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The 101 on the Elements of a Vape Kit

The 101 on the Elements of a Vape Kit

Welcome to the world of vaping, one that has grown significantly over the past decade. The number of vapers increased from 7 million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018. This number is estimated to hit the 55 million benchmark in 2021, which is remarkable given that the first e-cigarette to enter the market was only back in 2007. The global market for e-cigarettes alone is valued at 19.3 billion dollars, with the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France hosting the top 3 markets for vape products.

What Is Vaping?

The liquid solution, consisting of flavoring, nicotine, and a humectant, is heated to its optimal temperature to produce an aerosol that's inhaled via the mouthpiece and into the lungs. The inhaling of vapors created by an e-cigarette or vaping device is known as vaping — other common names include tanks, mods, and vape pens. A study conducted in 2019 found that 33 percent of the adults who vape do so to stop smoking. Countries like Britain have encouraged smokers to switch to vaping on several occasions as research has proven that long-term smokers switching to vaping can achieve the vascular health of a non-smoker within a month.

Vaping is a healthier alternative when compared to smoking cigarettes as it contains only half the amount of nicotine found in a cigarette, exposing the vaper to fewer toxicants. In addition, the post pandemic summers have seen a rise in the consumption of marijuana via vaping (including THC and CBD oils).

Parts of a Vape Kit

Allow us to get you geared up for purchasing the best vape starter kit; it's necessary if you're making the transition from smoking to vaping as well. Here are the 4 parts that make up a vape kit:


The battery is the powerhouse of the vape. Most vape devices today are battery-powered that last throughout the day without any upkeep or maintenance. The battery is the energy source that powers the atomizer. The atomizer is coil-shaped and heats up to activate the liquids, herbs, or wax to produce vapor. The way in which the e-liquid breaks down is that the aerosol breaks down into water and carbon dioxide.

vape battery & case


prebuilt vape coil

The coil is made from cotton and wire that absorbs the liquid from the tank to heat the mixture, turning it into vapors for inhalation each time you press the button on the device. Different vapes may be installed with variable resistance coils. The more experienced vapers tend to opt for a sub-ohm vape whose coil offers resistance lessen than 1 ohm, whereas newbies can opt for any standard vape with a coil of 1 ohm or greater.


A glass or plastic casing holds the e-liquid or vape juices fed to the coil; the heat turns the mixture into vapors. The tank is situated between the battery and the drip tip, right over the coil. It may also be referred to as the cartridge that holds the e-liquid as well as the atomizer.

The tank may be subject to leaking, spitting, and popping. Here's how you can overcome these common issues.

Drip Tip

The user inhales through a hole called the drip tip. It's a chimney that allows the vapor to travel from the coil to the mouth and directly to the lungs. The e-liquid accumulating in the chimney over time can cause a spitback, which is why it is crucial to clean the chimney.

Types of Devices

A vaping device may also be referred to as an ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) unit. The good news is that there's a vape for every price range, from tens to hundreds of dollars.

1. Cig-a-like

The first in-store products were disposable versions of e-cigarettes. They're lightweight and discrete as they mimic the style of smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately, many new vapers start their journey with this product only to realize later that it costs more over time —this is due to the finite quantity of vape juice in the device. In addition, these devices have limited battery life and aren't refillable, so you have no option but to toss them out after a number of puffs. Soon after, variations were introduced on the first e-cigarettes that were rechargeable and called the e-hookah.

2. Pod Kits or Vape Pod

Pod kits are also a pocket-friendly option; they fit into the pocket and also the bill. These pod mods can be refueled with replaceable pods that offer greater nicotine options; plus, they're more cost-effective than cig-a-likes for replicating the feel of smoking. They're the shape of a USB or flash drive.

3. Vape Pens

They're also a popular choice among new vapers due to their battery longevity. They can be recharged through a USB cable and last hours (depending on the usage). It's also possible to refill the vape tank with more juice, making it a more economical option for vapers. In addition, the device is easy to use as it fires up quickly upon pressing the button to its sides.

4. Box Mod Kits

If you've transitioned from the early bird to the advanced phase of vaping, the box mod kit is for you. It's a technical device that gives the vaper optimal control of their vaping style and preference — you've got options to adjust the wattage, ventilation, and temperature to customize your experience. The battery capacity on these devices is also significantly greater as it makes use of lithium-ion battery kits such as 18350, 18650, and 26650 giving it the ability to cope with increased power. The device itself is heavier in size than the vape pens. They're also refillable.

Note: The battery capacity indicates the battery life on a single charge measured in milliamp Hour or mAH. The capacity is also dependent on the coil being used; the lower the resistance, the more power it's likely to use. In contrast, non-adjustable or non-removable vape batteries output volts.

Which Is The Best Vape Kit For Me?


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The best device to buy can be judged upon these three factors:

1. Selecting the Correct Nicotine Strength

First things first, you'll want to determine a reasonable nicotine strength to pick an e-liquid. The strength of nicotine is represented either in percentage or as mg/mL (milligrams per milliliters). If you're one to transition from smoking to vaping, you should know that the amount of nicotine in a traditional cigarette is greater than that in vaping. This is because smoke reacts differently to smoke than it does to aerosol vapors. Although nicotine is addictive, it still doesn't cause cancer.

If you're a social smoker (i.e., one that smokes occasionally), you should start with 3 mg/mL. However, if that feels too much, you could dilute it down further with a 0 mg/mL solution. This allows you to partake in the social aspects of smoking without having to indulge in traditional tobacco products.

Light smokers who smoke a few times a day can drag a 6 mg/mL strength, whereas a 'pack a day' person can opt for the middle range (i.e., 12 mg/mL). If you're a chain or heavy smoker, it's recommended to start on high nicotine strength, usually between the ranges of 18 to 24 mg/mL. With options so vast, you can gradually begin to gradually reduce the nicotine level strength after you have settled on a strength that works — the control over the ingested amounts of nicotine is the most significant benefit of vaping.

2. PG:VG of the E-Juice

Propylene Glycol or PG is the ingredient in the liquid that is a carrier of the flavor, so while vaping, you'd only smell the aroma and no other noxious odors. Best of all, the flavors are virtually endless — some common flavor categories include beverages, desserts, mint or menthol, fruits, and tobacco. It's also known to be a humectant that retains moisture to convert into an aerosol upon heating to give your throat a hit that satisfies the urge to smoke. A higher PG content is usually recommended for a beginner's vape kit as it's thinner in consistency, so it becomes easier to vaporize.

Alternatively, the Vegetable Glycerin or VG is a sweeter liquid that's much thicker in consistency. This is the element that enables you to create a vapor cloud — the vapor production can be divided into three: low, medium, or high. The lowers the vapor production, the lesser the clouds you're likely to see and vice versa.

When you put the content of the two together (i.e., the PG and the VG), you'll also need to raise the nicotine level higher as the PG serves flavor while VG produces clouds. The reason is that a high level of nicotine paired with a powerful vape induces a bit too much nicotine. Caution: nicotine is highly addictive. A safe choice is a 50-50 ratio for PG and VG. However, if you can do without the smoking sensation, you can opt for a higher VG content for a pleasant drag and mammoth clouds. Alternatively, you can also choose to vape essential oils that can help reduce the inflammation of the throat, manage fatigue and anxiety, as well as eliminate the risk of respiratory infections. The vaping ritual produces a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body of the user.

Once you open a bottle of e-liquid, air can start to oxide the liquid; although this is a relatively slow process, you may notice the color darker and flavor become less sweet over a lengthy period. The color of the liquid that stays within the tank also changes because the fibers in the coil absorb the tiny particles, leaving behind the dark ones causing the tank to look darker. This is particularly destructive for e-liquids high in their nicotine content as they degrade faster.

3. Method for Vaping

The question of the hour: what vaping device must I get? There are two methods for smoking a vape: mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL).

MTL mimics the techniques used by smokers — you first draw the vapor into your mouth and later into the lungs. Vapes designed for mouth to lung make use of coils of 1 ohm or greater resistance. On the contrary, the DLT method is employed by experienced vapers who crave the deep lung hit each time they drag. The technique involves inhaling deeply to get most of the flavor when you exhale — this method bypasses the phase of a vapor sitting in your mouth on its way in or out. The recommended device for direct to lung smoking is the powerful sub-ohm vape.

Where to Buy the Best Vape Starter Kit?

The best place to buy anything vape-related is Wotofo, an online vape shop. We've got the vape tanks and kits that include sub-ohm tanks, pod kits, and starter kits. We specialize in pod systems that are inclusive of pod coils and pod cartridges. We've got the best of original vape mod kits — there's the vape box mod starter kit, SBS mods, and Squonk box mods in-store. And just when you thought there couldn't be more, we've brought in the rebuildables — RDAs, RTAs, RDTAs, and even the latest SMRT COIL.

The vape accessories are new and hot! Choose from a variety of vape building tools, wicks and wires, prebuilt coils, vape replacement coils, drip tips and glass tubes, and vape care and customization to enhance your vaping experience.

Best Vape Starter Kits

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