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wotofo flux vape kit

Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit Settings Explained

The Flux Mod is co-designed with the renowned American brand Rig Mod and features the simplest operation interface but provides powerful firing options according to your needs.

As we promised before, the Flux Kit is designed to be super simple in use. In fact, users don’t need a user guide while using the device. It utilizes very intuitive user interface. But this guide is aiming at those newbie vapers who may own the Flux Kit as their first vaping device. However, this article is still worthwhile for any users of this kit to know all its capabilities.

Let’s start with the tank. Same as most tanks in the market, the Flow Pro SubTank is detachable for all its key components, like the drip tip, the top cap, the glass tube, the base and the coil. To detach or assembly any of those parts, if it is not a pull-and-push method, then it is a threaded screw. It’s easy to tell. The only tip that is needed to point out is the opening method for the top cap when filling the tank. To reveal the filling port, the best way is to twist-open the top cap. Hold the top cap and do a gentle twist and it should open. Or push from the opposite side of the pivot point, it is also easy to open, but this method takes some familiarity with the tank to find the push point. We stick a how-to-open tip on the glass for notice and you can remove it after.

wotofo flux subohm top cap

Then let’s move on to the Flux Mod guide.

The Flux Mod adopts a fire bar over a fire button to require less precision on firing the mod, thus you can do it without locating a very small button. So after installing two 18650 batteries correctly into the mod, it will be turned on automatically. A square WOTOFO logo will appear on the screen. To turn off the mod, just do 5 rapid clicks on the fire bar, then you are another 5 rapid clicks away from turning the mod back on.

wotofo logo
flux mod powerr off

One click on the fire bar would wake up the mod and display your current settings on the screen, including firing mode, output wattage, output voltage, working resistance, battery levels for individual battery.

To switch between the firing modes, you just press the fire bar and the up button on the right at the same time to cycle through the three modes: Standard, Powerful, and Powerful+.

When using the Flux Mod with the Flow Pro stock coils, we recommend a 50-55W output under Standard firing mode. The recommended settings will provide a superb flavor production beyond your expectation.

When using the mod with a rebuildable atomizer, like a RDA, the mod supports a resistance range from 0.08ohm to 3ohm within 5-200W output.

If there are issues with the coil, the mod will not fire and show an error message on the screen. For wattage adjusting, the up button is on the right and the down button is on the left.

The last but important function of the Flux Mod is its lightshow feature.

There are two lighting situations: when firing the mod and after firing the mod, with the former being called Working Light and the latter being called Standby Light.

To set your Working Light, please press the fire bar and the down button on the left at the same time, and choose between the two by pressing either the up button or the down button, then confirm your choice by pressing the fire bar.

After entering the specific setting interface for Working Light, choose your desired light color with up or down button and confirm your choice with fire bar to continue to set the lighting options: Turn Off, Flash, Breath, 7 Flash, and 7 Breath. Explanations of these options are as follows:

flux subohm mod light
flux subohm kit lights
> Turn Off: To turn off the light function.
> Flash: The light should surge from the bottom to the top quickly.
> Breath: The light should go from dim to bright like breathing.
> 7 Flash: The light should repeat the above said Flash mode in 7 colors alternately.
> 7 Breath: The light should repeat the above said Breath mode in 7 colors alternately.

By confirming your choice, you finish the working light setting. Then it is much the same to set your standby light. In case of any accidental firing, simply hold the two regulatory buttons down together at the same time for one second to lock, and the same operation to unlock. This should lock or unlock all three buttons together. All is explained for the Flux Kit settings.

See? Super easy!

rig mod flux kit turn off
rig mod flux kit key locked

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