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The Next Generation of Mesh Coil Innovation is Here


Next Generation Mesh Coil Technology

Evolve your flavor experience. Explore the next generation of mesh coil design with nexMESH triple density gird mesh.

Lightning Fast Heating

Uniform mesh weave with 3x more holes delivers rapid power transfer for lightening fast heating.

wotofo lightning fast

Lower Resistance 0.13Ω Higer Wattage

Perfect for sub-ohm vaping, nexMESH lower resistance to support higher wattage devices.

wotofo resistance 0.13

Taste The Difference

Unique triple density mesh netting maximizes heating surface area to deliver thicker vapor and intense flavor.

Reduced Spit Back

As usual size does matter and thanks to the triple weave innovation,the e-juice spit-back situation is significantly decreased.

Enhance your experience and reduce spit back with nexMESH's unique micro weave netting.

wotofo resistant drip

SS316L Stainless Steel Mesh Strip Coils Designed For Your Temperature Controlled Vaping Pleasure

Introducing the nexMESH SS316L triple density stainless steel coil. Designed specifically for use with the Wotofo profile series RDA and RTA the nexMESH stainless steel coil strips are the perfect solution for vapers looking for a smoother softer vape without compromising on flavor or vapor.

Perfect for those who prefer temperature control enabled vaping the SS316L stainless steel coil has a resistance of 0.15 ohm and delivers amazing flavor when operated in our recommended temperature range of 180℃-300℃ / 350℉-570℉.

For those who prefer wattage controlled vaping the SS316L has a 50w -80w range however for maximum flavor and vapor performance we recommend using a wattage of between 65w-75w.

Why Choose nexMESH

Here's Why

Next Generation Mesh

nexMESH triple grid density delivers 3 times the holes of your average mesh to cover more surface area when your cotton is fitted.

Lightning Fast Heating

The greater surface area allows for faster heating producing a more intense flavor and smoother vapor with reduced spit back

Ideal For Sub Ohm

nexMESH resistance can go as low as 0.13 ohm making it the perfect companion for your high wattage mode.

"Just set up my first nexMESH coil and wow the flavor is intense. Easily the best mesh coil on the market. Thanks you've taken my vaping to the next level."

Steve Dobson
Love to Vape