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Feb 24 2023 0 Comments Disposable Vape Disposable Vapes E-cigarettes Email Marketing nexpod wotofo nexPOD Wotofo retailer program

7 Reasons your vape shop needs email marketing 

Email marketing can be an effective tool for vape retailers looking to reach and engage with their customers. Well-structured vape promotional email campaigns are proven to drive repeat sales and maximize the LTV of your customers. 

With the increasing popularity of disposable vapes and most recently the new replaceable, disposable pod systems like Wotofo’s nexPod, vape retailers are cashing in on repeat business using email marketing.


Wotofo email marketing

Seven benefits of email marketing for vape retailers 

Looking to increase vape sales? Here are 7 reasons why you should try vape shop email marketing.


Email marketing is generally a cost-effective way for small retailers to reach their customers, as it requires minimal upfront investment and can be done in-house. If you run an online business or have a CRM you already have a list of high-value customers who are interested in your products. Using email marketing is a great way to not only monetize your customer database but also build longer-term loyalty.

Targeted messaging

Email marketing allows small retailers to segment their email lists and send targeted messages to specific groups of customers. As an example, you could split your list into different customer groups by product interest, (eg disposable vapes, mods, and tanks) to ensure you are delivering the right message to the right customer. This can help to ensure that the right message is being delivered to the right audience.

Easy to measure

Email marketing provides a number of metrics that can help small retailers to measure the success of their campaigns, such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This can help retailers to identify what products are not drawing customer attention and make adjustments to stock control and ordering as needed.


Email marketing allows vape retailers to personalize their messages and create a more personalized experience for their customers. Depending on the customer information you keep this could extend to birthday emails, special list member deal offers, and more all of which can help to build customer loyalty and increase engagement.


Most people access their emails on their smartphones, which means that email marketing campaigns need to be mobile-friendly in order to be effective. Using an email marketing platform can help you customize your emails for mobile delivery and instant product ordering. Email marketing can be especially beneficial for smaller vape retailers, as it allows them to reach their audience cost-effectively.


Email marketing software can be used to automate the sending of emails, which can save small retailers time and resources. Automation can also help you segment your customers into different marketing lists to ensure that the right message is being delivered to the right audience at the right time. There are several cheap and easy-to-use email marketing platforms in the market. Mailchimp is popular with small businesses.

Integration with social media

Email marketing can be integrated and messages automatically shared to your vape shop's favorite social media platforms. This can help vape shops reach their consumers where they hang out the most and also offer the potential for message sharing across the platforms extending your customer reach.

Overall, email marketing can be a powerful tool for vape retailers looking to reach and engage with their customers and at Wotofo we make it even easier to enjoy success with email marketing. 

Wotofo Email Marketing made easy

At Wotofo we are committed to helping our partners. We are here to save you time and money on developing product marketing assets and help you increase sales with the right messaging. When you partner with us we give you instant access to our marketing resource library which includes our beautifully designed and professionally worded product marketing email templates and sequences.

 By taking advantage of the benefits of Wotofo’s done-for-you email marketing templates Wotofo vape retailers are increasing their visibility, driving more traffic to their shop and/or website, and building customer loyalty.

Wotofo email marketing


Wotofo’s email marketing templates are just one part of the comprehensive marketing and support we provide to members of our Wotofo retailer program.

7 Reasons your vape shop needs email marketing



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