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Tired of Vape Leaking & Vape Spitting? Tips to Overcome the Issues

Leakage or spitting from an atomizer makes your vaping experience thoroughly unpleasant. The outcome may even be a burnt tongue. Now, the question is how to stop vape leaking or vape spitting? The current post discusses tips which if followed will help you avoid such frustrating moments.

Before getting to far into this article, We will edecuate you on what exactly spitting and leaking is in the first place. It’s not a simple tank issue. Sometimes, the coil causes spitting and needs replacing.

What is vape leaking?

Leaking is simple, whenever the liquid comes out of the tank through the airflow system, it causes leakage. There can be leakage of a few drops or it can lead to emptying the whole tank.

Leakage is not specific to certain tanks. It will happen even in the highest level sub-ohm tanks. It often happens because of user errors or design issues. Vape leaking happens when e-juice comes out of multiple holes or seals. Leakages causes a huge mess and results in the loss of all your e-juice.

vape leaking

However, this discussion proves that leakage differs from spitting. So then, what is spitting?

What is vape spitting?

With a prominent difference between leaking and spitting, it is important to know what vape spitting is and how it can be avoided.

What is spitting? Is it the same with leakage? Is it related to vape popping? Vapers, especially new ones have several questions and doubts in their minds. The section section attemots to clarify these doubts.

Excess e-liquid coming out through the mouthpiece and into the vapers’ mouth is known as vape spitting. Spitback is recognizable as the liquid directly coming to the mouth. Both the nicotine and the artificial flavors leave a strong sensation on the mouth. With vaping at high wattage, the warm liquid may make you feel uncomfortable.

Oversaturation of the coil and flooding cause spitting. While firing the device, the vapor comes up through the flooded juice. It makes the liquid spit and jumps up the chimney through the mouthpiece. The spitback liquid remains hot and the raw taste makes the vaper uncomfortable.

vape spitting

What are the reasons for leaking and vape spitting?

The difference between spitting and leaking is clear. So, what are the reasons behind leaking and spitting? The current section discusses the reasons.

Leakage can happen for different reasons. However, a vaper must know that the wrong vape tank assembment can cause leakage as well. Malfunction or manufacturer’s defect can also be a reason behind the spitting. Often, leakage comes out from the airflow inlets.

Positioning the coil incorrectly can also cause leakage. O-rings seal the tank and forbid the liquid from coming out. Thus, missing O-rings can cause leakage as well.

Spitting often makes a popping sound. Spitting happens mainly because of oversaturation or coil flooding. In the process of heating, if the small liquid droplets fall on the coil, it can shoot in different directions. Vapers will only feel the spit once it shoots through the mouthpiece.

How to stop pods and mods from leaking?

Now, as it is clear from the discussion that both leakage and spitting are different, it becomes further important to know the ways to stop vape tank leaking. Here are some ways to fix vape leaking:

Tight the Seal

Vapers must fasten the seal tightly. However, often because of a hurry, vapers forget to tighten the screw. Cross-threading the top cap or forgetting to screw it together tightly enough can cause leakage.

One must ensure the threads get synchronized in a way but not too tightly. Thus, the vaper must find the right spot. It is not impossible but difficult, especially if you are in a hurry. With cross threads, it becomes important to screw it on properly.

Clean up the e-juice from the Chimney

The central airflow tube runs from the tank body up to the drip tip, known as the chimney. The sub ohm tanks have the same mechanism. If the e-juice gets inside of the chimney even accidentally, it may cause leaking and gurgling during vaping. So, try to keep a note of that.

To get rid of this problem, the vaper must clean the chimney with a paper towel that will soak the extra liquid.

Keep the tank upright

It is a little difficult to hold the tank upright all the time. However, to avoid leakage, one must look at this matter. Keeping the device on its side often allows the e-liquid to seep out of the tank through the airflow inlets. Such actions may lead to leakage. However, it will not happen instantly, if one set their tank on its side overnight, there will be leakage.

It is better to stand the vaping device vertically if not using the device for a prolonged period. always Keeping the tank on its side may lead to frequent leakage. If keeping at home or in an office, or even in the car, be sure to place your e-cigarette down with the tank upright. If you are keeping it in your pocket, it’s also better to place it upward or else you will be kicking yourself for having to clean out your pockets later.

Change the damage O-Rings

Mentioned earlier, damaged O-rings are one of the primary reasons behind the vape leaking. It is better to keep a close eye on the conditions of your O-rings. It is best to take apart the tank and remove the O-rings to examine them closely.

While checking the O-rings, inspect any signs of wear and tear. You may also find a broken or missing O-ring. These things can compromise the air seal of the tank. Thankfully, O-rings are cheap, so just make sure you get the right size and if you get the wrong size, it is possible that the tank will not fit properly. So, it is best to select the correct O-ring.

Close the top with a lid

It’s important to close the top cap of the tank or else there will be leakage through the air inlets. It is not something unusual. The liquid comes out of the openings it finds. If you leave the RDA top cap off for a significant period, it is better to empty your tank otherwise this can cause leakage.

If you do not want to empty the tank, closing the air inflow can also be helpful. However, it is not a complete leakproof method.

Do not overfill

One of the common reasons for the leakage is overfilling. New vapers often overfill the tank for a longer vaping session but it can backfire and cause leakage. Therefore, it is better to leave a small unfilled area. This small air pocket will prevent any kind of leakage.

Keep the airflow closed while filling

While filling the tank, it is important that to keep the airflow closed fully. However, while one is using the tank, they must ensure to open the airflow enough. Taking strong hit from your vape often leads to leakage. While taking a strong inhale, there is a possibility of too much e-liquid coming into the coil. Such incidents increase the chance of leakage and spillage.

Using the Right e-juice

The coil heads or sub-ohm tanks requiring too much power need an e-liquid that has over 70% VG and PG ratio. Otherwise there can be a chance of leakage because of the thinner viscosity of the liquid. If you use devices drawing huge power, it is better to use liquids with over 70% VG at least. Anything less can lead to leakage. However, if using an MTL device, anything up to 70% VG is well enough. Check the VG/PG ratio on the bottle prior to use. However, with DIY liquid, monitor the VG PG ratio.

Watch out for the cracks

Damaged tanks are rare, but not impossible. Therefore, check the tank before filling it. A thin crack on the glass or a piece of bent metal means the tank is no longer airtight, allowing the juice to leak out and flood the air hole valve. Buy a replacement tank when spotting a crack. Most of the tanks are inexpensive, so it will not break the bank entirely. Afterall vaping is all about satisfaction.

Wick the coil carefully

If you’re using rebuildable atomizers, wicking the coil can also be a deciding factor behind the leakage. Wicking an RTA is not an easy task to do. Not using enough vape cotton can lead to leakage. The aim should be to tuck the cotton into the wick ports without stuffing them forcefully. Some trial-and-error methods will ensure perfect wicking. However, it largely depends on the atomizer that one is using. Videos on the internet are available, guiding you for perfect wicking.

Checking the Coil Head

During mass production, problems can occur at any point in time. It is possible that the coil may have a manufacturing defect. These flaws are rare, especially if you are buying reputed Wotofo coils. However, such flaws may also lead to leakage. For manufacturing flaws, it is possible that the coil does not hold the liquid. However, it is important to ensure that you screw the coil properly. If not, then it is better to replace the old coil with a new one. If you still find complications, then it could be because of the other reasons mentioned here, so check once again carefully.

Wattage Setting

Another reason behind leakage is the wattage setting. The wattage set in the device can cause both the leakage and spitting. Vapers must understand the logic that the resistance of the coil and output wattage/voltage is in an inverse relationship. It means that the lower the resistance, the higher the wattage. It works vice versa.

All the devices have a sweet spot range where they vape perfectly. Low output can heat up the coil resulting in flooding. Setting the power output according to the recommended level will reduce the chance of such a problem. Use our Ohms Law Calculator to know the currect wattage settings.

How to stop vape from spitting or popping?

By now, the reasons behind the vape leaking are clear. In earlier points, we have discussed spitting and vape crackling. So, it is time to find out the ways to fix vape from spitting.

Never Over prime the coil

For a great flavor outcome, it is important to prime the coil. However, over priming may cause difficulties. Priming the coil is nothing but to drip e-juice over the coil manually prior to you using it. It helps the coil to adjust properly. However, putting too much e-juice in the chamber causes a flooding of the chamber. Thus, it may cause flooding and spitback.

So, while priming the coil, finding the right balance is important. It is better to prime the coil by keeping some time in hand. It will allow the cotton to soak the liquid properly. Once the liquid saturates the cotton, you can begin enjoying the vaping session.

Remove the excess liquid

While vaping the liquid gets heated and transformed into vapor. However, the vapor you don’t inhale again transforms into liquid. This excess liquid stores in the tank’s center post or in the mouthpiece. It runs down to the center of the coil and causes spitback.

To fix vape spitting, take small cotton and roll it up. Slowly place it down through the center post for cleaning the excess liquid.

Reduce the Airflow

Forceful inhales often lead to flooding. The reason is simple as during a forceful inhalation, more liquid pulls in the chamber causing a flood. The easy solution is to inhale softly. Thus, it allows the coil and wick to do their work properly.

In case you’re having issues, it is best to check the airflow setting. Reducing the airflow allows a good flavor outcome, but inhaling strongly may turn the issue to the worst. Take smaller inhales as it will help, or you can switch to a direct lung coil if you prefer bigger inhales. Using both methods, you will avoid spitback.

Using thick E-juices

High PG juices have a thinner viscosity than VG. The high PG juices easily flood the tank compared to high VG juices. If you are finding that you have a lot of spitback issues, it is better to go for the higher VG juices. It will help reduce the spitting problem. Thick VG e-juices often slow down the wicking process, thus the chance of flooding the atomizer reduces. Once it reduces the flooding, the spitback also gets reduced.

Fire before inhaling

After filling the tank with e-juice and completing the coil setup, press the fire button a few times without inhaling. It will vaporize that excess liquid from the atomizer. The vape popping and spitting sound will slowly fade and leave the device in a normal state. Thus, it will reduce the risk of spiting.

Faulty Coil

A faulty coil can be a predominant cause behind spitting. The solution is simple, change the coil. Using a coil for too long can lead to flooding, gurgling, and spit-back. It can happen to a new coil also if it has a manufacturing defect. Replacing the coil will eliminate the problem.

Flicking the tank

Often while filling the tank, the tank might get overfilled. Using a vaping syringe will help get rid of the excess liquid. It’s also a good idea to flip the vape tank either over a sink or some tissue. The excess liquid will fly out of your mouthpiece. Vapers can do it after every refilling or coil changing. It will help to get rid of the spitback.

Turn up the Power

If you fire the coil at lower power than designed for, it may struggle to vaporize the liquid causing spitting. To ensure the best output from the coil, one needs to turn up the power. However, do not turn up too high that may burn the coil, its best to use the recommended wattage or you can Increase the power slowly to reach the optimum level of performance.

Change the drip tip

If you have a 510-drip tip, go for an anti-spitback drip tip. The specially designed angled drip tip allows the vapor to flow smoothly through it but stops the e-juice spit from reaching your mouth.

Using a long drip tip helps vapers similarly, especially if they have a curve or a bend. The droplets get stuck in the bend and do not reach the mouth. Fitting a mesh screen can also prevent vape spitting.

Cover the mouthpiece with screen

From different researches, vapers found that covering the mouthpiece base with a pipe screen helps to avoid the spitback. The fine pipe screen mesh is thin so fits under the mouthpiece. It allows the vapor to go through but prevents the large droplets from making their way through. These are useful as every atomizer will spit occasionally.

One can easily install it. Get a pipe screen (available and inexpensive), cut it to size, and push it down the chimney to just below the drip tip. However, ensure that it doesn’t touch the coil as it is a metal screen and a good conductor of heat.

Using Simple coils

Several types of coils are available in the market, claiming to offer the best flavor performance. However, with rebuildable atomizers, it is better to opt for the simple coils. Often the multi-strand coils pop and spit. It happens due to their design.

Often the twisted coils get the blame for spitting, but Clapton coils cause similar issues, too. The coil design allows the e-liquid to pool on the coil. Therefore, avoiding the pop and spit completely is challenging.  

Round the wire and design the coil to avoid vape spitting. Using a simple coil will not affect the flavor outcome. So, you can fix vape device by replacing the coil.

Re-wick the Coil

If one is facing spit back during the use of an RTA, re-wicking can be a solution. It will take some time, however, it is important to cover the channels leading from the tank to the chamber without completely blocking them with the dense-packed wick. For this, one needs to check how much wick was used to begin with. They must re-wick the coil with a greater amount of cotton than the last time to cover the chambers.  

If you are facing spitting issues, using a little more cotton can be a great solution. However, using too much cotton can lead to additional problems of a dry hit.

Concluding Words

Vaping is all about a pleasant and smooth going operation. Therefore, any issue creating the barrier to the smooth vapor flow must be troubleshooted at once. Several reasons are behind vape leaking, spitback, and popping but most of them are avoidable by using simple tricks.

If you are facing such issues, start with a simple solutionand if you’re not getting the desired result, go for the next step in this article. Vaping industry manufacturers seriosuly consider anti-leaking and anti-spitting. The engineers continuously work to make vaping smoother and easier.

With the advancement in tech, the vaping community can expect that within the next few years, these problems will be a matter of the past.

If you are building your own coil, keep an eye on factors causing spit and leakage. If you are using pre-built coils try to take the counter measures mentioned in this post.

Finally, the written post aims to help vapers. We hope that this post will assist you to overcome the petty issues related to leakage and vape spitting. We would love to hear your take on the leakage and spitting? Share your thoughts and experiences freely in the message box.

Do you want to add anything to the list? Or you have something interesting to share? Feel free to share it with us in the message box. We’re happy to hear you about your experience.
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