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What Is A Squonk Mod & How Does A Mod Work?

Squonking is a vaping style using the Squonk mod and a bottom-feed rebuildable drip atomizer for vaping. You can keep vaping by pressing the squizable e-juice bottle to soak the cotton with e-juice.

These new squonk mods cater to every vaper’s needs especially those looking for an all-in-one solution RTA and RDAs.

The bottles contained within squonk mods have large capacities, eliminating the need to carry separate e-juice bottles throughout the day.

So, lets take a close look at the Squonk mod and see if this revolutionary device is right for you.

What Are Squonk Mods?

anatomy of a squonk mod

While the name may sound odd, the squonk mod is one of the most interesting devices available.

The squonk mod is a device capable of storing and supplying e-juice on the go while still providing a rebuildable coils hit. It supplies e-juice from a squeezable bottle to the cotton through a short tube.

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There are two types of squonk mods such as regulated squonk mod and unregulated squonk mod.

The former comes fully featured with a VW/VV chipsets. It lets users pick the exact wattage they wish vape with. These are the safest options.

The unregulated squonkers provide the atomizers with the raw power of the battery depending on the build’s resistance.

Users have to build as per the batteries’ safety limits using Ohm’s law.

Types of Squonk Mods

You have heard about unregulated and regulated mods, but there are other types of squonk mods, too.

There are semi-regulated mods that draw direct power from the battery, but add chips to provide safety features such as on/off, short circuit protection and more.

These devices set a cap on the maximum wattage regarding output.

The fully regulated devices appeal to all vapers providing customization, safety, and ease of use.

In fact, these make the vapers accustomed to having digital displays, fine tune settings, and monitoring the battery life.

If you don’t have experience with unregulated devices’ safety measures, the regulated squonk mod is your best option.

How Does A Mod Work?

How does a squonk mod works

A squonk mod is a device that includes an e-juice bottle within its casing.

The squeeze bottle, attached to the tube runs up into the 510 connection and makes its way to the 510-center pin.

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Once the regulated squonk mod gets attached the e-juice will travel.

It goes through the mod’s 510 connection and into the RDA’s male 510 connection, making its way to the deck. Now when it comes to squanks you won’t need to ask the question, how does a mod work.

How Does the Squonk Mod Kit Look Like?

squonk mod kit

A typical squonk mod kit includes:

A squonk mod
e-juice bottle
Bottom feed pin
Bottom-feeding squonk compatible with RDA

The device includes the e-juice bottle, the dripper, and the battery.

Also, the bottle attached to the RDA at the top via a tube and a hollow 510 positive pin.

What Is Squonking?

what is squonking

The atomizers used are rebuildable dripping atomizers with bottom feed pins. This means you get the best flavor and vapor.

Unless converted or fitted with a compatible bottom feed pin, you cannot use an RDA with any 510 connectors. The reason is that there is no way for the juice to be fed up from the mod to the atomizer.

Similarly, you don’t need to use an RDA with a bottom feed pin fitted to the standard mod. Mainly because the juice will drip down through the bottom feed pin. This can cause serious issues with the squonk mod kit.

Here’s a short process to explain how to squonk properly.

  • Squeeze the bottle gently until e-juice rises into the RDA. This will wet the wicks at the bottom of the coils.
  • Next, release the bottle, let it get back into its original shape. The vacuum caused will suck the extra e-juice left in the RDA back into the bottle. Only the e-juice to be vaped will remain in the RDA and soak the wick.
  • Start vaping until you feel the flavor diminishing and gently squeeze the bottle again. It depends on the power of the coil build and the strength of the draw but it should provide about three to six puffs.

When vaping, ask yourself what should my ohms be on a squonk.

How Did Squonking Begin?

The roots of squonking started back in 2009-2010 where a person launched an unofficial mod at some forum. It was unsuccessful due to mod related issues. However, the new vaping method didn’t die.

It inspired another user who created and manufactured what is a squonk mod today.

Squonk Mod Vs Box Mod- The Difference

A traditional box mod contains a microprocessor often known as the vape chip. It regulates things such as wattage, current, voltage and ensures nothing goes wrong.

Thinking what are squonk mods? It works the same as box mods just with an additional bottle within it (squonk bottle) storing the e-liquid and sending it up to the tank.

Box mods don’t have squonk bottles within them and this is the main difference between these two styles.

How to Install Squonk Pin?

how to install squonk pin

If you are wondering how to install squonk pin, here are some necessary steps to follow.

The tools:

You need limited vape tools for this task. You also need a flathead screwdriver, squonking pin, and correctly sized Allen key.


Use the flathead screwdriver to loosen the 510pin on the bottom of the topper. Holding the positive side post, turn the 510 counter-clockwise until it loosens. The pin must come out of the topper completely.


This step requires practice. You need to place a positive post back on the deck and hold it in place with the fingers while flipping the topper over.


When done installing the squonking pin, ensure it is tightened all the way. It should not wiggle or make any noise.

How to Squonk Properly?

How to use a squonk mod? This is simple, once you get the hang of this. You need to get a squonking mod with a removable squonking bottle that attaches to a hose or filler line beneath the atomizer.

The cut-out hole remains visible on the outside of the box mod- so you can squeeze the bottle without opening it fully.

You will also need a bottom feed pin fitted RDA style mod since squonking wouldn’t work with regular RDA’s. The e-juice reaches through pressure from the beneath squonk bottle in the RDA by pressing or squeezing the squonk bottle.

Hit the power button on your mod and just take a puff. You are all set to start squonking. After a few puffs, you must squeeze the bottle to keep the wicks coated and the vape free from dry hits.

Will RDA Work On Regulated Mod?

Thinking can I use a squonk RDA on a regular mod? The answer is yes. A regular RDA works with a squonk mod just fine. However, you won’t be able to squonk with that setup. If you were using a regular RDA with a squonk mod, the RDAs regular 510 thread would screw into the mod’s squonk 510 thread.

The RDA’s 510 pin covers the hole drilled into the mod’s 510 thread. But the setup will function properly and this is safe to use. However, for squonking, using the dual 18650 squonk mod with the normal RDA is fine.

Using a regular mod with the squonk RDA is not recommended. The RDA’s have a hole in the 510 thread that allows the e-juice to fall through. This can harm the mod’s hardware.

You can find the right squonk mod kit as per need.

Can You Put Squonk RDA ON Any Vape?

If you use a regular vape mod with a squonk RDA, it might damage your mod. That being said, if you use a regular mod with an RDA using a squonk pin, there are chances the e-juice will seep through the hole in the squonk pin. This will damage your regular mod.

It is best to avoid using a squonk RDA with just any vape. Several RDAs that come with both squonk pins and regular 510 pins. Install the regular 510 pin and use it with a regular mod.

Will RDA work on regulated mod? Find this out before choosing an RDA for your mod.

How to Build an RDA Coil that Prevent Leaking?

rda coil building

Despite how scary it may seem when you are trying to build your own coil, RDAs are straightforward. You must consider the following.

Plan the coil:

This is not necessary, but may be useful. If you have a specific resistance range in mind, the coil wrapping tool can help. Input the wire, diameter/gauge, coil’s inner diameter, length of the legs connecting the coil to the posts and target resistance. This will tell you how many wraps you must use.

Cut a section of the wire:

You must know the wire length. You can cut around 4 inches a piece and for your first builds, it is best to cut more.

Hold the guide up to wrap:

The best thing to do is start from one end of the wire, leaving an inch space. Hold the point up against the guide material with most of the wire looking upwards.

Start wrapping the coil:

Your aim is simple- wrap the wire around the guide to form a coil. Make successive wraps close to the earlier one without overlapping wires. Take your time to make this accurate.

Connect the coil:

Connecting the coil is easy for the building process. With recent RDAs, all you need is to loosen the screws in the posts to insert the legs through the post hole. The biggest challenge here is positioning the coil. The right way to do is to keep the coil on the guide throughout the process. Once you are happy, tighten the screws.

Connect the RDA to a regulated squonk mod or use a resistance checker to check how many ohms it comes in at.

How To Wick The Coil Properly For Squonking?

wicking coils

After finding out how to build an RDA without leaking, you must learn how to wick the coil.

Wicking the coil properly is essential when you are squonking. When doing so, the e-juice enters through the bottom of the RDA, improper wicking may lead to the e-juice never making it to the coil resulting in a dry and burnt taste.

Wicking the coil is straightforward. Let us check out the process

✔ Take the strip of cotton from the packaging. Cut the cotton to the right length. It must be long enough to go through the coil resting firmly in the well. You can trim the ends later, keep it long for the time being.

✔ Tare the strip of cotton vertically. When doing so, try pulling off a piece that looks thin enough to fit into the coil. You must get it right; practice is the best way to master this fine detail.

✔ Before installing the wick, you must sterilize the coil burning off the residue. Follow the steps to increase the vapor quality. Skipping this will cause the first several hits to be harsh. Set the mod as needed and hold the fire button.

✔ Install the wick. Twist one end of the cotton until it comes to a particular point. Once this is clear, grab the tip and pull it. If this does so without resistance, the wick thickness is right.

✔ Brush the excess cotton. It is important for squonking. Remove the excess cotton allowing the cotton to wick easily.

✔ Give the length of the wicking material a good look. Ensure the wick is not very long. Tuck the cotton ends into the e-juice well on each side of the RDA. This step may vary depending on the RDA design.

✔ Prime the coils. Use your selected e-juice to soak the new coil and the wicking material. Allow this to rest for ten minutes before using it.

Squonking Vs Dripping

As you know RDA stands for rebuildable drip atomizer. The middle word of the acronym is drip. Drip vaping is when the vaper drips e-juice manually on their atomizer before vaping. Squonking borrows a lot from dripping.

Dripping generates good flavor, but the problem is you need to drip every three or five vapes. In order to do this you must remove the housing each time and sometime have to pull out the drip tip to access the atomizer. Once the cotton drys you must repeat this process to vape more.

You can squeeze the e-liquid up from the bottle and through the 510 into the atomizer base. The 510 pin comes hollow allowing e-liquid to pass through. This hollow 510 pin makes the RDA into the bottom-feeding RDA.

Advantages of Squonk Mod

Squonking may be considered superior to other vaping forms in several ways. Keep reading to find why vapers must get themselves the best squonk mod.

Convenient for daily use

Anyone ever used a vape must be familiar with rebuildable dripping atomizers. Famously known as the RDAs, one problem with these is that they involve dripping the vaping solution in the atomizer. It is inconvenient and leads to a mess.

But, squonking deals with this. Once you know how to build rda coil, you can easily opt for a mod. With a squonk, there is no need to drip constantly. This makes a vape squonk easier than a regular vape.

Large vape bottle included

You know a regular tank can hold up to 5ml or less e-juice. This is not a lot and most vapers can use this up very quickly very easily.

Looking at the dual 18650 squonk mod, anyone who vapes frequently will find the bottle hold uch more liquid. These hold more than 7ml of e-juice. Vapers opting for this mod can bring more e-juice with them when on the go.

No leakage

e-juice leaking seems to be a big problem for regular vapers. This can create a big mess and it means losing costly e-juice in the process.

But with squonking, this is not the case. With new squonk mods, overflow and leaking get minimized since extra e-juice ends up back into the bottle.

Superb vapor production and flavor

Several regular vape users may seem unconvinced by the amount of flavor and vapor a mod vape produces. This is acceptable since some mods can reduce the flavor and the amount of vapor production.

Unlike such mods, a squonk has been designed so a user doesn’t lose any flavor when they take a hit. The vapor production remains the same, so it doesn't disturb the experience.

Is Squonking Suitable For Me?

Once you’ve learned how to use a squonk mod, you must find out if it is suitable for your vaping style.

  • If you have been using drippers mostly, trying out a squonker would be a great decision.
  • There are several squonker mods and atomizers available that cater to almost every vaping style.
  • Bottom feed pins for several popular drippers are available. This makes them compatible with squonking mods.
  • Squonking is ideal for all types of vaper- beginner to experienced.
  • This is something every vaper must try at least once for the amazing all in one solution it provides.

How To Choose The Best Squonk Mod?

squonk mods

When looking for the right squonk mod kit for you and your vaping preference, know where to look.

Different devices with distinct looks, features and set of pros and cons are available in the market. You must consider the following things before picking the squonk mod.

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  1. Is This Safe?

The last thing you want is buying a squonk mod only to find it is ineffective and unsafe to use. Buying improper mods can cause injury and result in a broken mod. To avoid it all, ensure you are buying from a reputable manufacturer. Just double-check the source, read reviews and ask other vapers so you know you are making the right choice.

  1. What Matters The Most?

If the device is safe, the squonk mod you buy comes to your preference. Ask some questions to narrow down your choice. Know which features you want and need.

  1. Did You Do The Research?

You wouldn’t walk into a car showroom and buy the first car you see. The same applies when picking the right squonk mod. When you are buying online, it is better to conduct thorough research. Check the types of mods, the different manufacturers, the price range. After you have narrowed down the search, check reviews to ensure this is the right choice. Explore at least 2-4 options before committing to buying a device. Compare the price, pros, and cons of every device.

What Is The Best Ejuice For A Squonk Mod?

After answering your question how does a mod work, finding the right e-juice becomes essential.

Squonking with the sub-ohm atomizer coils requires VG based e-juice. There are numerous e-juice options you can find suitable for squonking.

The 80 VG and 20 PG blend is the right option for an ideal vapor production and flavor. Top-quality e-juices are known for delivering optimal flavor.

Back to the best e-liquid suitable for squonk mods comes to the three-pronged strategy. While the first two are flavor and vapor, the third is quality.

Squonking E-Liquid Quality

If you want to make the most of squonking, ensure you get e-juices from premium brands with the best ingredients. Since quality is a big part in offering the best squonking experience, don’t compromise on it. Keep the best e-juice in your squonk mod kit.

Tips For Squonk Mod Safety

Like all other vape devices, the new squonk mods are perfectly safe as long as you handle responsibly and carefully.

Understanding of Ohm’s Law and battery upkeep is important. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Don’t put batteries into loose pockets with keys or other metal objects that can cause a discharge.

Charge the mod on a fire-proof surface and store batteries in containers when not using them.

Check the device and batteries for any damage before using it. If batteries get too hot, try lowering the wattage. Buy mods and batteries from a trusted source.

Final Thoughts

If you are a dripper or a fan of the RDTA and don’t want to carry extra bottles in your pocket all day, squonk mods are for you.

Squonking is like having an all-in-one device for new vapers and it seems to change the vaping game.

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