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Best Drip Tips & Glass Tubes by Wotofo

The drip tip is a crucial vape accessory that serves as the mouthpiece on atomizers and vape tanks. Often overlooked, drip tips can make a world of difference in your vaping experience. If you are new to vaping, understanding what drip tips are can help you make a more well-informed purchase decision when shopping for the right accessory to match your vape setup from our collection.

What Is A Drip Tip?

A drip tip is a component of the vape at the top-most part of your setup, where you draw the vapor into your mouth from the device. This component is not called a mouthpiece despite being one. Drip tips derived their name because of their original function - to "drip" your favorite e-juice directly onto the coil and wick in your vape device, facilitating the creation of dense and flavorful vapor clouds.

These tips are small and seemingly inconsequential but can significantly affect the quality of your vaping experience. They come in various shapes and sizes, manufactured using different materials, including metal, ceramic, plastics, resin, and glass. The use of various materials for drip tips can impact your vaping experience. However, glass drip tips are widely regarded by vaping enthusiasts for delivering a comfortable vaping experience because they are heat resistant.

The heat-resistant nature of glass drip tips also reportedly makes for a more flavorful experience because you do not need to worry about the vapor being unnecessarily overheated.

Two Types of Glass Drip Tips: 510 Glass Drip Tip & 810 Glass Drip Tips

Drip tips come in different shapes and sizes, and the two most common drip tip sizes are called 510 and 810. The easiest way to differentiate between 510 glass drip tips and 810 glass drip tips is to notice their width.

510 drip tips are narrow, and 810 drip tips are wide. Their different sizes impact the airflow and work in tandem with how the vape is inhaled - either mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung pulls.

510 Glass Drip Tips

510 drip tips were the standard for the longest time and are mostly used with vaping setups geared towards mouth-to-lung inhalation and restricted lung vaping. These drip tips typically feature an 8.5mm diameter suited more towards older atomizers. The narrower width results in a more restricted airflow suitable for most vape atomizer setups, and these are still quite popular today.

810 Glass Drip Tips

810 glass drip tips came along bigger RDA setups became more popular, requiring mouthpieces that could facilitate the kind of airflow suitable for them. Typically available with a 12.5mm diameter, these are more commonly found in modern atomizer setups and not just RDAs.

Drip tips are not the only important accessory for a complete vaping experience

Replacement Glass Tubes

The glass vape tanks, also called glass tubes, are another crucial component in your atomizer setup. They hold your favorite e-juice, allowing you to draw all those flavorful hits from your vape. Breaking the glass tank is common and frustrating. All it takes is a single bad drop, and your device goes out of commission.

Instead of replacing the entire device, you can use the replacement glass tubes available at Wotofo to give you an easy fix to the situation and ensure no mishap stops you from enjoying your vaping experience. The premium replacement glass tubes in our collection at Wotofo come in various sizes, so you get more choices on tank capacity and get an ideal replacement on stand-by in case you ever break your existing one.

Our collection of the best glass drip tips and replacement glass tubes awaits!