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vaping airflow system

5 Factors That Affect Vape Flavors of a RDA

Top Vape Flavors may be the most attractive factor inside an atomizer, the quality and quantity of it may convince a smoker to switch into vaping but also gives to us, people that vapes every day a better experience.

Then which are the facts that make an RDA better than another for flavor chasing, and how can we get the best flavor from our atomizer?

Well, dear reader, you ended in the right place, Wotofo decided to make a list for you to improve your Vaping Experience.

1.Find Out Which Type of RDA You Want To Vape With

We decided to purpose you four categories of atomizers and itemize the differences, pros, and cons between those, to help you.

Regular Single Coil RDA

Mostly used by vaper for chasing are the Regular Single Coil RDAs, more comfortable to build and wick offers a simple solution to every vaper to find his set-up. Dripping the liquid on the top of the coil the cotton will always be correctly and fluently feed and wet, giving a consistent flavor and vape experience.

Vape flavors Single Coil RDA

Single coils RDA's usually has a smaller deck, chamber, and a limited airflow, with this setting the air will easily surround the coil offering a warm, and dense vape.

Vaping in the single coil the liquid consumed will be much less than a dual coil setting but the vapor produced will be much less.

BF Single Coil RDAs

Who doesn't like to drip into the atomizer continually can find his direction in a parallel street?

In fact, the BF Single Coil RDAs offer almost the same experience but with the comfort of Bottom Feeding vaping. Bottom Feeding systems work with a bottle that's situated under the atomizer directly linked to the 510 Connector.

Pushing (Squonking) the bottle the fluid will flood inside the deck feeding and wetting the coil.

Vape flavors Regular Pin VS BF Pin

Unluckily this system doesn't always offer a correct liquid alimentation of the coil giving different vape experiences at each puff.

To repair this problem is advised to do not squonk hard and pay attention to how you build your coils and wick your cotton, new atomizers may also have a tub inside the deck.

Other characteristics are basically the same as Regular Single Coil RDAs.

Regular Dual Coil RDAs

If you are a kind of person that likes to seek flavor but also to choke some big clouds, it is possible to opt for Regular Dual coil RDA. It is just a classic dripper with a chamber that's specifically studied for flavor chasing as the Wotofo Warrior RDA could be.

Must be aware of the build you are going to do as if the chamber gets to hot the flavor will become flat.

Vape flavors Dual Coil RDA

It is all a matter of building coils and wicking cotton with cognition of cause, it is advised to use coils that's are around 0.30 to 0.50 ohms for flavor chasing, it is also important to match the build with the e-liquid you are going to vape.

Usually Dual Coils RDA are better for Creamy and Fruity liquids.

BF Dual Coil RDA

The same thing as for single coil we can find the BF version of those atomizers, it will have the same Pros and cons, even if I found out that the BF Dual Coil RDA can give a lot of satisfaction if well set.

To Conclude is all a matter of preferences and experience in building and wicking, obviously also using good atomizers will help you to make the right choice.

2.RDA Structure

When we want to buy a new atomizer for Flavor chasing we have to figure out which configuration is the best for our needs and how an RDA should be build to give us the best experience.

The structure of an atomizer can influence a lot the flavor that comes out of it, so let's see the things we need to know to value products, deck, size, airflow, drip tips and caps.

RDA Deck

To talk about RDA's Deck, we have to know that there are a lot of different kinds that work in different ways, to make you understand better we'll do some examples with Wotofo's product.

In this way, you'll be able to understand and choose the one that could work better for you.

Clamp Posts Deck

Let's start talking about Clamp Posts Deck, as the Wotofo Warrior RDA's has, those kinds of atomizers are straightforward to build and wick, you only have to put the coils legs under the clamps and then twist the screws.

Once you finish the first step, cut the excesses and adjust the coil with the jig tool to match it up with the airflow.

It's hard to go wrong building a deck like that, and as far you keep on building on those decks as now you will be able to experiment different setup.

Clamp Decks are best on Double Coils RDA giving the best vape experience, especially talking about Warrior RDA where the airflow is wholly studied to cover the coil fully.

Postless Deck

With a step further we can find Postless Deck Design as the Elder Dragon RDA, and Recurve RDA have, very easy to build to, they need a little bit more of experience to cut the legs, especially without a trimming tool.

Those decks are usually made for single coil atomizers and help the customer to exploit all the available space, and we'll have to put the leg coils in and twist the screw on it.

recurve rda deck and tip

Special RDAs, as the Wotofo Recurve RDA, can give us different kind of setting for different flavor seeking.

Double Post Vertical Clamp

The third product I want to talk about is the Wotofo Profile, a unique Double Post Vertical Clamp, that permit to use mesh or single coil set up, this innovation also has a springloaded ceramic plate that will push the cotton keeping it in contact with the coil.

This incredible RDA, with a Mesh Coil and a fully open airflow, exalts and invigorates sweet and sour notes inside an e-liquid.

rda deck and coils for best flavor

There would be a lot of other Decks to talk about, but nowadays, those are the most important one.

RDA Size

We all heard the motto ''Size doesn't matter'' at least once, in our life, I am sad to say that inside the vaping world, especially in flavor chasing, sizes matters a lot.

Let me explain why. An RDA diameter that measures over 25 mm have a lot of space inside; this means that there will probably be more air that will mix with the flavor particles, spreading the taste everywhere.

Contrariwise a smaller RDA will make the flavor particles concentrate in a restricted space giving a unified and stable vape.

This is not always true. In fact, it also depends on how the chamber is studied but most of the times this rule works.

RDA Airflow

There are three different types of airflow that we can find on an RDA, Top, Side, and Bottom airflow.

Where the holes are placed affects the circulation of air, therefore also the flavor expression.

rda airflow

A Top airflow makes it impossible to get leaks but usually doesn't give a lot of space to the air to fully circulate the coil to then get out in our mouth, flattening so the flavor bouquet.

Bottom airflow instead will have the best air circulation under and around the coil, giving us an outstanding flavor, unluckily those type of atomizers are usually subjected to some leaking problems.

As a compromise, we have then the Sided airflow, that with recent innovations were able to reach an outstanding amount of flavor without being subjected at any leak.

RDA Drip Tips

Drip Tips size may also affect the vape flavor, a big sized drip will directly connect our mouth, lungs, and tongue to the vapor produced without any restrictions and changes, giving the full taste out of a vape, but it may also provide some spit backs or too hot vapor.

Viceversa small sized Drip Tip will change and restrict the vape, giving a dense vapor and a more rounded flavor with the cons of the possible creation of condense.

RDA Caps

Last but not least we have to consider how the caps of an RDA are made.

A cap with a lot of angles will make the vapor bounce inside the atomizer jarring the flavor and exalting sour taste, excellent for the fruity ones.

Vape flavors RDA Caps

Rounded cap instead will make the flavor bouquet flat giving at the different taste tone the same level; usually, those types of caps are the best for tasting new liquids and vaping tobacco.

The caps that are in the middle will exalt the sweet tastes, being perfect for dessert liquids.

3. Types of Coil

There are many types of coils for vaping made in a bunch of different ways with different materials, the kind of coil you choose to use makes a big difference on the amount of Flavor you will get.

Mostly is a factor of preferences, but a couple of advice could help.

Let's start with the basics, the diameters of the wires used, diameters are usually measured in Gauges, higher the gauges are thinner the wire will be.

As the gauges decrease the ohms of your coils decrease, vice versa.

Materials of Coil

An important fact when we talk about coils are the materials used, most of the coils are made with Kanthal A1, Nichrome 80 or Stainless Steel 316L, there is also another category that could use different types of material those are the complex coils.

KA1 is a metal alloy composed by Ferritic Iron, Chromium and Aluminium alloy; is the most common wire, with low costs, is currently used in straight wattage mod, with an average ramp-up time, is able to hold his shape and to clean, giving to coils a longer lifetime.


Ni80 is composed by Nickel and Chromium, heating up faster than Kanthal.

It also holds well his shape making it easier to wick; unfortunately, it has a low melting point making it not suitable for high wattage as the coil could break.


SS316L, a metal alloy made with Chromium, Nickel, and Carbon is graded for medical and pharmaceutical uses.

This means it has been tested and certified and is safe to vape with, it has similar characteristics to Nichrome as it heats faster than Kanthal, but with a higher melt point.

The only downside to Stainless Steel is the cleaning point, as dry burning, will deteriorate the coil.

We then have different types of complex coils that are usually categorized in Clapton, Fused Clapton, Framed Staple Clapton, Aliens, Braided and Juggernaut.

types of vape wire

The first four of this list offer similar characteristics of flavor, but with different ramp-up times, those ones are the most common inside flavor chasing for their durability and consistency.

Juggernaut and Braided coils will also offer a high flavored vape, but with more throat hit, I can only advise to try them and use the one that you are most comfortable with.

Wotofo has a large variety of complex coils, made with a lot of accuracy and excellent quality materials.

Ohms and Shape

For flavor chasing is advised to use a specific coil that has the best ohms and shape settings.

vape ohms and shape

Start by saying that Ohm is the unit of measurement of electrical resistance if a coil, lower ohm coils will need more wattage to ramp-up but will also provide a more significant cloud production.

It is advisable, to use coils that has an average ohms measure of 0.3 to 0.6, but it all depends on the type of atomizer we are using; also the shape of the coils should be in relation with the RDA dimension, in a way to occupy all the airflow holes and fit inside the Deck.

If you are a vaper that's started building, try to do not use to small coils or enormous and ridiculous one, find the square factor of your atomizer (and is sad to say, this is all a matter of tries, with time you will be able to find almost instantly the best setting for yourself.

4. E-Juices

Personal tastes make us decide to buy a Juice, so how can we get the best flavor out of our favorite e-liquids?

Wotofo have some tips for you!


It is a common fact that more VG is inside a liquid denser and thicker our vapor will be, and what about PG?

Propylene Glycol is perfect for maintaining flavors, so for us that seek it is better to vape liquids that have a high proportion of PG, so if you are a liquid maker, try to vape 70/30 or 60/40 juices to get the best out of them, for MTL is also advisable to go 50/50.

A lot of us do not make liquid by themselves, therefore try to ask your trusted store to make it for you or for juices that have these percentages.

VG and PG vape flavors

Taste of E-Juices

Different RDAs will exalt different shapes of a Juice, for example, the Profile RDA makes liquid sweeter, the Recurve will introduce to the hidden and exotic parts of a juice, and the Elder Dragon will give you the full plate of flavors.

5. Wattage of Mod

The modification of the watts settings is significant in flavor chasing because establishing the right dispensing involves the perfect harmony between the liquid that is being vaped and the heat, vapor, and density that one wants to obtain.

It is normal that with an electronic box the problem does not arise because setting the box is very simple, but it is much more difficult to set up a mechanical box since the "mechanics" provides the direct discharge of the battery, and therefore cannot be set. Consequently, it is necessary, to not to set the mod but the coil, realizing the one most suitable for supplying the battery.

mechanical vape mod and regulated mod

It is natural to think that every liquid has its own wattage needs. Or rather, each liquid releases all its "hints" at wattage that other juices couldn't support. This is why knowledge is needed, that goes beyond mere vaping.

It is important to not underestimate this aspect, avoiding the realization of Coils that do not reflect the flavor chasing and that will never give the satisfaction that is sought.


We hope that this little guide will help you to understand better Flavor Chasing, and remember that vaping is all a matter of personal tastes, try to find your settings following these steps.

Don't give up if you won't get instantly the goal you were looking for, is all a matter of tries and error, the experience will make perfection your skills.

Feel free to share your thought with us. We’re happy to hear you about your vaping experience.
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