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Aug 26 2019 1 Comment

Best Sub Ohm Tank For Flavor - Reviewers Choice

Since mesh coil, sub ohm vape tanks first hit the market there have been numerous improvements in the quality of flavor and as mesh coil innovation continues the flavor profiling from mesh just keeps getting better.

But which mesh coil sub-ohm tank is the best for flavor? After the success of nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank, we have upgraded it to nexM Pro which is an RBA enabled new sub ohm tank and the world’s first dual-core atomizer with mesh and coil combination.

Best Sub Ohm Tanks in 2021

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Watch the video below to get 21 reviewers opinions about nexMesh Sub Ohm Tank.

What's the best flavor sub-ohm tank ?

Over the last year or two Horizon Tech and Freemax have been the kings when it comes to sub-ohm vape tanks, but here at Wotofo we specialise in mesh coil tech and are confident our new tank, the nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank is set to provide some fierce competition for these sub ohm tank market leaders.

Based on our testing with many different e liquids we believe the nexMESH Sub-Ohm tank is the best sub ohm tank for flavor right now.

Is this just our opinion? No.

We scoured the web to see what both reviewers and end users are saying about our nexMESH Sub-Ohm tank and we couldn't be happier.

If the early reviews are anything to judge this tank by, then arguably the nexMESH sub-Ohm Tank is this years winner for best flavor from a sub-ohm tank.

YouTube reviewers talk nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank flavor

Here's what reviewers had to say about the flavor of the nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank.

YouTube Channel: Ryan Hall
Subscribers: 565 000

"I wish you guys could taste this. The flavor in this thing is just 100% freaking awesome.

YouTube Channel: Mike Vapes
Subscribers: 290 000

"The conical shape of these coils just makes the flavor amazing.  

YouTube Channel: Legion Vapes
Subscribers: 34 000

"The nexMESH sub ohm tank delivers a dense, rich and flavorful vape.

best flavor sub ohm tank 2019 - empire vape co

YouTube Channel: Empire Vape Co
Subscribers: 13 000

"I'm going to put it out there the flavor is right up there with the Freemax Mesh Pro.

YouTube Channel: Vaping Insider
Subscribers: 12 000

"Really nice flavor and it's due to the shape of those conical mesh coils.

YouTube Channel: Matt from SMM
Subscribers: 276 000

"The flavor on this thin is freakin fantastic, no issues there.

YouTube Channel: Vape City Reviews
Subscribers: 2 500

"The flavors just not going to get any better than this on a sub ohm tank - vape city reviews

YouTube Channel: Vapor Trail Channel
Subscribers: 163 000

"The vapor production and flavor off this thing is really very good.

YouTube Channel: Ryan Hall
Subscribers: 565 000

"The only think I have to say is that this is the best flavor - better than the Falcon King, better than the Fireluke, better than the Prince tank, better than all the things we got over there.

YouTube Channel:ST Vapes
Subscribers: 9 000

mmm the flavor is ...whooo - ST Vapes

YouTube Channel: Gone Vape
Subscribers: 233

"The way it vapes and the flavor I get, I like to compare it to the Falcon, This is right up there.

YouTube Channel: Friday Vape Club
Subscribers: 1 300

"The flavor of this thing is absolutely amazing. The flavor of this thing is sensational. For a sub ohm tank it's probably one of the best flavors I've ever had from a sub ohm tank.  

YouTube Channel: Green Winch
Subscribers: 5 600

"Fantastic vape, I absolutely love it. I can not recommend this enough.

YouTube Channel:DJLsb Vapes
Subscribers: 209 000

"It edges the Falcon as far as flavor but also as far as perceived sweetness.

YouTube Channel: Little Bro vapes reviews
Subscribers: 1 800

"There's really good flavor of this and clouds for days.

YouTube Channel: UK Vapster
Subscribers: 4 300

"The flavor is really really good, it's a very, very good mesh tank.

YouTube Channel:Wendy Vapes
Subscribers: 13 000

"Flavor is the first thing I have to talk about. The flavor is amazing.

YouTube Channel: MF Vape
Subscribers: 3 100

"The nexMESH Sub_ohm Tank really has got cracking flavor. It's in my top 3.

YouTube Channel: Rip Trippers
Subscribers: 1 300 000

"This is the best. The flavor I get off this is better than the Falcon, The airflow I get off this is smoother than the Falcon. Is the flavor of this think crazy better than the Falcon, no but it's noticeable.

YouTube Channel:Vaping v1ck
Subscribers: 15 000

"Superb vapor production, super flavor.

Vapers rate the nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank for flavor.

To see what vape users think about the flavor of the nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank we visited popular US e-commerce store VaporDNA .
At the time of writing this post there were 35 reviews of the product all of which raved about the quality and flavor production from our tank, with all 35 giving the nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank a five star rating.
Here's a snapshot of some of the comments.
Sean - Good Product

"This one is keeper. I will get another one once back in stock again. The flavor is just unreal.
Linsey - It's a Flavor Tank 

"Big improvement on flavor over falcon tank. Does not leak at all. I even took with me to France last week and it did not leak, normally with pressure all my other tanks had leakage issue when travel. Very impressive.
Danny - Highly Recommended

"It's a flavor machine. If you want a closer relationship in term of flavor with your favorite juice. This is is it. Definitely would recommend this one to others.

Is the nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank best for flavor?

When we built this tank we knew we had a highly competitive flavor tank and were quietly confident that it outperformed the Horizon and Freemax.  

Have we achieved our goal of producing the best sub ohm tank for flavor? Obviously this question ultimately boils down to personal preference, so we are super keen to hear your views on what we believe is the best flavor sub ohm tank in the market.

Let us know what you think in the comments below

Buy The Best Sub-Ohm Tank for Flavor

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    I received my OFRF tank today and I don’t taste any flavour, am I doing something wrong… ? I tried 2 different coils both are bad.

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