Ultrafast Firing with Lightshows – Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit (I)

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Ultrafast Firing with Lightshows – Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit (I)

With Recurve RDA keeping increasing in popularity within rebuilding world, we here now are going to introduce all you starter vapers your most ideal vape kit, the Flux Kit. This kit contains a Flux Box Mod and a Flow Pro SubTank. The Flux Mod is co-designed with the US high-end brand Rig Mod and features the simplest operation interface but provides powerful firing options. The Flow Pro SubTank provides way better flavor production than the original Flow SubTank. It features a super convenient top fill system with a push-open top cap and utilizes the revolutionary mesh-like multihole coil that is interchangeable with SMOK Baby Beast coil.


This introduction will be divided into two articles separately on the mod and the tank.


The Flux Mod goes with a symmetrical appearance design, resembling a medieval helmet front and back. At the top center, there is an OLED 1.3 inch color screen in shield shape, displaying the device’s working conditions, like firing mode, output wattage, output voltage, working resistance, battery levels for individual battery. Two curved regulatory buttons are like brackets being put around the screen, the left one being the down button and the right one being the up button. Right below the center of the screen is the slim lightshow bar, followed by a micro USB charging port to provide direct charging for the two required 18650 batteries. The side piece on the left is the firing bar, with its symmetrical counterpart on the right side. To be consistent with the structure, the 510 connector is positioned at the center for overall coordination.

Though lots of starter mods in the market claim to be simple in operations, they still add too many unnecessary functions like temperature control, which complicates the commands on multiple menus and submenus. Those step-after-step operations often confuse users and make them lost in it, leaving the awful only option to restart their devices for solution. Now it’s time to cut all those unwanted steps and get back to the meaningful point. The Flux mod promises to provide a minimal user interface with no confusing setting steps. To switch between the firing modes, you just press the firing bar and the right plus button at the same time. To set the customizable light, you just press the firing bar and the left minus button at the same time. That’s all.

The Flux Box Mod has a max output wattage of 200W. To cater to different firing preferences, the mod is designed to feature 3 firing modes in a step-up way: the Standard Mode that fires faster than an average mod, the higher Powerful Mode for those who want to experience the next level of faster firing, and the extreme Powerful+ Mode for those who prefer the speediest firing ever. As said above, in Powerful+ Mode, the Flux Box Mod can fire up with an unparalleled ramp-up time that is closest to 0 second. With such terrific function, the ramp-up time could be seen as eliminated, unbelievably fast to see your device sizzles and fires.


For a hand held device, ergonomic design surely matters. The Flux Mod utilizes a fire bar instead of a fire button for the purpose of better grip. Even for left hand users, all the buttons work the same. To provide some extra fun, the mod comes with a fancy light-show function. Centered on the front of the mod, the light shines slimly and vertically half the height. 7 colors are available to choose, individually or mixed. It’s up to you to turn it on or off, and customizing the lights is easier than you think.


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