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Nov 05 2019 0 Comments

nexmesh coils

Are nexMESH Mesh Strips Set To Disrupt Traditional RDA Coil Builds?

For a long time now the go to setup for big clouds and great flavor has been high wattage mods with DIY coil builds but are things about to change?

If you watch the recent review of nexMESH by celebrity vape reviewer Ryan Hall and his team the answer is a resounding yes.

Like with everything technology and design evolve and in recent times we've seen the introduction of new RDA's, like Wotofo's Profile that utilize mesh strips for coils rather than traditional coil builds.

While these won the hearts and minds of some the jury was still out on which is better, mesh strip coils or traditional builds. That was until the arrival of nexMESH.

What are mesh coil strips and what is nexMESH?

nexMESH mesh vape coil

As the name implies mesh coil strips are a flat mesh alternative to traditional coils. Rather than winding wires to create a coil a mesh strip is simply clamped into place on the build deck and voila your coil is ready for wicking with your favorite cotton.

They have been rapidly gaining popularity among non coil builders for their simplicity and easy of use, however, until now have have failed to sway die-hard coil builders. But that could be about to change.

Introducing nexMESH

nexmesh and mesh coils

nexMESH is the next generation of mesh strip coils and while on the surface they look very similar to a standard mesh strip there are some significant differences.

Firstly nexMESH mesh strips have an innovate triple density mesh structure which creates a larger surface area for e liquid to touch the mesh.

The increased surface area also results in lightning fast heating as the increased density and small hole size allow the mesh coil to ramp up so much quicker.

"I've never seen mesh glow like that straight out of the box. The flavor and response time...It just ramps up so much quicker than the regular mesh I've used before. - Josh Mountain Vapors"

So what's the result?

Here's what Kade over at Ryan Hall's vape shop, MountainVapors had to say after the first vape.

"It didn't feel like I was breathing in a lot of vapor but when I exhaled it was everywhere - it's super smooth . I'm not really getting any spit back on the vape. Look how much vapor and I've only got it on 50W."

nexMESH mesh coils reduce spit back

The triple density weave also reduces the size of the individual holes which in turn creates a more consistent vape with less spit back. According to Ryan Hall

"..it's a very different vape. I'm used to feeling the vapor inside my mouth. It's almost like most tanks and RDA's put like a film of vapor in your mouth. This is smooth. You don't feel anything. When you exhale that's when you see it and feel it. It's a different experience."

nexMESH supports higher wattage with lower resistance 0.13 ohm.

The nexMESH triple density weave coil strip is made using Kanthal low resistance heating wire. Go as low as 0,13 ohn resistance while supporting higher wattage devices.

"Low resistance higher wattage lets go. 50W. Woohoo...that is so incredibly smooth. I'm trying not to be too much of like a salesman here but I really do think this is incredibly innovative - Ryan Hall"

"I'm going to go ahead and say it. This is the future of RDA's - Ryan Hall"

So what about flavor?

When it comes to elevating your flavor experience the nexMESh mesh strip coil delivers. According to the whole team at Mountain Vapors the vape is super smooth with amazing flavor.

"At 50w you get a solid good flavor but as I increase the wattage I get different notes from Pink (e-juice) that I've never really received before and I think that's because of the smoothness. On a regular RDA with some twisted build if you vape at a 90w -100w-110w sometimes it's going to be incredibly warm and it's just not as smooth and that disrupts the flavor but on this you get the flavor and that's it. - Ryan Hall"

"If you don't like it there's something wrong with you - super smooth great flavor - Josh"

So now you've read all about nexMESH why not watch the video and see for yourself just how good nexMESH is.

Will nexMESH disrupt the traditional coil build market?

If we listen to the team over at Mountain Vapors the answer is clearly yes. nexMESH is the future of RDA's but they aren't the only ones who think so.

Stay tuned to WOTOFO by subscribing to our blog below for our next installment where super celebrity vape reviewer Rip Tripper's shares his views on this breakthrough , disruptive technology.

Finally we'd love to hear your thoughts so feel free to share your views in the message box below.


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