables. Generally, these devices can deliver above 4000+ puffs without refills required.

2.How many puffs for box shape disposabe vape in normal?

3000-8000puffs in normal.

3.How to use Box disposable vape?

It's easy to use and is made with sturdy construction. When you’re ready to vape, just take a puff with your mouth and it will give you the best hit of smoke you’ve ever experienced in your throat and lungs.