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Dec 04 2019 0 Comments

wotofo warrior rda

By Builders, For Vapers! - Introducing Wotofo Warrior RDA

With JMT Elite expertise in vape coils, you bet this 25mm dual coil RDA is the most coil-friendly RDA incorporated with the profound wisdom of coiling.

Though the current vape market is loaded with starter kits, sub tanks, POD systems, or single coil RDAs, which all seem to focus more on flavor production, cloud chasers and coil conquerors are not being neglected at WOTOFO.

This time we bring to you a collaboration work between WOTOFO and JMT Elite. JMT Elite is a team of coil builders, as in handcrafted wire/coil masters, that are a group of influential authorities in the builder circle. With their expertise in vape coils and WOTOFO’s rich experience in rebuildable dripping atomizers, the result is sure to thrill you.

Present to all you hardcore vapers the Warrior RDA! A 25mm dual coil bottom feeding RDA!

warrior vape atomizer

The first feature of the Warrior RDA is its top cap. It is designed in a dome structure. A dome structure can have a great deal of structural strength and enclose the greatest volume for the least surface area. Another consideration of a domed top cap design is to enhance flavor by compressing the air inside.

Unlike the Recurve RDA, this top cap is detachable from the RDA sleeve. The sleeve mainly forms the wall for the vaporization chamber and provides good air inflow method. The top cap functions as the air controller with its downward walls cut into two main blockers when being turned to adjust for preferred air inflow amount. The top cap and the sleeve are fit in place by an o-ring. The first time you turning it may feel a little bit tight, but it becomes smoother afterwards.

wotofo vape warrior atomizer parts

For the purpose of providing softer, even and accurately controllable airflow, there are two sets of beehive style air holes on the sleeve. 3 lines a group with 8 holes in each line, symmetrically positioned on two sides of the Warrior RDA sleeve. It has the most air holes on the market.

Anyway, the hole number competition is not the intention, but the flavor enhancement and vapor production do make it competitive. Though the overall chamber is relatively short, the space is large enough for proper vaporization. From the outer appearance, the Roman helmet logo, or the warrior logo, engraved on the sleeve really adds a fighter’s image to the RDA.

wotofo warrior rda red dip

Drip tips offered in the package are popular 810 wide bore drip tips. Totally, there are two drip tips included. The resin one with corresponding color and the installed one of acrylic material with comfortable knurling around. These wide bore drip tips can make dripping a lot easier for your favorite E-Liquids.

warrior rda dip
warrior rda dips

The deck is a clamp-style two-post one, with two notches positioned next to each post to match the two bumps on the inside of the sleeve. Now here’s what you should pay attention to, these notches are made to keep the sleeve in place when turning the atomizer to detach from your mod, or the deck will remain still no matter how hard you turn the atomizer. So do make the sleeve bumps fit into the deck notches when you assemble them together, and it’s a sign of improper assembly when you can’t make the sleeve meet the deck bottom.

This dual coil RDA can fit for all wire sizes on the market. Loosen the screws on top of the posts and you get really large space for your coils under the clamps. Can’t help to repeat it again that any coil size available on the market so far can be fitted into the clamp system of this Warrior build deck. In case of any teeny tiny possibility of short circuit, we insulated the positive post from the negative post with ceramic insulator between the two. No concerns of melting insulators, safety and health always come first.

The juice well is deep enough to support a longer vaping for every dripping or bottom feeding. Wotofo logo and JMT Elite logo are printed separately on each half of the well and the deck is fully painted with its theme color. Double o-ring design for the deck ensures no leaking and better air compression.

wotofo warrior rda deck
wotofo warrior rda vape coil
warrior rda deck

Another improvement for the product on the whole is that we paid more attention to the details by combining more human factors to add pleasure in use.

Like the cotton included in the package, instead of just offering a cotton pad, we offer the truly ready-to-use cotton with aglet on one end. The aglet makes it way easier to thread cotton through the coil. Single coil adapter is included in the accessory bag for convenient switch between single coil and dual coil setups. You can also find a regular 510 pin to meet your non-squonk mod needs.

Other details await your notice!

warrior rda vape
warrior rda coil wicking
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