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Vape Juice Nicotine Levels: Which One is Best For You?

vape juice nicotine levels

Although the alkaloid can be synthesized, its extraction from an organic plant (tobacco plants) is a less expensive process. Traces of this chemical can be found in commonly used foods like potatoes and tomatoes. The chemical can be used as a stimulant and relaxant with users reporting effects of attention, tranquility, mood elevation, et al. Nicotine is often perceived to be physically and physiologically compulsive, and the majority of people who began its consumption through smoking vape e-liquids with varying levels of this chemical. Commercial e-liquids are sold with varying ranges of nicotine levels and picking an e-juice with the correct nicotine level is paramount for beginners. Too much of it might blow your lungs with strong coughs and too weak of it might leave you confused about what you just had after taking large volumes of your popular vape juice. Or even more disgusting, you may have spent too much on a huge bottle of a premium e-liquid, only to discover that its nicotine level is unsatisfactory to cure your craving.

Typically, e-juices come in a variety of nicotine strengths stated in concentrations starting from zero nicotine to more than 50 mg/mL. This will vary if you make your own vape juice. In other cases, the vape juice nicotine levels are stated in percentages. Although this might be confusing, especially for new users, a clear guide should be adopted to steer beginners in making the right selection for the nicotine strength of their preference. Nicotine levels in vape juice are stated in weight (mg) per volume (mL), this is in terms of concentration. The variation in nicotine concentration of different e-juices depends largely on the manufacturer. For instance, NovaVapes E-Liquid LTD, a UK-based e-juice manufacturer offers e-liquids with a variety of nicotine levels, including zero nicotine. Consumers are allowed to use their present tobacco consumption and dependence of nicotine to determine the vape juice nicotine level of preference. Also, consumers are advised to make sure they choose the right product that meets the standards set by the relevant authority(ies).

The Basics of Nicotine

For some time, it has been common knowledge that smoking cigarettes, not necessarily excessive consumption, is harmful to human health, especially its connection with cancer. What remained unknown for a while were the exact harmful ingredients. Research has been conducted to find which chemicals in cigarettes are dangerous and which ones are not. A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed that although nicotine was previously said to cause cancer, it doesn’t do that directly but only aggravates the growth of cancer cells that have started growing or by interfering with the treatment of these cancerous cells. Although the study used mice exposed to different nicotine levels and human examination on the nicotine exposure hasn’t been completed yet, the research hinted that consuming low nicotine levels shouldn’t be a cancerous agent. This sounds good to vapers, who historically have been using vaporizers to minimize their nicotine consumption or suppress their vaping habits. Nevertheless, patients undergoing cancer treatment should refrain from nicotine products including cigarettes to get the full benefit of the therapy.

Although this chemical may not be a potential cause of cancer, it is associated with body effects that consumers must be aware of:

● Increases the heart rate
● Increases blood pressure
● Affects vasoconstriction
● Activates adrenal glands
● Influences release of dopamine in the brain, causing calmness

The effects of nicotine start or are felt as fast as a couple of seconds after intake but has a relatively short half-life. Its short half-life compels consumers to have repeated intakes to get lasting satisfaction. The short half-life offers a natural barrier between taking sufficient and taking harmful amounts. Consumers would have to take large amounts of nicotine in a single sitting for it to be harmful, which is not recommended for anyone to push to that limit. Repeated intakes result in nicotine dependence, specifically because it influences the brain. This is experienced when an active consumer goes too long without it, they may develop various symptoms like nausea, poor attention, irritability, or lack of sleep. Quitting is even harder as symptoms of withdrawal last for weeks or months. The only way they find relief when attempting to minimize their nicotine intake and reduce their smoking habits is the use of vaporizers.

Vaping Goals

First-time vapers without any prior smoking experience and who won’t like to become addicted to nicotine, they should try vape juices with zero nicotine level. Smokers wanting to switch from the “dirty” cigarettes to vaping but would like to retain their nicotine consumption levels, they can easily do that. People wanting to minimize their nicotine intake or smoking habit and eventually quit, they can begin with the nicotine strength they are used to, use a vaporizer until they are comfortable with this level, and gradually minimize the nicotine levels over time. Although it may take some time to cut down nicotine intake to zero, it is practical.

What is the Best Nicotine Level For You?

What is the Best Nicotine Level For You

If it’s your first time into the vaping world, there are two fundamental factors you must consider when choosing your vape juice regarding nicotine levels: the type of device you intend to use for vaping and your smoking habits. To assist new vapers to navigate the market easily, suggestions can be classified in regard to the vapor output, because this factor determines the amount of nicotine taken in every puff inhaled. For instance, if someone smokes socially, or at most ten cigarettes in a day, they belong to the lower range of the suggestion. If they consume about a pack then they lie somewhere in the middle, while consuming at least two packs per day places them in the higher zone. Beginners should acknowledge that the suggested nicotine levels are exactly what they are. They should apply them as their starting point if they discover that they prefer their vape strong or weak, and they should not fear trying other nicotine levels, as well as the best vape juice nicotine level, is that strength that keeps them away from a cigar.

Determining Your Right Vaping Nicotine Level

Nicotine strengths in e-cig may influence the way you enjoy your vaping.

Consequently, there are numerous factors you must consider when determining the vape nicotine level that suits you:

The e-juice taste and throat hit:

Too much nicotine in e-liquids introduces a harsh taste and bad touch on the throat. Most vapors opt for low nicotine concentration levels in their favorite vape juice that offers a smooth hit allowing them to enjoy the flavor.


People who vape sparingly can cope with highly concentrated levels of nicotine. Contrary, people who vape for long sessions will find consuming high concentrations of nicotine too much for them – perhaps they will experience side effects like nausea or dizziness.

Smoking equivalency:

Vapers who were smokers one time prefer e-juices with a nicotine strength that offers similar pleasure as the one they felt while smoking. A post heavy smoker may prefer e-liquids with heavy nicotine strength. Nevertheless, vaping is much different compared to smoking: people who were once heavy smokers might prefer light nicotine strengths.

Vapor Production

Low Vapor Production

Regarded as discreet clouds and have equal amounts to the ones generated by cigarettes. They are the most common ponds sold in the market today including the mouth-to-lung tangs that are characterized by a tight airflow. The most popular type in this classification is the Nic salts of high percentage as the majority of e-liquid companies have halted the production of regular nicotine juices containing nicotine levels of more than 6 mg/mL.

● Nicotine salts (30 mg/mL to 60 mg/mL)
● Regular nicotine (9 mg/mL to 18 mg/mL)

Medium Vapor Production

Referred to as clouds, but not that of enormous variety. Devices affiliated to this classification come from practically all product ranges including the pod systems assuming sub-ohm coils, the airier mouth to lung (MTL) tanks and sub-ohm tanks characterized by restricted lung draw.

● Nicotine salts (20 mg/mL to 30 mg/mL)
● Regular nicotine (6 mg/mL to 9 mg/mL)

High Vapor Production

Referred to as big clouds and include robust sub-ohm tanks as well as correctable atomizers characterized by large airflow passages. In this classification, it is easier to find regular e-juices compared to Nic salts hence the former is preferred.

● Nicotine salts (up to 10 mg/mL)
● Regular nicotine (1.5 mg/mL to 6 mg/mL)

Vaping Versus Smoking – Nicotine Level Equivalency

Knowing what exact nicotine level contained in vape juices is equivalent to the levels found in different types of e-cig or for various smoking experiences of different people is challenging. The human body has a unique way of absorbing nicotine hence each vaper experiences the effects of nicotine in a different way. The levels of nicotine taken depend not only on the strength of nicotine in e-liquids but also on the frequency and size of intake. Determining the right amount that suits you often passes through experimentation.

There are proven vape juice nicotine levels that offer equivalent smoking experiences:

  • Zero nicotine (0 mg/mL) is preferred by people who enjoy vaping nicotine-free e-juices or individuals who have managed to quit consuming high-level nicotine vape juices.
  • 3 mg/mL is preferred by people who were previously light smokers or vapers quitting from high-level nicotine e-liquids.
  • 6 ml/mL is preferred by vaping starters who were previously light to moderate smokers.
  • 12 mg/mL is preferred by vaping starters who were previously heavy smokers.


Vapers are advised to consume e-juices with nicotine strengths that will satisfy their cravings. Irrespective of where they are purchasing from or the type of e-juice they prefer, they must understand what exactly they need from these vape juices and the nicotine strength that works best for them.

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