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Proactively pursuing

As a brand that serves millions of consumers around the globe, we’re always on the lookout for fresh partnerships and opportunities to collaborate. If you’ve got a mind to be selling vapes or vape products, you’re exactly the person we’ve been looking for. Find out how you can get set up selling Wotofo products today, or design your own line and have us make them for you!

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Mods and Pods

We have a long list of Vape Mods and Pods that we’ve launched over the years. Click here to browse.


We’ve pioneered the technology behind rebuildable coils and reinvented what it means to truly be rebuildable.


We produce vape tanks that are built to last and are a hit amongst vapers everywhere!


Lighter on the pocket than a full-fledged mod or pod, our pop-and-drop disposables are a popular item at vape shops worldwide.

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The Wotofo Process

The Secret to our success in servicing manufacturing and designing (OEM and ODM) contracts has been almost entirely due to what we call the Wotofo Process. We have a dedicated pipeline for industrial and commercial queries, complete with a dedicated liaison to facilitate communication between your brand and ours. The final result is a product that boasts all of the quality components and intuitive design that Wotofo has to offer while also staying true to your brand image. You could have your own line of pods, mods, coils, and tanks, and we’ll help you get it out there amongst customers. Empower your brand with the wisdom that we’ve gained from being pioneers in vape technologies for nearly a decade, and partner up with Wotofo today!

A Legacy of Excellence

As a brand that’s consistently delivered quality products over the years, Wotofo enjoys rich relationships with consumers around the world and with other companies within the same market space. We’ve worked with brands like Smok and OFRF on the Nexmesh and NEXMINI coils and collaborated with influencers like MrJustRight1 and Mike Vapes to deliver products that consumers around the world have loved. Wotofo is one of the top vape manufacturers in China and trusted by 10K+ vape distributors in the USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, UAE, SAUDI ARABIA and more. If you’d like yours to be the next brand that takes off in the wake of a partnership with Wotofo, talk to one of our representatives to find out what we can do for you in detail.

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The MOQ is different for each product. Also, it varies for the type of partnership you are looking for.

Just fill out the form, and one of our friendly sales representatives will contact you to discuss further.

We accept T/T Bank Payment & RMB Bank Transfer. Contact us for more information, and we will assist you in making the payments.

Items that are in stock are shipped within one business day.

The actual shipping time depends on your country and region. Once the shipment is sent out, we offer a tracking number for the order within two working days.

Yes. We will provide you with a dedicated account manager for assistance.

Yes, we provide downloadable marketing and promotional materials, such as posters, brochures, and product guidelines, etc.


Trusted by 10K+ Distributors & 200K+ Consumers Worldwide

Low Prices

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Starter Kits

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Best Quality

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Vape New Collection

Whether you’re on the prowl for starting your next vape shop, or you’re looking for new vape products to upgrade your vape shop, Wotofo got something in store for you! As a leading vape manufacturer, We’re constantly trying to think of new ways to improve the vaping experience for our loyal customers worldwide. This desire to innovate has led us to a unique and well-received catalog filled with products you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s the revolutionary SMRT rebuildable coils, which can be assembled in under a minute without any additional tools, or our newest Profile Squonk Mod, which is a 2-in-1 mod with a twist that’s never been seen before; The Wotofo brand has become synonymous with vaping excellence.

Check out the latest additions to our product catalog, and maybe you’ll just end up finding exactly what you’d been looking for. Our newest product brings many new and exciting flavors to disposable vape pens in a smooth cocktail that’s hard to resist. Check it out here! Also, more are on their way and will be available very soon. So, don’t forget to check in again soon.

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