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Best Vape POD DEVICE by Wotofo

There are many devices that can be used for vaping, the best device for you depends on your needs and preferences.If you’ve tried both cigalikes and pen-styled vapes to no avail, or feel intimidated by all the extra nobs and buttons that come with a standard box mod—maybe it’s time to give one of these portable POD systems a shot.

When deciding on the main features of a vape device, it is important to look at the battery life as well as how easy the device is to use and clean.

What Is A Pod Device?

Pod mod devices are small, elegant and discrete but offer maximum nicotine impact. Instead of larger tanks, refillable pod mods use disposable pods, frequently with integrated coils, enabling a unique vaping experience that is a modern and evolving category.

Why Should I Buy A Pod Device?

Pod systems are smaller and more portable than starter kits. They are also more discreet and can be used in public without drawing too much attention. Pod systems are usually more affordable than starter kits because they come with smaller cartridges and lower wattage forming smaller clouds but that doesn't mean they can't be used for a long time without needing to refill.

Pod Device can be used with refillable pods and pre-filled pods of various flavors.

Refilling your own vape pods may be more cost affordable overall, but does not offer the same level of convenience as pre-filled choices,Just like WOTOFO NEXPOD. Since these POD are pre-built and use disposable cartridges, there’s literally zero chances of running into the same leaky nonsense that comes with your average tank when using a non-defective POD system.

Choosing The Best Pod System

There are a variety of different pod-based vapes on the market, but like any type of vaping device, choosing the right option depends on what type of experience you seek. When selecting a pod system, here are a variety of factors you should consider:

Size & Shape: Pods are the ultimate portable vape mods since they are typically small in size. However, pod-based vapes come in several different shapes; from long and skinny to badge-shaped or square. Depending on what shape you choose, the pod mod device may have a different feel in your pocket when on the move or in your hand during operation.

Pod Capacity: Due to its small size, a vape pod system generally has a smaller tank capacity than box mods or sub-ohm devices. However, pod systems themselves also come with different capacities - the lower the capacity, the more often you will need to change or refill your pod.

Battery Life: Due to their compact size, pod mod vapes often have smaller and less powerful batteries than larger devices. It is important to consider a device's expected battery life, especially since most pod system devices have internal batteries that can not be changed out with a full battery. Depending on which type of battery is built into the device, some devices may go longer between charges than others.


Overall, POD systems do a great job of bridging the gap between beginners and veterans, while simultaneously appealing to both.

If you’ve been let down by vape pens or want something more low-key when out in public, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying out a POD.