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10 Best RDAs for Clouds and Flavor in 2022

Probably, you may have heard it from a friend who owns one at their place, read about it online or seen it at your local store and you’re indeed planning to purchase one for yourself. Or perhaps you heard someone on the streets or at the pub mention the term RDA and you didn’t mind to know what they are.

Either way, by the time you finish reading this article, you will know some of the best 2022 RDAs for cloud and flavors. Frankly saying, if you’re or you’ve been searching for the best RDA in the market, chances are you are a vaping pro.

First, we need to know what an RDA is.

The acronym RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer or just a dripper and is a tankless vaping setup that is used by vaping experts.

The majority of experienced vapers prefer vaping on these devices as they are easy to use and come with tons of options.

Whereas sub ohm tanks are known to offer great performance in a more starter-friendly way, correctable (rebuildable) dripping atomizers will offer conceivably better performance but are characterized by more hands-on work.

While making one self’s coil may not be an appalling idea to new vapers, if they would like to have maximum control of what they get from the vape or they would want to make money savings, they can try RDA atomizers as it one of the best options.

What are the best RDAs for clouds and flavor in 2022?

Although there are tons of splendid RDAs sold everywhere, it is not always an easy way to make the right selection.

But, the best RDA for you is the one that delivers the best vaping experience.

Now, when it comes to the most reputable RDA products in the market, the Wotofo RDAs lead and others follow!

Recurve V2 RDA

The Recurve V2 RDA support both a dual build with two 3 mm ID coils and a single build of a 5 mm or 3 mm ID coil. It helps you to adjust the amount of heat generated by the heating core in your new favorite RDA based on your preference. Your requirements for airflow adjustments might also need a change when you go for two different builds, the two airflow adapters of Recurve V2 RDA can be used according to the build you like.

If you are a vaping enthusiast who wants to enjoy a rich and flavorful vaping experience, the Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA improves upon the perfection that already achieved with the original Recurve RDA. The tried and tested design of the Recurve got an upgrade with the V2 through improved airflow design for higher airflow production and concentration.

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Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA

Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA is the latest dual mesh RDA launched by Wotofo by collaborating with MrJustRight1.

The Profile PS RDA stand-alone because of its amazing airflow, squnonkability and it is an easy-to-build dual mesh RDA.

Buy the Profile PS RDA if you wanted to level up from your regular single-mesh RDA.

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Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA

If you are an active vaper and you've wandered everywhere searching for an absolute mesh coil type of RDA, you don’t need to stress yourself further as the Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA is here.

This RDA is a follow up of the eminently praised original profile and the product of the merger between Mr. JustRight1 and Wotofo.

The Wotofo Profile has been advanced to allow easy building while delivering the best vape flavor from the mesh build deck.

It features a double-post deck where the posts clamp down to create a robust connection with all kinds of build.

Although the RDA is designed to use mesh, it still performs well when used with other types of coil.

Profile 1.5 features a series of small holes located on both sides of the cap that allows airflow to the system.

The airflow mechanism is completely adjustable to the vaper’s preference and channels airflow from the inlet directly to the coil.

Profile 1.5 is indeed and undisputedly regarded as the best mesh RDA.


The designer, a Russian vaping pro and a YouTuber, Vapor Place, is very enthusiastic about vaping and he gives informative tutorials of the same.

The 22-millimeter diameter, single-coil STNG MTL RDA is perfectly designed for vaping experiences. The device features a droplet-shaped air control design on the top cap that allows the vaper to set their preferred airflow.

When air is entered through the single-sided inlet, it is passed past the middle of the deck bottom then pulled to two air passages (channels) located at the bottom of the coil spot, allowing a double supply of airflow to the coil.

The mechanism of airflow enables the vapor to enjoy an awesome juice flavor. Its dripping terminals are typically all narrow: it fits into vaper’s mouth perfectly when performing MTL inhales.

STNG MTL RDA has a splitting system that offers soft and optimal vaporization. It comes with an easy bottom filling design that will prevent juice leaks.

Wotofo STNG MTL comes in a variety of colors – S.S., gunmetal, rainbow, black, gold and blue –depending on the vapers’ preference.

Profile RDA Titanium

The product, Profile RDA Titanium is a commemorative edition of Profile RDA and it features a high-intensity titanium material surface that is exquisitely treated giving it a cool, stylish and appealing outer appearance.

By its super hard characteristic, titanium metal is a symbol of strength.

Now imagine a strong vape gear with a delicate finish of the metalwork and an excellent mesh mechanism for flavor, the vape juice is converted into a symphony that charms your entire world.

Wotofo Profile RDA

Two vaping giants, Wotofo and Mr. JustRight1 collaborated to generate the hi-tech Wotofo Profile RDA which is an innovative device focused on high-quality flavor delivery.

It’s a 24-millimeter mesh-rebuildable drip atomizer that is made to deliver the actual vape flavor taste.

In the modern vaping world, the mesh heating element is considered as an unshakeable technology and delivers better flavor in a variety of ways.

Its distinctive spring-loaded ceramic cotton support makes it suitable for mesh-coil applications. The mesh coil provides a perfect connection with cotton for the production of top-notch flavor.

The thick wink enables good liquid absorption allowing delivery of subtle favor. It is characterized by a beehive airflow style cap that permits adequate airflow to enable top-notch balancing of the flavor and production of the cloud.

Moreover, this RDA comes in a variety of colors – S.S., gunmetal, rainbow, black, gold and blue –depending on the vapers’ taste. Wotofo Profile is the right choice for flavor lovers and cloud enthusiasts.

Recurve Dual RDA

Recurve Dual RDA is among the first products that capture the latest collaboration between Mike Vapes, a YouTuber and Wotofo.

Recurve Dual is a 24-millimeter diameter PEEK insulated dual coil RDA that features deep juice wells, a gold-plated squonk pin, and a tough stainless steel surface.

It delivers rich juice flavor and allows easy building making it an original hit. It features an enlarged build deck that comes with tips to accommodate double coils.

The device features a coil trimming tool that allows vapers to trim their coil leads correctly to the correct size to allow perfect coil placement. Its deep juice well allows less dripping and its squonk pin makes Recurve Dual an ideal RDA for squonking.

Like Wotofo STNG MTL, Recurve Dual comes in a variety of colors – S.S., gunmetal, rainbow, black, gold and blue –depending on the vapers’ preference.

Elder Dragon RDA

The collaboration between Wotofo and a Japanese YouTuber, Ryujin led to the birth of Elder Dragon RDA.

It is a unique shaped 22-millimeter diameter dripping gear that features four airflow channels.

Its drip tip comes with a quad terminal build deck and a squonking mechanism. It's easy build deck comes with a single clockwise and anticlockwise coil build support, polyether insulated and 9-millimeter deep juice well.

It features a gold-plated bottom feeding 510 contacts and a drip tip adapter as well as a distinctive angled jet-style flexible airflow system. Its four airflow jets – two jets located on each side – direct air towards the coil for unparalleled contact.

During vaping, you can easily open or close the airflow with the four slots designed to the desired satisfaction.

Vapers who had experience with these devices think of it being a beast, others say it’s a temple. Its design is awesome so is its delivery of vape flavor.

The RDA allows controlled squonking and it is referred to as a flavor chaser. Most Wotofo RDAs come in a variety of colors.

Elder Dragon is one of them: it comes in six different colors – S.S., gunmetal, rainbow, black, gold and blue.

Wotofo Warrior RDA

The merger between Wotofo and JMT Elite led to the birth of the hi-tech Wotofo Warrior RDA.

It features a clamp-style double post easy build deck that allows coils of all sizes and comes in six striking colors – S.S., gunmetal, rainbow, black, gold and blue.

This masterpiece is characterized by multihole beehive style airflow. The device allows pairing with various squonk mods.

It comes with a four-millimeter deep juice well, a single coil build adapter and for versatility reasons a 510 drip tip adapter.

It's easy build deck comes with two posts that cut through the base with a double coil terminal in each post.

The leads of the coils are placed on the terminal shelf then fastened in place using screws.

To increase its elegance, Warrior features a pre-installed gold plated squonk pin. It’s a true RDA of the year.

Wotofo Recurve RDA

The Wotofo Recurve RDA comes with a very paramount set of features.

This is the latest Wotofo RDA brand to be unveiled in the market, an effort born from its collaboration with Mike Vapes, an RDA reviewer and a seasoned YouTuber.

The Recurve RDA comes with an advanced one-coil build deck, a squonk knob (pin), side or angled air flow channel, and in a variety of colors. This RDA is much hyped of its superb flavor delivery contributed by the satisfying airflow into the coil.


RDAs are amazing as they help vapers to create dense and satisfying clouds in a simple, inexpensive way. Also, vapers have the chance of adjusting their vape juice flavors without the need for adjusting the vape atomizer. Get yourself a 2022 RDA and join the league of vaping experts.

Wotofo is the leading manufacturer of vaping products and has a big role in rebuildable devices. Wotofo is also producing a few of today’s top RDAs, RTAs, Mods, kits, and accessories. We build the best atomizers in the industry. We started our business with the growth of worldwide awareness of vaping culture.


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