Halloween Hunt Game By Wotofo Vape Brand


What’s your plan for Halloween?

Wotofam, Have you planned your Halloween costume yet? We have prepared lots of treats for you vapers to add more joy on your Halloween night. See the Halloween treats below.

Here comes Wotofo Halloween Hunt Game!

We’re so excited to announce this Wotofo Halloween Hunt Game on Wotofo official website! To celebrate Halloween and our new RDA gonna coming out soon. we designed this little game hiding 7 Halloween Costumes within our website from Oct 23rd. (17:00 Beijing Time) to Oct 30th. (24:00 Beijing Time). And if you find them all, save your screenshots with time showing and email the screenshots to marketing@wotofotech.com.

those are the rules

1.Collect all the 7 Halloween Costumes around our site and email to marketing@wotofotech.com with screenshots containing the time you find it.(Same as the one on the right side and this one doesn't count.)

Wotofo New Product Hunt Game

2.Do show the time in the screenshots for each costume you find, because the costumes may move around dynamically. Screenshots without time are not eligible.

Halloween 50 dollars Hunt Game Wotofo Vape Brand

3.Game duration: From Oct23rd(17:00 Beijing Time) to Oct30th (24:00 Beijing Time)

Halloween Hunt Game Time By Wotofo Brand


Halloween Hunt Game 50 Dollars By Wotofo Brand

The first people who finish the hunt get $50 (Paypal).

Halloween 50 Dollars Shopping Card Game By Wotofo Brand

The second and third people who finish the hunt get $50 shopping card for wotofo.com.

Halloween New Product Hunt Game By Wotofo Brand

We will pick three people randomly who finish the hunt get Wotofo next new product.

wotofo ha

Every day, we will pick one order randomly. You will get an extra Elder Dragon RDA that come with your order.

wotofo DSC_5932

There gonna has five people who joined the game get Wotofo Cap+Building Mat+15%off coupon code(for wotofo.com), we gonna pick the five people randomly.

Winner announcement

Winner announcement gonna published on this page after the game gets finished. For participants who collected the costumes in game duration but don’t win, you can get an 10% OFF coupon sent to your email address. (Code available from Nov 1st 00:00 Beijing Time to Nov 30th 24:00 Beijing Time, Not available for Wotofo New Product).

Prize: $50 (Paypal): donskxxxxx@gmail.com

Prize: $50 shopping card: musixxxxx@gmail.com ckmaxxxxx@aol.com

Prize: Wotofo Next New RDA: zachvanxxxxx@gmail.com whosxxxxx@gmail.com licxxxxx@googlemail.com

Prize: Elder Dragon RDA:
Order Number:
#11036 #12979 #13003 #13099 #13100 #13033 #13103 #13172

Prize: Wotofo Cap+Building Mat+15%off coupon code:

Oct 23rd. (17:00 Beijing Time) to Oct 30th. (24:00 Beijing Time).

You could plan what you want to dress up in Halloween now!

This game is held by Wotofo and we reserve all the rights of the final interpretation for the game.