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NEXMINI POD M21 Parallel Coil


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Manik Pod D11 Net Mesh Coil

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Pod Coils - Designed To Simplify Vaping

We offer different types of pod replacement coils you will need for your favorite pod kits. Our collections of pod mod coils include Conical & Clapton mesh pod coils.

Pod Mods are highly effective for vapers who are searching for an alternative to smoking. Changing coil in your pod mod is easier than building coils for other vape atomizers.

You can expect the coil to last for about two weeks if you are a light vapor. On the other hand, the pod coil should last for about a few days on average or a whole week for regular users. A pod coil is one of the most integral components of vaping since they are responsible for turning the liquid into vapor through heating. Get a replacement pod coil for your favorite pod mod kit right here.

Which is better coil or pod?

A coil is a single atomizer which you unscrew from your tank, and replace with a new one. A pod typically comes with a coil built-in which cannot be changed. Therefore, you need to replace the whole pod. However, you're only changing the pod because the coil on the inside has burnt out.

How long does a coil last in a pod?

If you're a heavy vaper, using your e-cig many times a day. You might need to change the coil every couple of days. If you are a regular vaper but not particularly heavy, it could last a week or two. Irregular or casual vapers might find they need only change their coil every four weeks.