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What Is Changeable Pod Base Disposable Vape - Wotofo nexPOD

Wotofo nexPOD

Do you know of any disposable, changeable vaping products? As a result of the advancement of technology, more disposable vape manufacturers have begun to consider the experience of their customers. Changeable disposable vape kits that give customers more opportunities to try various flavors of e-juice might be the newest craze to hit the market.

Changeable Pod-base Disposable Vape is like that we can change the pod directly. The pod is with different flavour, the battery is also can use after the pod is run out of ejuice.

Our New product Wotofo nexPOD All-Inclusive Gift Box, is a combination of disposable vape and pod system vape kit, we provide more than 18 flavors for you to choose. Making the decision between refillable vape pens and changeable vape pods might be difficult for many people who are new to vaping. Both choices are successful on the vaping market, and they each have special qualities that make them suitable for different people.

Therefore, if you're torn between these 2 categories of vape items, WOTOFO will provide 18 different disposable, changeable vapes that we think you'll like.

 Wotofo nexPOD Prefilled Kit

What Is a Disposable Vape?

A disposable vape is a small, non-rechargeable tool that is precharged and already complete with e-liquid. The distinction between a disposable vape and a chargeable mod is that you don’t recharge or top off disposable vapes, and there’s no want to buy and update your coils.

As soon because the disposable model has no e-liquid left, it's far discarded.A disposable vape may be a super manner for an amateur vaper to enter the arena of vaping without numerous economic dedication.

Starting with a complex mod can be highly-priced, and in case you don’t understand tons approximately vaping or the sort of vaping experience you need, then it could be volatile, first of all.A few people choose to hold the use of disposable vapes for a long time, as they are low cost and powerful, while others may moreover pick to conform and spend money on an extended-lasting mod. Right here, we’re going to inform you of the whole lot you want to apprehend approximately disposable vapes so you can locate the perfect vape for you.

Using a disposable vape is an easy and occasional-cost way to go into the world of vaping, and masses of humans adore it as it may mimic the amusement of smoking for folks who are looking to end it. A disposable vape may not have any buttons,, unlike a traditional mod. All you want to do is inhale and pass, making it a fulfilling solution for folks who would like minimum trouble with their vaping revel.

Wotofo Zetta 5000

Of path, a few human beings favor completely customizing their vaping revel, and that may be superb, too. However, a disposable vape is best for individuals who would really like to avoid playing with numerous settings and modes and as an alternative just wishes to vape ‘n’ move.

Disposable vapes have emerged as a more and more famous choice over the past twelve months or so. Longtime vape customers have warmed to them as realistic backup gadgets for on-the-cross use, whilst their honest design has made them a splendid vape starter kit for logo-spanking new clients trying to give up smoking. However what exactly is a disposable vape, and the manner does it paint?

Disposable vape pens are as sincere as normal vape kits —if no longer greater so —and it’s in part this ease of use that has made them this sort of famous desire for antique and new vape clients alike. Notwithstanding the truth that there are some key differences, one ought to be aware of them in advance when deciding on a disposable e-cig.

Wotofo Disposable Vape

This weblog pastime to provide a big review that answers all of the questions vape customers normally ask regarding disposables; we’ll take you thru how they work and the manner to use them, cover technical queries such as protection and product lifespan, and offer a short evaluation of their pros and cons relative to different vape kits. In this way, you’ll have all the crucial recognize-how to determine whether or no longer a disposable e-cigarette may be the right device to help you get started on your cease-smoking journey.

How do disposable vapes work?

A disposable vape often works via without a doubt inhaling the e-liquid as you will a lit cigarette. There’s no need to press a button, and also you don’t want to price the disposable vape or fill it up at any point. The set-up e-cig battery powers a coil that vaporizes the hooked-up e-liquid. All you do is draw in your disposable vape when you’re geared up, and it needs to ultimate around three hundred puffs, relying on your vape style. Wotofo Disposable vapes work basically in an identical manner as general vape kits. They include a battery, a tank, and a coil. The coil is housed inside the tank, which also incorporates vape juice or e-liquid. The battery sends a present-day to the coil, heating it, and allowing the e-liquid to vaporize, equipped for inhalation.

Wotofo Airy

The key difference between disposables and conventional vape kits is that disposables need no initial setup. Whereas ordinary vape kits require (re)charging and include empty tanks to be stuffed by way of the consumer, disposables are bought geared up to apply; the battery is charged, and the tank is stuffed. At the same time as this means convenience and more instantaneous utilization, the layout of disposables prevents any recharging or refilling.

For this reason the “disposable” aspect; as soon as a disposable vape is empty, it can not be reused in any way and is to be disposed of responsibly. Now that you recognize how they work, permit’s look at a way to use them.


What Is a Changeable Pod Disposable Vape?

As the world's first box-shaped large-capacity bullet replacement disposable Vape Pod, the nexPOD combining the advantages of disposable vape pen cartridges and closed vape pod, the nexPOD Vape Pen delivers an excellent flavor. Small in length and small in fee, the nexPod package is a great price range-pleasant pod package, in particular for brand spanking new vapers. Designed for both simplicity and portability, Wotofo nexPod package is via far the smallest in this list. At simply 83.3 x 42.4mm, it fits neatly in the palm of your hand and is right for wearing on your pocket.

Wotofo nexPOD Kit

With constant-coil 0.1Ω resistance, automated output, and a buttonless draw-activated design it also gives a restrained inhale perfect for human beings who have recently switched to vaping from smoking, and will paint properly for people who want a easy and smooth-to-use tool that requires no fuss and won’t cost a fortune.

What’s nexMESH?

nexMESH was first introduced by the American brand OFRF in 2018 as the core heat generation technology used on the nexMESH Sub-ohm tank.

Later, the brand was acquired by wotofo and continued to upgrade; this technology is widely used on atomizers, open pods, and DIY products, including on SMOK's hot products.

NexPOD nexMESH resistance value of 1.1 ohms, compared to the existing 1.2 ohms on the marketing, we have more advantage.

What’s nexCHIP?

wotofo nexCHIP

Equipped by nexCHIP technology, the nexPOD has various safety features, including low voltage warning, PCBA temperature safety shutoff, short circuit protection, low resistance protection, and overheating protection. Other great features are: easy-to-use interface, 18 theme colors, and 0.001 seconds firing speed. our nexPOD adopts in this chip, to deliver more stable flavor and performance. Powered by nexMESH Coil Technology, the innovative triple density conical mesh tank delivers lightning fast ramp up speed. As you vape the unique conical structure maximizes bottom of the coil airflow intake. This combined with bottom up coil heating forces upward compression, condensing the vapor as it flows through the coil to the drip tip resulting in an unparalleled flavor burst.

wotofo nexMesh

Whether your prefer a massive throat hit or a milder, smoother vape, world first conical mesh coils have you covered. Experience the amazing flavor profiling of conical mesh with our breakthrough A1 triple density mesh coil or revolutionary SS 316L temperature control enabled mesh coil and newly-developed Ni80 mesh coil.

Difference between Changeable Pod and other disposable vape

Pros of disposables:

Clean to apply – that is specifically essential for brand-new vapers. Smoking is easy, you just mild up your cig and you're carried out. Vaping can take a day or two to get familier with it. It can be a component in human beings identifying to make the transfer to vaping, with disposables that factor is gone.

No charging – The battery in a disposable vape is equipped with a frame and is already charged. You can’t recharge the battery so there aren't any cables required.

Eco effect – The clue is within the call. There's nothing reusable, as soon as it runs out you remove the entire device. Most of those will turn out to be in a landfill and with hundreds of thousands of human beings using disposables, that is lots of waste. That is the time to mention that we here at totally depraved apprehend the ability impact of disposable vapes, so we will appropriately recycle any emblem of the disposable vape at no cost, just pop them into one in every of our stores.

Pros of rechargeable e-cigs:

Better vaping overall performance – you can tailor your vaping revel in to get the high-quality overall performance. Modify the airflow, change the e-liquid, pick out a brand new vape coil, and modify your settings. The listing goes on.

Green – once more in the evaluation of disposables, there is no assessment. You may use bottles of e-liquid, but these may be recycled and also you aren’t throwing away your complete e-cig when the battery runs out.

The difference between closed vape pods:

Before making a decision on which type of vape is right for you, it’s important to not forget the cost of each device. Even as vaping is proven to be way less expensive than smoking conventional cigarettes, how do the one-of-a-kind gadgets examine when it comes to pricing? At the complete, pod systems have a tendency to price more prematurely than disposables, albeit no longer by using much.

 Manik Mini Pod

Maximum pod vapes are common at around £10 every, with some fashions such as the Elf Bar Mate costing even less. Despite the fact that you can anticipate spending a few pounds greater on a pod device than you will on a disposable, those merchandises are rechargeable, and consequently reusable, making them extra lower priced in a long time. One of the most important appeals of disposable vapes is the low price. With many devices ranging from £5-£7 each, it’s smooth to look why they’re a favorite among novices.


Nevertheless, disposable vapes are slightly greater high-priced ultimately. You’ll want to buy an entirely new tool on every occasion you run out, which can quickly upload up. However, the price of substitute prefilled cartridges can add up too, depending on your emblem choice and vaping fashion.

Advantages and downsides of an Open Vape system:

Open vape systems, which largely include vape pens (aka normal vaporizers) but are also known as sub-ohms and mods, are reusable vape devices that may be crowned up once the e-liquid has run out.


They come up with the liberty to select your very own e-juice taste, in addition to the nicotine strength, two essential factors for vapers.

Open device gadgets also have a more potent battery, which means that they deliver fuller vape enjoyment.

On the downside, open vape systems paintings. You may want to carry out everyday cleaning and maintenance for the tool to feature easily.

NexPOD can even want to acquaint themselves with some vaping basics before they are able to begin vaping using open structures.

What’s extra, the revel in of an open e-cig may be pretty harsh or underwhelming if you aren't cautious, subsequently, even extra, want to undergo the gaining knowledge of curve – choosing the right e-liquid for the tool, making sure your wicks are primed so they're now not dry, selecting the right battery and so forth and so forth.

Why we recommend to use a interchangeable disapoable:

Easy to use: One gain of disposable vape pens is they’re easy to use. You may start vaping  straight out of the container, this means that you don’t need to change any settings or gather a few elements. Moreover, many disposable vape pens are button-unfastened, permitting you to enjoy vaping through absolutely breathing in without delay from the device.

Seeing that a disposable vape pen is easy to apply, it can be the proper device for beginners or those who just started switching from cigarette smoking to vaping. Although, its user-pleasant feature will also attraction to veteran vapers, particularly those seeking out a way to effortlessly satisfy their nicotine yearning.

High quality: Vape pens appear to be the quickest-developing type of vaporizer, and the disposable kind appears to be widely preferred because of its convenience. First, because of its small size, it could be effortlessly in shape in a tiny bag or maybe in your pocket, that is convenient while touring. 2nd, its battery can remaining for complete use, which eliminates the need to charge it before use. 1/3, because it’s disposable, it doesn’t need cleaning.

Eco friendly: The phrase “disposable” doesn’t regularly coincide with environmental friendliness. Luckily, this may now not be the case for disposable vape pens. Super vape pens offer a smooth burn, efficient electricity use, and anti-leak technology, all of which can be said to be environmentally pleasant.

Final thoughts:

Now that you realize the reasons why you ought to transfer to disposable vape pens, the next issue to consider is to search for a reliable supplier. You can see many wotofo products from our page disposable vape pen . Besides, you can also try our newest product Wotofo NexPOD Vape Pen, a new combination of disposable vape and pod system vape kits, which is User-friendly, High Quality, Cost-Effective.

 wotofo nexPOD

You could ask for referrals from buddies or family who are already using the tool. You could likewise examine client reviews. All in all, investing in notable vape pens would allow you to fulfill your cravings, and it could also be safer in your pocket.



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