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Regulated Mods Vs Unregulated Mech Mods Comparison - Wotofo Blog

Jan 17 2020

Comparing Regulated Mods Vs Mech Mods Vaping devices have come a long way, and now both advanced as well as novice vapers can enjoy a huge variety of vape mods. Whether you are an amateur vaper or a cloud chaser, there are options available that satisfy all of your expectations. With time, vape devices have been categorized according to their functionality and two of the most popular categories of vape devices are mechanical mods and regulated mods. You may be asking yourself, which one is better? The answer depends entirely on your preference but before you make up your mind,...

Top 10 Vape YouTubers to Go to for Wotofo Product Information

Jan 03 2020

Top 10 Vape YouTubers to Go to for Wotofo Product Information This list is made to give an easy start for learning vape stuffs on YouTube, especially for Wotofo products. Vape YouTubers or YouTube reviewers are the major source of vape-related knowledge for either newbie vapers or experienced vapers. Here we listed 10 popular YouTubers for your information. Top 10 Youtube Reviewers of Wotofo 1. Suck My Mod 2. Mike Vapes 3. Grimm Green 4. Todd Reviews 5. Vaping With Vic 6. Il Santone Dello Svapo 7. Steam Shots TV 8. The Vaping Bogan 9. Adrian Lo Dejavu 10. Ryusei...

How To Fix Vape Leaking, Popping & Spitting - Fix Vape Effectively

Dec 27 2019

Tired of Vape Leaking & Vape Spitting? Tips to Overcome the Issues Leakage or spitting from an atomizer makes your vaping experience thoroughly unpleasant. The outcome may even be a burnt tongue. Now, the question is how to stop vape leaking or vape spitting? The current post discusses tips which if followed will help you avoid such frustrating moments. Before getting to far into this article, We will edecuate you on what exactly spitting and leaking is in the first place. It’s not a simple tank issue. Sometimes, the coil causes spitting and needs replacing. Quick Links What is vape...

Wotofo Profile RDA - Building & Wicking Guide

Dec 13 2019

Wotofo Profile RDA and Building & Wicking Guide You can get it from the name that this RDA aims to free every single flavor in you juice to your taste sensation Wotofo Profile RDA Overview The Profile RDA is a 24mm mesh style RDA released by Wotofo. It is designed by Wotofo and YouTube reviewer Mrjustright1. Though structured for both uses of mesh and wire coils, it provides a new explanation of flavor production when used with the specially developed mesh style coil sheet included in the package, allowing you to break down every flavor in your juice. Let’s say,...

Things You Should Know About Shopping at Wotofo Online Vape Store

Dec 06 2019

Things You Should Know About Shopping at Wotofo Online Vape Store If you’re going to shop vape devices, especially RDA, RTA, Box Mod, or Coil Building Tools, at Wotofo official website, the following things are what you need to know. 1. You can save big with coupons We may provide coupons in various discount levels every once in a while, so keep an eye on our website constantly. Vape Coupons, Free Gifts, Wheel of Fortune Games, etc. Keep it in mind, Wotofo.com, a trustworthy vape manufacturer and money-saving online vape store. 2. You can get 6-month warranty services starting from...

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