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Vape Battery Safety

Ultimate Guide To Vape Battery Safety, Care and Maintenance

Nov 04 2019

Vape Battery Safety: Ultimate Guide To Vape Battery Safety, Care and Maintenance As vaping technology advances vape mods are becoming more powerful, but that great new mod you just bought contains batteries, which if not cared for properly can become explosive and cause serious injury. With the growth in popularity of high powered sub ohm vaping it is becoming increasingly important to not only know how to use your device safely, but how to care for and maintain your vape batteries. Regardless of the vape type you are using, they all contain batteries with the potential for danger. Yet, while...

Mechanical Vape Mod Battery Safety

Sep 09 2019

Mechanical Vape Mod Battery Safety For most of us the vape experience delivered by a regulated vape mod is perfect, however for those who enjoy tricking and chasing massive vape clouds the mod of choice is a mechanical mod. But be warned, the use of a mechanical mod comes at a price in terms of potential danger and battery safety is paramount if you want to go down the mechanical mod road. So today we explore the world of mechanical mods and offer some serious advice on mechanical mod vape battery safety. But first... What Is A Mechanical Mod? A...

13 Regulated Mod Battery Safety Tips For Safe Vaping

Sep 06 2019

13 Regulated Mod Battery Safety Tips For Safe Vaping   If you're a vaper who enjoys toking using a powerful regulated vape mod fitted with 18650 or 20700 batteries then this battery safety guide is for you. The truth is vape batteries are much more powerful than your standard AA batteries and if they are not handled carefully and/or maintained properly thy can vent resulting in explosions. To maximize you vaping safety and avoid the potential dangers read on and learn the basics of regulated mod battery safety. Like this infographic? Copy this code and embed it on your website. ...

7 Tips To Avoid Vape Battery Explosions (infographic)

Sep 06 2019

7 Tips To Avoid Vape Battery Explosions (infographic) When it comes to vaping safety the media is always quick to sensationalize stories about violent vape explosions, but are vaping devices really dangerous? The truth is that while vapes can catch on fire and in extreme situations explode, the frequency of this type of occurrence is very low. With that being said, vape explosions can be extremely dangerous and have the potential to cause serious injury. What causes vape explosions? While the exact reasons for every vape explosion are not known the majority of vaping related fires and explosions are directly...