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profile rda mesh coil

Wotofo Profile RDA and Building & Wicking Guide

You can get it from the name that this RDA aims to free every single flavor in you juice to your taste sensation

Wotofo Profile RDA Overview

The Profile RDA is a 24mm mesh style RDA released by Wotofo. It is designed by Wotofo and YouTube reviewer Mrjustright1.

Though structured for both uses of mesh and wire coils, it provides a new explanation of flavor production when used with the specially developed mesh style coil sheet included in the package, allowing you to break down every flavor in your juice.

Let’s say, here’s a bottle of personally formulated multi-flavor e-liquid. Can you tell every flavor in the juice?

Commonly, you can tell one or two dominant flavors that may be strengthened by a flavor RDA, and other flavors are missing, but this technology provides you with a new perception of your juice. It is the flavor profile interpreter reading out more flavors that were missing in the past.

Profile RDA selected as one of the best rebuildable drip atomizer by Vaping360  

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wotofo profile rdas

What is included in this best rda kit?

It is a typical two-tier packaging with accessories stored at the lower tier and the RDA body & deck at the upper tier shown through a transparent window on the outer cover.

Accessories include a bending tool, a screw driver, an Allen key, a 0.33ohm framed staple Clapton coil, a bag of spare orings and screws, two mesh style coil sheets, and a spare frosted 810 drip tip.

best rda packaging

Drip Tip, Top Cap and More

The installed drip tip is an 810 resin one with new treatment of outer finish that will keep the color fresh and lasting.

The top cap has some cutouts that form two stair-structured air shutters to accurately adjust the air inflow right pointing to the coil position. Air inlets on the sleeve are the same beehive style as the Warrior RDA but slightly different on arrangement. The sleeve is well machined and elegantly thick to show the quality.

As most Wotofo RDAs are, the 510 pin is gold plated and insulated with German PEEK insulator around it.

810 drip tips
rda top cap and mesh coil

The Build Deck

The build deck of the Profile RDA is 20mm in diameter.

There are two orings on the bottom to double secure the sleeve and the deck. Two cutouts on the juice well wall are positioned symmetrically beside the two clamp posts.

These are nothing new if you’ve used our previous RDA products: they are designed for easy detaching between the RDA and your mod. The clamps are controlled by side screws, fixing either mesh coils or wire coils of any type firmly on the deck.

Such design provides greater conductivity and consistent connection.

rda build deck

How We Solved Vape Dry Hit Problem on Mesh Style RDA

Then let’s move on to the pain point resolving part.

Before the Profile RDA, mesh coil RDAs are one of the minor choices of rebuildable dripping atomizers due to its wicking problem, that is when the cotton is saturated with e-liquid, it becomes heavier and naturally falls down by gravity while the mesh arch remaining high to leave a gap between the cotton and the mesh, then you will get burnt hits because you are firing the edge of the cotton which can’t deliver enough juice to the top for the heating mesh, so in this case either the mesh is burning itself or it is burning the cotton.

The Profile RDA solves the problem by adding a spring-loaded ceramic support at the center of the deck. With subtle self-adjustment of the spring, the ceramic support is very sensitive to hold up the soaked cotton to effectively make contact with the heating mesh. Now the problem is solved, you can be relieved from the worry of burnt hits.

Moreover, the ceramic support is designed to be compatible with squonk pins.

Mesh Style Coil Building Tips

We strongly recommend you use our mesh style coil sheet to perfectly pair with the Profile RDA.

The secret of breaking down the juice profile lies in the included mesh sheet. This rebuildable mesh sheet is an improved and larger-sized one of our previous heating element used in Flow Pro coil head, which is proven to be superior in flavor production by the market. It is a perforated metal sheet in Kanthal A1 material. Such coil structure with little holes evenly punched on a single sheet can provide larger contact surface than a traditional wire coil, or even larger than a mesh coil which is woven with strands of heating wires.

The mesh style coil sheet measures 16mm*6.8mm with resistance of 0.18ohm to best perform at 40-60 watts. It’s very easy to do the building since there’s a bending tool for you to perfectly shape the mesh sheet, making sure it curves evenly with the right angle and width, hence heats evenly.

To mount the mesh coil sheet, simply insert the already bended one into the clamps and secure it by tightening the side screws.

Fire the coil sheet at a lower wattage, somewhere between 15W and 20W, to check if it heats evenly, then use the thinner end of the bending tool to adjust the coil sheet.

dry burning coils

Do pay attention to the wattage you set for the dry burning process, because for any type of mesh coils, it is better to do the dry burning at a lower wattage.

Traditional wire coil installation is basically the same as your old experience.

rda mesh coil building

Wicking Tips

Here are some cotton wicking tips to be noticed.

To best taste each flavor in your juice, we include a ready-to-use cotton strip of right amount for you to reference to. The cotton amount is tested to be great for the mesh style coil sheets we paired with the Profile RDA, and it has an aglet on one end to help thread the cotton through.

After inserting the cotton, here’s the right way to cut the cotton:

> Cut the cotton in a way that leaves the cotton wide at the bottom and narrow at the top;
> Tuck the lower cotton into the well, and fluff the cotton with tweezers;
> Trim the upper cotton and that’s it.

You can drip your juice to taste it layer upon layer now!

cotton wicking

cotton wicking guide

rda cotton wicking

The Takeaway

If you're a flavor chaser searching for a stronger more flavorful hit then the Profile RDA could be the solution you are looking for. Want to see how we use the Profile RDA to max out flavor in every puff? If the answer is yes then join us for our weekly Facebook Live where we share the best coils and builds to max out your flavor burst.

Have you tried the Profile RDA, we'd love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment below or hit us up on Facebook with your questions.

Profile RDA Series

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