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Sep 06 2019 0 Comments

13 Regulated Mod Battery Safety Tips For Safe Vaping


If you're a vaper who enjoys toking using a powerful regulated vape mod fitted with 18650 or 20700 batteries then this battery safety guide is for you.

The truth is vape batteries are much more powerful than your standard AA batteries and if they are not handled carefully and/or maintained properly thy can vent resulting in explosions.

To maximize you vaping safety and avoid the potential dangers read on and learn the basics of regulated mod battery safety.

13 Regulated Mod Battery Safety Tips For Safe Vaping

Use the correct batteries

Not all batteries are designed for vaping and using the wrong batteries can be dangerous. Our advice is to always read your mod manufacturers operations manual and only use batteries which meet the specifications of the device.

When choosing your batteries don't take for granted that the numbers printed on the battery wraps are accurate as these are often misleading. If you're worried about which batteries to use check out our recommended top vape batteries.

Beware of counterfeit batteries

Not all batteries are created equal and unfortunately there are many cheap and inferior batteries available for purchase online. Most alarming in this regard is that the most popular and expensive battery brands, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung are the most highly counterfeited.

Our advice is to only purchase your batteries from a reputable local vape shop or highly trusted online vendor. The bottom line if the price of the batteries looks to good to be true chances they are counterfeit copies.

Always use paired batteries

If you're using a dual battery regulated vape mod always use paired batteries of the same brand and age. Mixing and matching batteries can be dangerous due to imbalances in capacity and performance. By pairing your batteries you will ensure that the cells get the same number of charges/discharges which will maximize our safety.

Use a quality battery charger

While it is possible to recharge most batteries from within the mod our recommendation for a safer charge is to always use an external battery charger. The best external chargers will also provide you with extra safety features including timers, battery data displays, health monitoring and automatic cut off once charging is complete.

Always monitor your battery when charging

Never leave your batteries charging unattended, especially over night. Overcharging you batteries can cause battery damage, which can lead to venting and potential fire. If the battery is overcharged the excessive voltage can increase the wattage and current to dangerous levels. Similarly your battery charger is an electronic device and while failures are rare they have been know to happen.

Don't drain your batteries

18650 batteries are lithium-ion and as such don't like to be fully drained. Fully draining your batteries before recharge actually causes them to lose capacity.

Our advice - perform shallow discharges. Lithium-ion battery life performs best when you discharge them for a little bit, then charge them for a little bit. According to Battery University, a partial discharge reduces stress and increases battery life.

To optimize your battery health and life they recommend performing discharges to 50% as opposed to small discharges to 90% or large discharges to 0% (since the 50% discharges provide the best number of cycles-to-usage ratio).

Replace your batteries regularly

As mentioned above lithium-ion batteries, like all other batteries lose capacity over time. While it is difficult to give you an estimated time frame for replacement of your batteries due to individual user behavior and recharging patterns a good indicator that your battery needs to be replaced is the time that takes to discharge.

If you notice that your batteries are not lasting as long as they used to this is an indicator of the need to replace them. Even if you haven’t noticed a decrease in the time it takes to discharge your batteries it is advisable to replace them at least every six months or even earlier if you are a heavy vaper.

Dispose of old batteries safely using a recycling facility

While when it comes time to dispose of your batteries they may be old and carrying little charge, lithium-ion batteries still have the potential to short circuit if thrown into your regular garbage.

Our advice is always dispose of you batteries in a recycling bin, its safer and good for the environment.

Store your batteries in cases

When not using your batteries, storing or carrying your batteries without the use of a protective case is potentially dangerous. Unprotected batteries can short leading to venting and potential explosion if they come into contact with metal objects.

There has been a number of cases where people transporting loose batteries in their pocket or bag has led to contact with things like keys or coins resulting in explosion and personal injury.

Our advice buy yourself a cheap plastic battery case and always carry your batteries safely.

Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures

Vape batteries do not like extremes of temperature so to avoid potential battery damage always store your batteries in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Exposing your batteries to high temperatures strains your batteries and in extreme circumstances can cause them to vent. Conversely exposure to extreme cold will rapidly diminish your battery capacity.

If you live in an extremely hot environment like northern Australia where summer temperatures often exceed 40℃, never leave your vape device or batteries in the center console of your car or glove compartment. A smart thing to do is to store your batteries in small lunch cooler.

Check your battery wraps regularly

The wrapping around your vape battery is critical to the safety of the battery. In the event of the battery wrap becoming damaged in any way it should be replaced immediately.

If your battery is relatively new you can re-wrap it yourself or take it to your local vape shop and get the staff to do it for you. If the battery is already a little old play it safe and just replace it.

Don't put the battery back in your mod as this can be extremely dangerous.

  Replace damaged batteries immediately

In the event that you drop your batteries and they become dented or wet it is important to replace them immediately. If the battery casing is compromised in any way this will start the process of thermal runaway and continuing to use your batteries once this occurs poses a significant danger.

Avoid over-triggering your vape

Extending triggering of your vape device by holding the fire button down repeatedly for long periods of time can cause battery damage leading to thermal runaway. When not using your vape make sure you turn your vape off or engage your firing button lock.

The wrap up

At the end of the day safe vaping is your responsibility and battery safety is of extreme importance. Hope this article can help you to aquire more useful knowledge about battery safety.

Safe vaping!

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