• By Builders, For Vapers! - Introducing Wotofo Warrior RDA


    Though the current vape market is loaded with starter kits, sub tanks, POD systems, or single coil RDAs, which all seem to focus more on flavor production, cloud chasers and coil conquerors are not being neglected at WOTOFO. This time we bring to you a collaboration work between WOTOFO and JMT Elite. Present to all you hardcore vapers the Warrior RDA! A 25mm dual coil bottom feeding RDA! Read More

  • Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit Settings Explained


    As we promised before, the Flux Kit is designed to be super simple in use. In fact, users don’t need a user guide while using the device. It utilizes very intuitive user interface. But this guide is aiming at those newbie vapers who may own the Flux Kit as their first vaping device. However, this article is still worthwhile for any users of this kit to know all its capabilities. Read More

  • Ultrafast Firing with Lightshows – Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit (I)


    With Recurve RDA keeping increasing in popularity within rebuilding world, we here now are going to introduce all you starter vapers your most ideal vape kit, the Flux Kit. This kit contains a Flux Box Mod and a Flow Pro SubTank. The Flux Mod is co-designed with the US high-end brand Rig Mod and features the simplest operation interface but provides powerful firing options. Read More

  • Ultrafast Firing with Lightshows – Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit (II)


    The Flow Pro SubTank stands out from the sub-ohm vaping category due to its unparalleled flavor production ability. The tank is an upgraded version of the popular flavor monster Flow SubTank, but it differs from the original one in many aspects. General information of the Flow Pro SubTank are as follows: 25mm in diameter, capable of holding up to 4ml e-juice with a regular straight glass tube and 5ml with a bubble glass tube. Read More

  • 0 Flavor Lost - Introducing Wotofo Recurve RDA


    Wotofo Recurve RDA is a recent collaboration between Wotofo and the well-known YouTube reviewer Mike Vapes. The RDA gets its name from its overall shape, which is a total innovation compared to the existing straight sleeve design on all RDAs available now. The sleeve of this RDA curves like a recurve bow implying energy and efficiency. Read More

  • Nudge 22mm from Wotofo -- Two Atomizer Covers in a RDA?


    Wotofo Nudge 22mm--Two Atomizer Covers in a RDA? We have witnessed the boom of Nudge RDA 24mm, now we will see another masterpiece which is also designed by WOTOFO and Suck My Mod. This new Nudge RDA 22mm features a single coil deck, a bottom feed pin option and a replaceable atomizer cover for spar Read More

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