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A Beginner's Guide to Vaping with Temperature Control

A vape atomizer is a revolutionary device: after their invention, they didn’t only enhance how you consume nicotine but they have been subject to consistent improvement.

Their constant innovations have kept vapes from becoming saturated entities, like their immediate rival, cigarettes.

With hundreds to thousands of inventions in the world of e-cigarettes happening today, it is true that the industry will boom into a vast and profitable investment soon.

Temperature control vaping or simply TC is a new function in this niche and features several and different mods.

Ideally, it involves the application of wire or coil in vape mods to control/restrict/limit power. It’s purposed to prevent dry or burnt hits that normally happen when a vaper prolongs the period of dragging vape juice from the mod.

The technology assists in keeping the temperature static instead of letting it burn.

Vapers, as well as smokers, are liking the invention of this smart technology as they can choose the appropriate temperatures they would love enjoying their stuff.

When you’re asked what temperature control in vaping is, simply say the technology where the user sets a specific temperature range without looking for how much power is dissipated in the coil.

Most interesting, no formal knowledge is required to understand what happens for temperature control (TC) to get the job well done. But for vaping pros, this question will definitely click on top of their medulla oblongata.

The good thing about it all is not studying rocket science; just sitting back, relaxing, and simply learning how this happens.

Dip inside that vape that makes you feel like you are on Pluto there is the atomizer which consists of a metal coil. Metals have different points of resistance. By taking long drags, there is an increase in temperature that ultimately increases the resistance of the metal.

During vaping, resistance is converted to temperature and your pod mod, vape pen, or cig-a-like device adjusts the amount of power, monitors this temperature as you proceed to vape.

But people vaping using Kanthal which is considered as a vaping wire, the experience here is different – resistance remains uniform regardless of the amount of temperature increased.

Without TC in vapes, vapers will always complain of a horrible dry blow.

Also, temperature control technology minimizes the rapid burning of the wick in the coil so it doesn’t require to be replaced time and again.

TC allows vapers to control the vaping temperature saving them the horror of burning taste that comes up without warning, grill the locks, or even a too hot vapor that ends up burning their lips.

The use of reliable and authentic batteries for vapes is highly recommended as it dictates the quality of TC achieved by the vape.

That’s its main importance for including it in vaping accessories.

In this article, the technology of temperature control in vaping, its significance, and what it is involved in, are discussed.


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What is Temperature Control Vaping?

What is Temperature Control Vaping

TC is said to be a potential remedy for minimizing the mishaps associated with vapes as a way of creating surefire to reduce the resistive temperatures (temperature generated by resistors) ultimately reducing dry burns and horrible sensations felt by vapers.

The TC function in a vaporizer allows users to preset the temperature values in degrees Celsius to make sure that the temperature of the coil is not exceeded.

When this function (feature) detects that the preset temperature value has been reached, it functions as a limiting factor and adjusts it, restricting or cutting the power supply to the coil till the temperature returns back to a value below the set value.

As a layperson will capture it, TC technology is a method meant to limit the resistance of the coil to a specific value.

Since vapes do not come with thermostats or temperature sensors, temperature control is, therefore, an unappropriated term as pod mods applying this technology do not sense the exact resistor temperature but depend on the heat difference of the resistor.

When resistance varies, the device just adjusts, restricts, or switches the power off.

The majority of Temperature controlled devices use nickel and titanium wire as they are characterized by a more linear relationship in terms of resistance and temperature comparing them with Kanthal.

Recommended Temperatures for TC Mods

what is tc vaping

The TC technology is an idea born and implemented by Evolv back in 2014 when he introduced DNA chips.

In the old days, most mods applied the watt adjustment technique before TC was invented to control the temperature.

Today, most vapers like their mods having the DNA chips and argue that they are the best available products for enjoying their vape juice.

Normally, the temperatures of most coils range from 100℃ to 350℃ or 300℉ to 600℉.

Temperature control is applied to regulate the coil temperature by making adjustments to the preset temperature values.

As with the majority of vape settings, it always works best by starting from low temperatures and working your way up, just as it is done when it comes to wattage, but from this perspective, it involves the maximum value of the temperature of the coil.

The typical temperatures both in Celsius or Fahrenheit are in the range of 200℃ to 250℃ or 392℉ to 480℉ and ordinarily, the temperatures are set in intervals of 5 Celsius.

Since vapers have autonomy over the temperature of their coil, it is very easy to press the sweet spot on their favorite e-juice. Their most preferred taste will determine the appropriate range of temperature that works right for them.

One thing you should note is that e-juices aren’t created equal thus every vape juice has a unique sweet spot which is decided by the VG/PG blending of the stuff.

Some modern TC vapes come with extra settings in terms of modes allowing vapers to choose between joule and wattage modes.

So, what is a joule? It’s simply another method of measuring energy hence it can refer to a unit of energy measurement.

To be clear, a joule (1 J) is defined as a current of one ampere passing through an element (resistor) of one ohm.

One watt (1 W) is equal to one joule per second (1 J/s). as this is a relatively modern way of measurement in vaporizers, vape mods differ.

When you ever notice some dryness in the vape, know that you are running low on e-juice and adjust the temperature, preferably down. For mods that feature wattage control capability, adjust it as well, preferably higher.

Keep in mind that the temperature control coils have usually low resistance and require the power to heat them.

The actual setting up of the temp control vape is easier than you might be thinking.

If you have owned a control battery before, then you must be familiar with the temperatures you would prefer or how the battery is operated.

But if you’ve never come across this before, you might require some knowledge.

  • First, and most importantly, you must know the type of coil your tank is using – RDA, RTA, or RBA.
  • Second, you need to check from your battery manual on how to lock the resistance of your atomizer.
  • Lastly, choose the TC function that fits your mod and choose your desired range of temperatures.

That’s what you need to know, for now, the other you will follow once you possess your own mod.

Significance of Temperature Control Vaping

The ability to control (regulate) the temperature of your preference gives you the opportunity to enjoy your vape juice.

In fact, it gives you the flexibility of vaping more than it was in ancient days. Some noticeable benefits that come with this modern vaping technology include:

1. Dry Hits are Eliminated

Dry hits occur when there is the absence of e-liquid in the tank or when the wick dries up.

Also, it occurs when the cooling element drastically increases the temperature of the element.

When the e-juice dries out in the tank and the element remains in such a high temperature, the vaper receives smoke rather than vapor which is very harsh to their throat.

By enabling temperature control in these devices, in the absence of vape juice in the tank, rather than the coil becoming hot, power is cut off and the vapor receives less and less vapor rather than dry hits.

2. Increases the Coil Life

So when the vape coil is protected from getting exceedingly hot, its health is guaranteed. This prolongs its life and offers the vaper more puffs before getting completely expired.

3. The Health of the Individual

Regarding the health of the vaper, temp control is certainly a blessing.

Besides protecting the coil from overheating and getting damaged in the long run, it protects the e-juice consumer from getting exposed to hazardous chemicals generated when the wick burns out.

For instance, a drying wick produces a formaldehyde compound that is toxic and harmful to the body.

4. Battery Life

It’s been found that temp control vapes only consume the power required to keep the coil (heating element) at the appropriate temperature.

Consequently, it saves power and ultimately the overall lifetime of the battery.

5. Consistency of the Vape

By controlling the level of temperature that the coils will rise to, the device stays consistent from one puff to another, and even within the puff.

In a typical wattage of an ordinary vape, the hits are inconsistent as the temperature of the coil varies depending on the hit prolongation.


Vaping with a temperature control device can be a thrilling experience. The devices offer consistent security that you cannot get from a typical vape.

It solves the problems of dry hits or vapes getting too hot. Arguably, buying a TC vape is a good idea for your convenience, health, and pleasurable vaping experience.


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