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Vape Coils

How to Avoid Coil Gunk

Nov 08 2019

How to Avoid Coil Gunk? Several people end up changing their coil and throwing away their money because of a bad buildup of gunk on their coils. Vape coils are the key to converting e-liquid to vapor. Thus, gunk buildup on a coil will result in a bitter, less enjoyable and harsh vaping experience. So you might be asking, how can I stop my coil from building up gunk? We obviously don’t recommend peoples first instinct and the simplest fix which is to replace the coil altogether. This can become a very costly solution. The alternative is to clean the...

Are nexMESH Mesh Strips Set To Disrupt Traditional RDA Coil Builds?

Nov 05 2019

Are nexMESH Mesh Strips Set To Disrupt Traditional RDA Coil Builds? For a long time now the go to setup for big clouds and great flavor has been high wattage mods with DIY coil builds but are things about to change? If you watch the recent review of nexMESH by celebrity vape reviewer Ryan Hall and his team the answer is a resounding yes. Like with everything technology and design evolve and in recent times we've seen the introduction of new RDA's, like Wotofo's Profile that utilize mesh strips for coils rather than traditional coil builds. While these won the...

How to clean vape coil and tank

Nov 01 2019

How to clean vape coil and tank the right way? Quick Links What are the components to clean in a vape device? How to know if it is time to clean vape coils and tanks? How to clean vape tank? How to clean a vape coil? How to clean vape pen? Quick Vape Maintenance tips A perfect vaping experience relies on the question of how to clean the vape device. Vape juices do not stain atomizers, but sometimes collect residues and coil gunk. This undoubtedly affects the vape performance. A burnt taste often ruins the entire vaping experience. Now, a...

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