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Nex Gen Flavor


others imitate what we do best

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Nex Gen Consistency

delivering authentic flavors while maintaining a safe charge to the coil

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Nex Gen Safety

filled with e-liquid of the highest purity and quality

Nex Gen Safety

securing your vape with a whole set of food grade solutions

Nex Gen Value

next level vaping at a fraction of the cost save over $2000 a year

Environmentally Friendly

It’s the more environmentally sustainable vape that delivers a massive flavor hit
(100:1 lithium batteries disposed when you switch to nexPOD)

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The mellow milk mixed with the fragrant cherry blossom. Each puff will bring you under the splendidly blooming cherry trees as if you can see the cherry blossom petals flying all over the sky.
The refreshing taste of juicy watermelon is blended with sour and sweet freshly picked strawberries. This summer mix is dripping with juicy flavor!
Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew flavors mixed perfectly in it and create a dreamlike party of melons.
Thirst-quenching sweet watermelon combined with mouthwatering lychee creates a wonderful vaping experience and leaves a delightful sweet aftertaste.
Ice cream loaded with fresh sweet strawberries creates a tasty experience, that will bring the childhood memories of your favorite dessert.
Fresh strawberry flavor blended with iced yogurt. This flavor is a mixture of refreshing fruit notes on the inhale and creaminess on the exhale. What can be better?
Do you have a sweet tooth? Then this sweet and rich mango gummy flavor is perfect for you.
Refreshing and sweet pineapple juice mixed with mellow coconut milk flavor and a splash of rum. This flavor is perfect for a hot summer day on the beach.
The balanced blend of fresh crunchy ripe pears and sweet and tangy mango, deliver a truly magical taste that everyone should try.
The tropical mango fruit is highlighted by the smooth chilled yogurt and takes this flavor to another level.
Sweet and sour strawberries and rich and fragrant mango flavor, like a refreshing glass of juice, quench your thirst for a delicious mix of fruits.
The rich and mellow tobacco aroma with a touch of sweet caramel flavor provides an unforgettable experience that will satisfy the cravings of the true tobbaco admirers.
Smooth, bold, clean, and refreshing. The scent and flavor of mint will flow from your first inhale to the last exhale, soaking into your heart with a fresh breeze of intense chill experience.
The mixture of fresh guava and tangy passion fruits will flood your mouth with their signature tropical flavor tones on inhaling. On exhaling, the slight blend of guava and passion fruit will last to a perfect ending.
Need a little power boost? Here is the flavor of your favorite energy drink. Icy and refreshing.
With every inhale and exhale you'll get a mouthwatering mixture of blueberries and raspberries. This aromatic forest berry flavor with a rich and alluring scent will ruffle up your taste buds instantly.
The secret mixture of grapes and forest berries is sweet and sour, fresh and full of aroma. The juicy grape with a cool taste is the perfect choice for lovers of refreshing tastes.
The combination of fresh and crunchy apple and sweet and slightly tart grape flavors will make your mouth water. This refreshing flavor is made to provide the perfect vaping experience.
Fully Filled with Your Next Craving there are 18 flavors to choose from.

Nex Gen Satisfaction