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where on earth can you vape

Where On Earth Can You Vape – Your Global Guide to Vape Laws

The rules and regulations to deal with the vaping trends are in a dynamic state of being updated - constantly.

Some countries have been quick to condemn vaping while others have embraced it. So everything is not equal in the world of vapes. Travel to the wrong country with your vape and you could find yourself in a lot of hot water.

So before you get off on your next holiday make sure you check out our list, cross check with local authorities and take a close look at the policies and or penalties that may exist in your holiday destination.

As a word of caution if you're flying via Singapore don't take your vape. People have been know to get arrested and fined for possession of vapes while only connecting to different flights.

The bottom line - If you plan to get out and travel the world do your vaping homework first, because even is in some countries where vaping is legal, vaping laws vary significantly between states or provinces.

For example in USA, Russia and Australia levels of toleration vary considerably from state to state and unfortunately the laws in various regions of the world seem to change almost daily.

So by now you must be thinking vaping and travelling don't sound like a good mix, but there are plenty of countries that accept vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking.

To help you chart a safe vaping course through your global adventures we've put together a big list of rule and regulations for a host of countries.

We've tried to include most of the popular holiday destinations and at the time of writing , November 2018 the list is accurate. However because of the frequency of law changes we recommend you only use this list as a guide and advise you to double check if your travelling this Christmas break.

More additions and updates will be added regularly as we become aware of new laws so lets get into the guide.

Global Guide To Vaping Laws

This comprehensive guide will help you check the laws before entering any territory ans of course our team would appreciate any feedback or suggestions from you, so don’t forget to write to us!

So here we go.


Europe is mostly clear of bans imposed over e-smoking but it is by no means supportive about it. Heavy taxation is sometimes enforced in order to demote this activity. These taxes skyrocket the prices of vape merchandise and make it hard on the users’ pockets. Most EU members have imposed laws that are similar to the ones in the UK through the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Some states within these countries have their own set of rules, and need to be watched checked before they become a sharp Lego piece under your feet!

Let’s now define the regulations country-wise.

Is Vaping Allowed in UK?

Status: Permitted

uk flag

The UK, as being a progressive nation, sees a very much pro-vape scene across the country. In general, British people just love to vape and they contribute a lot to the vaping community across the world. You are legally allowed to vape in smoking areas and vape shops can be found in every corner of the country.

Location: France

Status: Permitted

flag of france

According to statistics, France is on par with the UK as far as total number of vapers are concerned. Hence, it is the country with the highest number of vapers in all of Europe. You are allowed to vape anywhere smoking is allowed. Laws were passed in 2016, prohibiting vaping in public places such as public transportation and in areas with the presence of children.

Location: Germany

Status: Permitted

german flag

Another EU member state which has imposed TPD and hence follows the laws similar to UKs. Rules for vaping in public areas are anything but harsh. You can find all the latest vape merchandise in shops across the whole country.

Location: Italy

Status: Permitted

flag of italy

Although vaping is permissive, new tax laws in 2017 have rendered the vape merchandise to be more expensive than tobacco products. There is a fear of harsher regulations being imposed in the near future and we may see the demise of vaping altogether. You may vape in smoking areas but getting the supplies have become tougher, with numerous vape businesses being shut-down.

Location: Turkey

Status: Permitted with limitations

It is legal to vape in Turkey, but the sales of such products are banned. However, many tourists have been reported buying e-liquids from ‘under the table’ and enjoying vaping as usual. If you plan to visit Turkey, don’t forget to pack all the necessary supplies!

Location: Spain

Status: Permitted

flag of spain

Another country to follow in the footsteps of the UK in terms of vaping laws and regulations. Vaping is permitted in smoking areas; but in areas like bars, restaurants, and workplaces, smoking and vaping are totally prohibited.

Location: Netherlands

Status: Permitted

flag of netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its liberal attitude towards smoking and drugs. Therefore, vaping laws are pretty soft and you are allowed to vape in almost every place. As expected, buying vaping merchandise is fairly easy too. It’s a vaper’s paradise!

Location: Ireland

Status: Permitted

flag of Ireland

Just like the Netherlands, Ireland is pretty much open to vaping and smoking. There are many vape shops for you to buy the supplies. There are no future plans to change this attitude.

Location: Russia

Status: Permitted

flag of russia

Russia is not subjected to EU’s TPD regulations and deploys its own laws. Currently, there are no restrictions to vaping in public; but new laws, ones on the tobacco, may be implemented in the near future. Just be careful about updating your information before visiting Russia.

Location: Denmark

Status: Permitted

denmark flag

Until recently, vaping gear was classified as medical supplies and was banned for open use. Following the TPD and rest of Europe, now you can vape freely in Denmark. Vaping in public is allowed, but you may not be able to find too many vape shops as the business has just started to flourish.

Location: Sweden

Status: Permitted

sweeden flag

Like Denmark, vape products were classified under medical supplies in Sweden. This idea was abolished in 2016, allowing vape products to be freely used anywhere. You can vape in smoking areas, and even in some bars and pubs if you are able to convince the bartender.

Vape merchandise is also easily available in shops and online markets. However, e-juice flavors containing nicotine cannot be sold in bottles larger than 10mL.

Location: Finland

Status: Permitted

finland flag

Vaping rules are the same as smoking ones in Finland. You can freely vape in smoking areas, but that’s the limit. Other than this, there are no heavy embargos on vaping.

Location: Norway

Status: Permitted

norway flag

The laws here are a bit odd. Vaping is permitted however sales and use of nicotine-containing substances are not. Citizens of Norway can buy nicotine products from elsewhere but only if it’s helping them quit smoking. For visitors, the situation is a bit grim.

You can vape using nicotine-free juices, but for others, you need a doctor’s permission which shows you are trying to quit smoking and need vape as an alternative. However, this case is only if your stay is a long one; for shorter visits, you may not face any difficulties vaping your own supplies.

It is rumored that Norway may adopt the TPD, after which the restrictions on vaping will be much softer. This implementation was to be put in action in the summer of 2018, but it is still being delayed due to unknown reasons.

Location: Hungry

Status: Permitted

hungary flag

In Hungry, you can vape in smoking areas. The laws are similar to other EU members, apart from the heavy taxes. It is easy to buy vape related products, but of course, you will be paying more than the usual price.

Location: Belgium

Status: Permitted

belgium flag

Despite the fact that Belgium being a smokers’ friendly zone, the government imposes tough laws towards e-smoking. Vape products were added to the consumer item list in 2016, but they are held under the same laws as tobacco. Vape shops are scarce and can be found in major cities only.

Location: Czech Republic

Status: Permitted

flag of czech republic

Another smoker’s paradise, Czech Republic holds no laws and restrictions for vapers. You can virtually vape anywhere, and vape products are sold freely throughout the country.

Location: Poland

Status: Permitted

poland flag

Vaping is allowed in restrictive spots. You cannot use the device indoors and in public areas.

Location: Switzerland

Status: Permitted

switzerland flag

In 2018, the Swiss Federal Administrative Court (FAC) lifted the ban on sales of nicotine-containing e-products. It does not even follow the TPD as it is not an EU member. Their own laws permit vaping in areas where smoking is allowed. Before visiting, be sure to check on the latest conditions.


Unlike Europe, Asian laws are spread towards the two extremities: in some cases vaping is totally prohibited, while in others there are virtually no restrictions to it. Therefore, be careful before visiting any Asian country, and check the laws over the internet beforehand. You have to go prepared if you can’t leave your sweet vaping supplies back home.

Location: China

Status: Permitted

flag of china

China is a mass producer of vaping merchandise and in fact, they were the ones to invent this art. Over 90% of all vape items are produced and traded by China. Therefore, vaping laws are liberal, and you can vape at any given smoking area. However, some states within China have their own rules and regulations and for this reason, it is best to check before traveling.

Location: Japan

Status: Permitted with limitations

flag of japan

Vaping is allowed, minus the products that contain nicotine. Nicotine is considered a banned medical substance.

Location: Singapore

Status: Banned

singapore flag

Using, selling or buying any vape related product is a criminal offense in Singapore. Travelers should be careful to dispose of any vape related items from their luggage before entering the borders, or otherwise be ready to face the music from the local authorities.

Location: India

Status: Banned from 2019

indian flag

The banning of vape products is on the horizon for Indian citizens and some provinces like Kashmir, Karnataka, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Bihar have already imposed the restriction. Tourists smoking vape products are tolerated by the government laws, but this might not be the case forever.

Before traveling to India, make sure to enlighten yourself with all the rules and regulations.

Location: Malaysia

Status: Permitted

flag of malaysia

Another country where state and federal laws clash. Although there are no federal restrictions on vaping, some states have already banned their sale and use. Tourists may not face any difficulties in bringing their supplies along, but due to fast-changing laws, it will be advisable to check beforehand.

Location: Saudi Arabia

Status: Permitted

flag of saudi arabia

Lately, there have been no issues in vaping while in the holy kingdom, but it is hard to know for a fact due to the discrete nature of the policies. You never know if a Saudi police officer might come to bug you for vaping in public. Before traveling to this country, be sure to check for vaping rules with your travel agent or the hotel you need to check in.

Location: Dubai – UAE

Status: Banned

dubai uae

According to some personal experiences of vapers, selling vape related products is illegal. You cannot import or export any banned product and within their jurisdictions and breaking the law means harsh sanctions.

However, vaping itself is not banned and allowed in areas where you can smoke. There have been some cases where shops were found selling e-juices but they were immediately closed down by the authorities. It is best to check on the regulations with your agent or the airline service.

Location: Israel

Status: Permitted

israel flag

After some research, our team is still unsure on the current stance of the Israeli government over vaping. It is allowed in areas where smoking is permitted, and some vape shops have been spotted around in main markets.

Location: Australia

Status: Permitted

flag of australia

Vaping is permitted but with some restrictions. Nicotine vaping products are banned, and their sales and use can land you in trouble. However, different states have different laws, and it is advisable to check with your travel agency for more details.

Location: New Zealand

Status: Permitted

flag of new zealand

Unlike Australia, New Zealanders are far more liberal in terms of vaping laws. They are in-line with the UK and allows the public to vape in smoking designated areas. In fact, the government labeled vaping as a way to quit tobacco smoking. You can find sufficient merchandise in the vape market of New Zealand

North & Central America

Generally speaking, America is a vaping friendly region and imposes laws on vaping not stricter than those on tobacco smoking. Let us define in details the laws different countries have imposed on vaping in this region.

Location: USA

Status: Permitted (potential to change)

flag of usa

With each state imposing their own laws, life here is not so easy for vapers. Generally speaking, vaping is allowed, with restrictions varying on places where it is allowed. In some states, vaping is prohibited indoors and at public places.

While in others it depends on the permission of the property owner. There are even some states where there are no vaping laws into existence yet. It is best to check with your travel agency to let you know about the laws of the places you plan to visit.

Location: Canada

Status: Permitted

flag of canada

Canada is a vape tolerant country and implies no restrictions on the activity. You can smoke anywhere you fancy, provided it is not disturbing people around you. Again, be sure to confirm this with the authorities before visiting.

Location: Mexico

Status: Permitted

mexico flag

Vaping is legal in Mexico; however, it is illegal to sell, trade or distribute vape related products. Surprisingly, vaping laws are governed by those implemented on the candy cigarettes. Visitors have been allowed to take their vape products with them, but they cannot indulge in sales activity.

The Final Word

So there you have it our comprehensive guide to where in the world you can vape. Just remember that this list is subject to change and while we will try our best to keep it up to date make sure you check with local authoritarians before travelling.

With that said we'd really appreciate your help so please assist us to keep this list updated by posting in the comments below.

Happy vaping!

Do you want to add anything to the list? Or you have something interesting to share? Feel free to share it with us in the message box. We’re happy to hear you about your experience.
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