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Nov 17 2022 0 Comments nexpod profile rdta Wotofo nexMESH Wotofo nexMESH Coil

Why mesh coils are better? - Wotofo nexMesh

You might have seen “nexMesh” or “nexM” logo on your vape if you've tried Wotofo disposable products.

“nexMesh” is the cutting-edge technology developed by WotofoLab, it's the mesh coil technology used on the disposable e-cigarette and rebuildable atties. nexMesh has accumulated tons of positive feedback and an excellent reputation since we launched it. As for the reason it's loved and praised by vapers around the globe, let me explain to you in the following sections.

Just like the Youtube reviewer “UK Vape” said, “nexMesh? Wotofo know what they are doing!”

Wotofo Ultra Disposable & Rechargable By “UK Vape”

The most important reason Wotofo applied “nexMesh” technology on our vape products is that nexMesh gives great flavors. The flavor produced by nexMesh is phenomenal, it truthfully gives the taste as close as possible to the flavor profile written on the device. The flavor nexMesh recreates is so realistic. It's just like you’re really drinking the juice or eating the fruit or dessert when you are vaping on the Wotofo products with nexMesh. That’s why vapers that never tried the products with nexMesh are always surprised the first time they vape on the Wotofo products, and It's also the reason Wotofo fans stick with our products.  


Wotofo Skuare 6000 Disposable / 6000 Puffs & 18650 BATTERY By “Wendy V Reviews


Wotofo Coke Bar 5000/Zetta 5000 By “Wendy V Reviews

The other reason that makes nexMesh amazing is that it's very durable. nexMesh is used in Wotofo Ultra, Zetta5000, Skuare6000, and so on. For these big puff count disposables, the durability of the coil is extremely important. nexMesh is able to handle 5000-10000 + puffs and still gives the same extraordinary flavor from the first to the very last puff. On the other hand, mesh coils are known for it's firing speed. The firing time of nexMesh is crazy fast, it creates the richest flavor immediately once you take the puff.

The ULTRA Disposable Vapes // WOTOFO ULTRA By “FV Vape Show

Lastly, the vapor production of nexMesh is amazing. Comparing nexMesh to a wire coil at the same resistance, it creates way bigger clouds. For the cloud chasers who want bigger clouds and also the convenience of disposables, Wotofo disposables with nexMesh are your best choice.


1000 Puff Rechargeable Dispo Sesh (Wotofo Airy) By “LiamsGhosts

These are the reasons why Wotofo stick with nexMesh, our goal is to produce the best products and create the best vaping experience for either vapers or beginners. Keep on vaping, and quit smoking.



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