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Nov 03 2022 20 Comments Disposable Vape Disposable Vapes E-cigarettes wotofo nexPOD

10 Q&A You need to know about Wotofo nexPOD

What is NexPod?

Wotofo NexPod is a revolutionary new hybrid pod system designed to maximize your vaping pleasure and save you money. Featuring a sleek, stylish rechargeable vape pod case and a large capacity bullet shaped replacement cartridge,  NexPod combines the battery life of a traditional rechargeable vape mod with the convenience of a disposable vape pen,  giving you a long lasting device that packs a powerful flavor hit in every puff.

The rechargeable pod case comes fully loaded with a new, super lightweight battery system that delivers 680mAh of power giving you the charge life you need to vape all day. Controlled by Wotofo’s industry leading Nexchip, you can vape with confidence knowing your device is regulated to keep you safe at all times.  But there’s more,  with each pod case having a lifetime capacity of over 5000 charges before a replacement pod is required, the new Hybrid NexPod system is a marketplace gamechanger bring you a superior vaping experience at a fraction of the cost of your current disposable vape pod or pen.  

If you are not already convinced that NexPod is simply the best new device in the marketplace, what makes NexPod truly amazing is the easily replaceable vape pen cartridges that use a magnetic base to securely lock the cartridge inside the pod casing. The 10ml, 5000+ puff replacement flavor cartridges have been meticulously designed to maximize vapor and flavor experience. Incorporating the famous NexMesh coil technology and harnessing the power of the pod cases 680mAh battery, NexPod delivers a thicker richer more flavorful vaping experience and when it comes to flavors NexPod’s replaceable cartridges have got you covered.

With 18 different flavors to choose from including fruit varieties and flavors that mimic traditional cigarettes including mint and monster ice for menthol cigarette smokers and caramel tobacco for non- menthol cigarette smokers there are flavors to suit all tastes in all circumstances.


Why we release NexPOD?

At Wotofo, while we are committed to delivering the best vaping experience at the most affordable price , we are also committed to delivering a more environmentally friendly product that reduces vape product waste.  

With the rising popularity of disposable vapes there is an increasing problem with vape product waste, particularly

  • Increase in single-use plastics
  • Increase in plastic pollution
  • Increase in tech waste from vape parts, including lithium-ion batteries

Our new product line, the NexPod series, sees Wotofo take a step in the right direction to becoming a more environmentally friendly brand. At Wotofo we are committed to developing greener products and while we cannot avoid waste completely  we are committed to reducing the vape waste problem. With more than 5000+ recharges from one pod case, nexPod seeks to significantly reduce both plastic pollution and lithium battery waste by reducing the disposable challenge with longer lasting systems.

But what about the disposable replaceable liquid cartridges?  

Wotofo nexPOD


Wotofo is currently developing strategies to provide used cartridge exchange and disposal at participating vape shops and retail outlets across the globe.

Is using NexPod cheaper than buying a disposable vape pod or disposable vape pen?

NexPod is definitely cheaper than buying a disposable vape pen or pod and presents extreme value to our customers. To prove it to you lets do a quick comparison of using NexPod compared to a disposable vape pen.

The average price of a 5000 puff disposable vape pen is $18.00 USD. The nexpod kit which includes the pod case and disposable vape pen cartridge has a recommended retail price of $19.99 USD. While the upfront cost is a few dollars more there are massive savings to be made when we compare it to continually buying disposable vapes. Why ?

The rechargeable vape pod case, powered by a 680mAh battery is good for up to 400 recharges, and the disposable vape pen cartridge has a recommended retail price of $8.99 per replacement cartridge. In other words you are almost paying half price for your disposable 5000 puff vape pen when you switch to NexPod. Let me break it down for you.

A traditional disposable 5000 puff vape pen, on average, has a charge life of 4 charges. So that means buying a Wotofo NexPod kit which has 400 recharges is equal to buying 100 traditional disposable vape pens.

Here’s the potential savings on buying 100 disposable pens over the year.:

Traditional disposable vape pen = $18 x 100 = $1800

Wotofo Nexpod Kit

Kit = $19.99 and comes with your first preloaded disposable vape pen cartridge, so you would need to purchase another 99 disposable cartridges to do the comparison. Here’s the maths.

Kit $19.99 + (99x $8.99) = $910.

You save $890 compared to buying a traditional disposable vape pen.


What is NexMesh :

wotofo nexMESH

NexMesh is the industry leading, primary heat generation technology currently used in a range of Wotofo and Smok products. The advanced coil technology is responsible for delivering enhanced flavor profiles to maximise your vaping pleasure.

The technology was originally developed by US vaping company OFRF for use in sub-ohm vape tanks. OFRF was purchased by Wotofo in 2019.  Since then the technology has been further developed and refined for use with diusposable vape cartridges, including the NexPod disposable vape pen refills.

So what makes it so good?

Let me explain for those of you whole love the tech.

NexMesh is made with Kanthal A1 material with 3 x's the lattice thickness of the Wotofo cross section loop sheets. This cutting-edge triple-density conical mesh produces a lightning-fast ramp-up speed with the distinctive conical design maximizing airflow intake from the bottom of the coil as you vape. This causes upward compression and bottom-up coil heating, which condenses the vapors as it travels through the coil to the drip tip and produces unmatched flavor bursts.

The other advantages of the nexMESH Loops is that they diminish spit-back and wipe out problem areas

With our ground-breaking A1 triple density mesh coil, pivotal SS 316L temperature control enabled mesh coil, and newly-developed Ni80 mesh coil, you may experience the wonderful flavor profiling of conical mesh.

nexMESH is divided into the following parts:

. Air Flow Control Ring

. Base Hardware

. Tube

. Coil

. Cover

. Top Cap

. Drip Tip


What is nexCHIP

Wotofo nexCHIP

NexChip is the brain of your box mod pod case that regulates your vaping device to ensure you enjoy a safe vaping experience.

Mod chips, which were first developed to keep vapers safe, however, have since developed into a separate category. The most recent chips can increase the quality of your vapors, making vaping more enjoyable, and even lengthen the life of your battery.

NexChip allows your NexPod to fire in 0.001 seconds delivering rapid coil heating while maintaining a safe charge to the coil. When combined with NexMesh the outcome is a thicker, ricker vapor with a massive flavor hit.

10 Question and answer about Wotofo nexPOD:

  1. How to use nexPOD prefilled vape?

     When using your nexpod replaceable cartridge for the first time you need to remove the protective insulating wotofo sticker on the base of the replaceable cartridge. Once removed simply insert the cartridge into the Vape mod case. Next remove the  silicone polymer protective cap from the mouth piece and start vaping. It’s so simple.

  1. How to recharge nexPOD disposable vape?

     The charging port for you battery is located on the bottom of your vape pod  casing. To recharge your vape simple connect a  C- port charging cable into the charging slot provided and begin charging.  Charging usually takes 1 hours to fully charged

  1. How to change the nexPod cartridges?

     Replacing your nexPod disposable cartridges is easy. NexPod cartridges are help in place using a magnet buit into the bottom of each disposable cartridge. To remove a used cartridge simply pull the cartridge up to release the magnetic force. Next r3emove the insulating sticker from the base of your new cartridge and slide your refill into the pod case. Finally remove the protective mouth guard from the new cartridge and start vaping.

  1. why does my nexPOD flavor burns?

     A burnt taste in your vape is a clear sign that your disposable vape flavor cartridge has run out of juice. Your vaping tastes burnt because the battery is still firing as you vape but there is no liquid in the tank. Stop vaping immediately, remove the used cartridge and replace with a new cartridge.

    If there’s a paste flavor for the first use, it means there’s an issue with the product, please contact wotofo aftersales with email support@wotofo.com.

     If there’s a paste flavor for the first use, it means there’s an issue with the product, please contact wotofo aftersales with email support@wotofo.com.

  1. Can I Refill nexPod by myself?

      No, you can’t. You can only buy new cartridges from wotofo.com, your local vape shop or participating retailers. Look out for our Wotofo app and global store locator coming soon to find a replacement cartridge seller near you.

  1. How Long does nexPod vape last?

     Depending at the frequency of use and habits, a new nexPOD can vape for between 3-10 days. Each replaceable vape pen cartridge contains approximately 5000 puffs.

  1. How long Will the battery Last?

     Each nexPOD case contains your battery and has a life of approximately 400 recharges before a replacement case is required. Replacement cases are available from your local vape store and have a recommended retail price of $11.99 per case.

  1. How to adjust the nexPOD Airflow system?

     There is an airflow adjustment button at the bottom of the nexPOD, toggle it left or right to adjust the airflow to your desired level.

  1. Can I vape while charging?

     For Protection reasons, nexPOD does not allow to vape when charging.

  1. what does it means when nexPod blinks?

    NexPOD has an indicator light positioned at the base of the pod case opposite he replacement cartridge, When the indicator light blinks there  are two possibilities:

    1) It suggests that the battery is low and needs to be charged.

    2)when a single vaping session exceeds 10s, the white light will blink twice to indicate that output is going to be turned off. This is a fail safe protection mechanism to guarantee your vaping safety.  

  1. How do I know while nexPod is fully charged?

   During Charging the indicator light is constantly on. When fully charged, the indicator light flashes three times and then turns off.  



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    If the flavors are available without icy or cooling effect, this would be my go-to pod.

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    Thats nice. Rechargeable is nice.. save rarth save money too. Thanks for the chance.

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    I am convinced that this system from Pod will work well in the long run. People pay a lot of attention to the price as well as to the environment. I like it very much and the price-performance ratio is also great

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