FAQs for Profile 1.5 RDA

How to get the most flavor out of the Profile 1.5 RDA?

1. Install the coil and wick it according to our tutorial. (Coil Installation & Wicking Tutorial Click Here)

2. Make sure your mod can output a solid 75W power. Fully charged dual-18650 mod is always the best choice.

3. Ohm reading on various mods may differ from each other since every mod is calibrated differently and somewhat not exactly accurate, and the same rule works on their power outputs too. So you can adjust your wattage in increments between 60-80W until you find the sweet spot.

4. Change the airflow to match your preference. Closing the upper row of air holes fully or partially can provide different warmth which will affect the whole sensation.

I get burnt hits from the Profile 1.5, how do I solve it?

1. Check if the mesh heats evenly and make sure the mesh is secured on the deck firmly.

2. Wick it as the tutorial demonstrates (Coil Installation & Wicking Tutorial Click Here), and fluff the cotton afterwards.

3. After saturating the cotton, you can double check if there still is hot spot at the mesh by firing your mod, and check if the cotton makes enough contact with the mesh.

4. Don’t vape at a wattage that is too high. Stick to the 60-80W wattage range.

5. Replace a gunked-up mesh with a new mesh, or clean it.

How do I clean the mesh when it gunks up?

1. Remove the cotton from the mesh.

2. Dry burn the mesh lightly at 30-50W (Don’t use a wattage that is too high since it will cause the heated gunk to pop up and possibly burn yourself, and the mesh may melt at too high a wattage.)

3. Release the fire button as the mesh glows. (don’t let it glow too much)

4. Dip the mesh coil into warm water (about 40-60°), and make sure to keep the mod away from the water.

5. Repeat the dry-burn-and-dip process 2-3 times until the gunk goes away.

6. If there’s still residue afterwards, use an ultrasonic cleaner or brush the mesh gently with a toothbrush and rinse it to finish the cleaning.

I find the top cap to be very tight and hard to turn to adjust the airflow, what should I do?

Applying some e-liquid onto the top cap o-ring will help.

Is it ok to use a wire coil on Profile 1.5 RDA?

Yes, it is, but it can only work with single coil configuration.

Can I use Profile RDA mesh strip on Profile 1.5?

Yes, you can, but the flavor production is much much better if you use nexMESH for Profile 1.5.

I lost my bending tool, is there any substitute I can use to bend the mesh?

In this case, just find some round rod in approximate size with our bending tool as a substitute, like a coil jig or a slim pen.

Under the recommended wattage usage, how many puffs can it last before next drip?

Number of puff per fill varies based on atomizer, build, power, juice, airflow, draw style, etc. Normally, with 1 second per draw under 75W, you can get 10 to 15 puffs per fill with Profile 1.5, and this is only for your reference and the actual number is determined by different situations.