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Dec 19 2019

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Vape Shop SEO - 5 Tips to Optimize Your Local Vape Business Directory Listings

If you're a local vape shop and you're not taking advantage of your local business directories then you could be missing out on valuable customers.

Listing your local vape shop or vape business on directories has a number of advantages,

First they allow your business to be found easier and second listings on high PR directories benefit your local SEO.

Everyone knows that when it comes to SEO Google loves back links and there's no simpler place to start collecting high PR links for your vape shop than vape business directories.

However when it comes to listing your vape store, or any other local business on directories there are some key issues which could mean the difference between getting noticed or just disappearing in a sea of listings.

To help you maximize the opportunities that directory listings can create for your vape or e-cigarette shop keep reading as below you will find 5 key tips to optimize your local vape shop directory listings.

vape shop directory listing

1. Check the directory for existing listings of your vape shop

This is very important. While most business directories require you to manually add your vape business to their listings others don't.

Some directories pull your business data from Google+, or Google My Business and automatically add them to their listings.

To ensure you aren't creating duplicate listings I advise you to always use the site's 'Search' function to look for your business before adding your listing.

If you find your business has already been added, the site will offer a way to claim and update this listing. If your vape shop doesn't appear in the search then you are free to proceed with adding it to the directory.

2. Remove duplicate listings of your vape shop

Sometimes when you're checking directories you may come across a business directory that a has more than one listing for your vape shop.

Duplicate listings are problematic as they create customer confusion about which listing is correct and where to leave their customer comments and reviews.

If you find your vape shop has multiple listings on the directory I advice that you report this to the directory owner and ask them to merge the duplicate listing into your official listing.

3. Use unique business descriptions and bio’s

Google frowns on duplicate content. To avoid any issues, write a unique description when you add your business to a directory.

Sure, this may take a little longer, but if you don’t you could be doing more harm than good!

When you write your vape directory business description make sure you add useful keywords that will help you get found in the search. Depending on your business think of the right keywords for example vape cafe, vape juice bar, e-cigarette shop just to name a few.

4. Maximise your use of links

On the rare occasion, some directories will let you include extra links within the description text of your listing.

This provides you with the rare opportunity to link to more pages on your business’s website.

This should not be seen as an excuse to link-spam!

Yes, while you may be able to include as many links as you like, it's best to stick to two or three at most for each listing.

Any more than this, and you'll set off Google's alarm bells.

Better still? Link to different pages using unique anchor text for each listing that allows you to include extra links.

So what is anchor text.

Moz describes anchor text as follows:

"Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another document or location on the web. It usually appears as blue underlined text... Anchor text can provide both search engines and users relevant contextual information about the content of the link's destination."

For those of you who don't know how to write anchor text here is the code.

anchor text sample code

Using anchor text will keep Google happy, and ensure you're maximising the linking opportunities that these directories provide.

5. Keep Other Business Information Consistent

To increase your business’s search engine friendliness, your vape shop listings should be as consistent as possible across directories.

First, unlike printed phone books that follow a very strict format, every online directory has different information required for a listing. To get the most of your directory listing strategy, you want to keep each listing as consistent as possible.

While a customer probably doesn’t care if your business has consistent listings across multiple online directories, search engines certainly do.

Second, not all business directories are created equal. It’s important to only list on industry specific and high quality directory sites. The higher the domain authority of the site he better the directory.

What are the best vape shop directories?

To save you hours of time and energy in researching the best vape shop business directories we've put together a downloadable resource of the top high page rank vape and business directories that you should consider listing your business on.

To get the resource simply click on the banner below.

The Takeaway

Vape shop directory listings are not the answer to a successful vape shop business but they do contribute to helping potential customers find your business , connect with you on social media and boost your websites SEO,

If you're not listing your vape shop on directories you need to take action today to start increasing your exposure and increasing sales.

So what directories do you think add value to your vape business. We'd love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to add your thoughts below and share this post on your favorite social media channel.

To your business success!

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