Replacement Coils

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H15 Mesh & Parallel Coil

nexMESH Pro Tank Coil 3pcs

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Wotofo Flow Pro Coil 5pcs

Wotofo Flow Pro Coil 5pcs

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SMRT Rebuildable Coil Kit


SMRT RPM2 Pod Coil 3pcs


nexMINI Subtank Coil

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Manik Pod D11 Net Mesh Coil

Manik Pod Coil 5pcs

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NEXMINI POD M21 Parallel Coil


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Find the Best Vape Replacement Coils Money Can Buy!

The vape coil is one of the most important parts of the vape. It heats the vape juice to create the vapor that you can take a hit from. A bad or faulty coil or one that’s been burnt out will give you dryer hits that irritate your throat.

Vape replacement coils are a necessary accessory for your vape. The vape coils are used up after about 2 weeks of vaping and will need a replacement then. Some of the best vape replacement coils are the nexMesh tank coils and SMRT Rebuildable Coils from WOTOFO.

These coils come in different types for the nexMesh tank and greatly enhance the flavor and make bigger clouds. Wotofo replacement and rebuildable coils are the best choices to enhance the juice flavors.

Check out our collection of different vape replacement coils and choose the best one for yourself.

When should we change the coils?

There is no fixed replacement cycle for atomizing coil in actual use, and the replacement cycle can only be judged according to the user's own experience. You can refer to the following performance to judge:

A. Judging by the taste changing of the eliquid. In the process of use, if the taste of eliquid becomes worse, mixed with a trace of mush (burning cotton flavor), and eliquid roar feeling stronger, there is a "spicy"taste feeling, then it is necessary to check whether the atomizing coil has been serious carbon accumulation needs to be replaced.

B. Observe the inside of atomizing coil. You can remove the oil tube, and observe the inside of the atomizing coil, see whether there is burning, discoloration or carbon accumulation of cotton around the coil, and decide whether to replace it according to the situation.

What are the factors that affecting the life of the coils?

The life of coils is depend on the using habit. With the same coils, some people may use half a month, and some people can only use three days. So what are the factors that affect the life of atomizing core?

A. Power. Coils has a certain range of tolerable power, if the user set the output power is too high, then the high temperature generated by the coil will be excessive evaporation of eliquid, the surrounding cotton too late to add eliquid will burn the cotton, produce mush, affect the taste and flavor.

B. Eliquid. The greatest influence of soot on the life of coil is carbon deposition. Different brands of eliquid raw materials and additives are different, will cause the speed of "carbon deposition". For example, "Malaysian Eliquid" is recognized as "high carbon content" eliquid, so try to use it with RBA atomizer. Even if carbon accumulation is formed quickly, which affects the taste and use, an atomizing core can be remade.

C, Incorrect using method. Most finished atomizers are equipped with coils when they leave the factory. We better remove the coils first, and drop a small amount of eliquid into the cotton around the oil hole and coil to wet the cotton. This step is called "moistening the core". The idea is to soak the cotton in advance so it can absorb the soot more easily. If the coil is not fully saturated, it is possible to burn the cotton after ignition and absorb the mush in the mouth.

D. High VG eliquid. Generally speaking, the higher the VG, the greater the volume of smoke, and the thicker and less liquid the soot. Therefore, the high VG content of soot is often used with large smoke atomizer, such as drip oil atomizer. However, the oil guiding system of some finished oil storage taste atomizers cannot cope with the high VG ratio of soot, which will burn the coil due to the lagging oil guiding speed. Therefore, the PG/VG ratio of soot is also a factor affecting the service life of the coil.

What is atomizing coils?

Atomizer coil is a very important part of e-cigarettes, because a good coil can improve the taste of e-cigarettes, but a bad coil can also ruin the taste of e-cigarettes! Now on the market, there are two kinds of atomizer coil, one is ceramic coil, one is cotton coil! No matter which kind of atomizing coil, if the coil is beyond the service life, it needs to be replaced.