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Sep 06 2019 0 Comments

7 Tips To Avoid Vape Battery Explosions (infographic)

When it comes to vaping safety the media is always quick to sensationalize stories about violent vape explosions, but are vaping devices really dangerous?

The truth is that while vapes can catch on fire and in extreme situations explode, the frequency of this type of occurrence is very low.

With that being said, vape explosions can be extremely dangerous and have the potential to cause serious injury.

What causes vape explosions?

While the exact reasons for every vape explosion are not known the majority of vaping related fires and explosions are directly linked to battery related issues resulting from battery damage.

When a battery is damaged it starts to undergo a cycle of what is called thermal runaway.

Thermal runaway is basically a cycle where a reaction in the battery is triggered causing the battery temperature to increase. The increase in temperature then causes the battery to react more which in turn increases the heat more and more. This heating builds pressure inside the battery which starts to break down the protective layer inside your battery. As the pressure increases this can cause the battery to burst releasing gases and liquids which can result in fire and in extreme cases explosion.

To avoid vape battery fires and explosions proper use, storage and maintenance of your batteries is essential. To assist you avoid the potential for of vape battery explosion there are several things that you can do.

Follow the advice outlined in our vape battery safety tips info-graphic below to minimize the risk of battery venting and explosions.

7 Tips To Help Avoid Vape Battery Explosion

  Other Important Actions to Avoid Vape Battery Explosion

The best way to protect yourself form potential vape battery explosions is to learn as much as you can about your vape mod and how to care for and mange your vape batteries.

First of all always make sure you read the vape operations guide that came with your vaping device. If you've lost it and want to double check simply visit your manufacturers website. Most manufacturers will offer downloadable versions of their operations manuals.

Never disable built in safety features like firing locks and always make sure your vent holes are not covered. The vent holes are designed to help release heat from your vape mod so covering them is dangerous.

Most importantly, be sensible and stay within the safe operating ranges of the device set by the manufacturer.

If you still have questions or are looking to learn more about how to avoid battery explosions visit our vape battery safety resource library. In the library you will find a wide selection of articles, infographics, safety charts and instructional videos designed to provide you with a comprehensive cape battery safety education.

Safe vaping!


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