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Best Squonk Mods for 2022 - How to Choose the Right Squonk Mod

best squonk mods

Besides its popularity and being rendered as a topic of conversation in this niche, the term “squonking” is still a jargon, especially for newbies. But you should know that “squonking” is one of the commonest terminologies in the vaping world, where countless vapers even swear by it regarding getting a top-notch vaping experience.

Best Squonk Mods
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What is Squonking?

Basically, it’s a vaping style/method that uses a special type/design of a vape mod, exclusively known as a squonker or a squonk mod. The mod comes with an inbuilt e-juice bottle/tank as well as a bottom-feeding setup, enabling vapers to manually regulate the flow of the e-juice to the coil. The squonking approach is not much different from dripping given that they both allow vapers to control flavor intensity except that the former requires more effort.

Also, squonkers come with generous filled e-juice tanks such that vapers aren’t stuck to constant refilling. Squonking offers more benefits for lovers of intense and pure flavor. Vapers find it lovely due to its ability to deliver splendidly delicious vapor clouds, usually rising well above flavor from ordinary mods. Of all vapes and accessories in the vaping industry, squonk mods might be having the weirdest name – but this doesn’t stop them from becoming successful.

Anatomy of a Squonk Mod

anatomy of a squonk mod

It’s basically a type of vape that comes with an e-juice bottle.

The bottle is connected to the bottom of the threading by a means of a narrow tube. The bottle is squeezed to push the e-juice through the tube to make a unique sound that one user thought could fit the name “squonk” hence the name squonk mods.

These devices amalgamate the benefits of sub-ohm tanks and Rebuildable atomizers (RBA) to produce huge vapor clouds while creating huge e-juice storage.

Are squonk mods the greatest accessories ever produced in the vaping world?

Certainly, they could be: based on the experience of some vaping experts, people currently using rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) should consider squonk mods as their next item.

What You Need For a Smooth Squonking Experience

A safe and top-notch squonking experience can be achieved by getting yourself the right vaping equipment. With squonk vaping, neither complex nor expensive products are required; only two primary elements are needed: a squonk mod – a vape mod particularly designed for squonking, and a squonk atomizer, also referred to as the bottom-feed atomizer that consists of a squonk pin – an RDA or an RTA can be chosen for that reason.

Of course, just like any kind of device or vaping style, there is always a debate about the best type of device in the market or the best method of squonking, whether or not it is suitable to a modern style of vaping, and more.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety in the vaping worlds for countless styles, views, and preferences. Vapers are allowed to experiment with several methods and devices to determine which one offers the sweetest spot. Perhaps you may have overheard people sharing tales of squonking going wrong, and these rumors leave you wondering whether this style is safe.

Most interesting, squonking is a fairly simple vaping technique, using a straightforward, safe approach that can be learned by any vaper. It’s a bit hard to isolate exactly where all these stories of the purported dangers come from, but odds are we can shift the blame to unregulated vape mods.

In the previous years, vapers who craved for squonk vaping were forced to use unregulated vape mods as makers had not yet begun manufacturing their own. Human mistakes, battery problems, and several dangers were imminent with the unregulated devices, thus giving squonking the wrong reputation.

Nevertheless, modern squonk mods host a wide variety of specifically designed squonk features manufactured by top brands in the industry. Purchasing high-end squonker will offer you protection with a complete safety suite.

Top Benefits of Squonk Mods

1. Large Vape Bottles; Fewer Refills Required

Constant refilling is certainly one of the commonest drawbacks among the majority of vapes in the industry. Nevertheless, a squonk mod comes with an e-liquid bottle that offers huge storage for the juice.

2. Two-in-One

For your e-cigar to deliver huge vapor clouds, you need an RDA. This is actually the device that’s known for the provision of adequate airflow for cloud chasers and sufficient space for building a coil with a large surface area. But an RDA can only store a small volume of e-juice for a couple of puffs. You’re required to drip constantly to keep it wet and evade dry hits.

A sub-ohm tank is popularly known for its large capacity storage of e-juice. But a sub-ohm tank comes with limited airflow and the small surface area of the coil making it unfit for cloud chasing.

Squonking with a squonk mod implies that you are enjoying huge vapor generations from an RDA and huge e-juice storage from a sub-ohm tank; all in one device. A squonk mod can be used without compromising the size of the clouds as most bottles have a volume capacity of 7 ml and above.

3. Reduced Leaking

One notable drawback of dripping is an inconvenience, you must carry an e-juice bottle every time you’re traveling. It’s hard to drip when driving. The most annoying part is that it can all suddenly turn messy. If you unknowingly leave a dripping device on its side, then you won’t like the outcome as you’ll most likely find it ‘lying’ in a pool of e-juice.

Compared to dripping mods, squonk mods are way cleaner as they’re virtually leak-free. When you squeeze the bottle and release it, a vacuum is created that draws more e-juice from the drip well. Provided that the bottle isn’t squeezed too firmly, it’s rare to complain about e-liquid leaks.

Best Squonk Mods to Choose in 2022

1. Profile Squonk Mod

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 vape mod, then the Wotofo Profile Squonk Mod is the best choice. With the latest collaboration of Wotofo & MrJustRight1, A new squonk mod has been launched which can be converted as a non-squonk mod.

In single battery mode, it is an 80W squonk mod.

In dual battery mode, it is a regular high wattage mod able to output 200W max power

To squonk, or not to squonk, that is up to you!

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2. Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod

wotofo recurve squonk mod

The collaboration of Wotofo and Mike Vapes yielded the design and manufacture of the Recurve Squonk Mod. This mod is characterized by seamless curves that offer it a perfect aesthetic and ergonomic. Its chassis is manufactured from zinc-alloy that gives it a studded and compact body and durability. Its top is made of rubber giving it a smooth feel. The device is energy-efficient and prolongs battery life.

The squonk mod can be customized with various battery choices: the mod comes with separate battery sleeves and a magnetic cover to offer protection to the battery.

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The Recurve Squonk is an unregulated type of mod that offers a maximum power output of 80 Watts and a resistance range of 0.08 to 3.0 ohms. It comes with a tactile firing button for switching the mod on and off by clicking it five times.

The squonk mod protects the vaper against short-circuiting, features the 10-second automatic cutoff, and reverse battery among others. Its pre-installed bottle holds 8 ml of e-juice. The Recurve Squonk comes with a 510-gold plated connector pin-compatible with all RDAs.


a. Perfect Curves

Its curves earn the mod aesthetic look and perfect ergonomics for a firm grip. Also, the kit has incredible performance.

b. Battery Compatibility

Numerous custom battery options make this mod the best choice. It allows the 18650-Amp, 201650-Amp, 20700-Amp, and the 21700-Amp battery types to fit perfectly.

c. 80-Watt Output

Squonk mods are designed to offer powerful performance. Making adjustments on the mod makes their mechanical handling somewhat difficult. Luckily, Recurve Squonk 80-watt perfectly fits well here. It offers mechanical power with no criticalities. It can deliver resistance in the range of 0.08 to 3.0 ohms.

d. Safety

The inbuilt protective chipset offers protection against short-circuiting, overheating, and overcharging, damage from low voltage, 10-sec automatic cutoff, and discharging of the battery. Simply, it gives the vaper a safe vaping experience.

e. High-Quality Bottle and Peculiar Indicator LED

The squonk bottle is manufactured from a baby feeder silicone and is compatible with nearly all types of e-juices. The LED light shows the charging and protection status of the mod and it’s softened to imitate a lantern when it is shining within the bottle.

3. Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod

The collaboration of Wotofo and Tony B., a YouTuber resulted in this magnificent mod. This vape features three distinct levels (modes) of power – standard, powerful, and powerful + – whose firing speed is about 0.0001 seconds.

It comes with a squonk bottle that can hold up to 8.5 ml of vape juice. The super-powerful mod is characterized by an easy-to-loosen connector design that eliminates all the stuck-on-mod problems.

Its chassis is made from zinc-alloy giving it a great aesthetic, protection against accidental drops, as well as ergonomic features. Its outer rubber coating gives a smooth feel.

This product is available in five different colors: red, blue, black, silver, and gunmetal. The Dyadic Squonk comes with a double 18650 battery that offers a prolonged vaping experience. The mod is compatible with atomizers whose resistance ranges from 0.05 ohm to 3.0 ohm.

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It features a TFT screen that displays the wattage, settings, ohm reading, battery status, output voltage, et al. On its frontal side, the mod features a pair of adjustment buttons that allow vapers to select their preferred wattage level. It features a firing button for turning on and off the mod.

The device is locked and unlocked by pressing the two buttons simultaneously, a safety feature that prevents the mod from firing or changing the settings when being kept in the purse or pocket.


a. Powerful Performance

A power output of 200 Watts makes Dyadic Squonk Mods offer powerful performance. Often, multiple adjustments make handling of vape a bit difficult. But, the Dyadic Squonk Mods has the best performance as vapers can achieve their preferred power output without any difficulty.

b. 18650 Battery Pack

Power is sourced from the dual 18650 battery pack that offers power output ranging between 5 and 200 watts. The mod supports resistance ranging from 0.05 to 3.0 ohm.

c. Multiple Power Modes (Levels)

With the three power modes, vapers are allowed to select their most preferred level.

d. Inbuilt Safety Features

Dyadic Squonk Mods feature numerous safety features like protection against overheating, low resistance and voltage, short-circuiting, 10-sec automatic cutoff, et al. These mods also come with an auto atomizer recognition characteristic.

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4. Wotofo Stentorian Ram BF Mod

The Wotofo Stentorian Ram is a pretty masterpiece of a vape. It’s elegantly crafted from padauk and resin. The mod is top-notch and affordable.

The mod is powered by a 18650 battery, features a 7 ml squonk bottle, and can offer a whole day vaping without constant refilling.

The device features a fire button for turning on and off and a safety lock capability. For electrical conductivity, the mod features a 24K gold 510 connectors.

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Sure, squonking is officially invading the vaping world like a storm. They are becoming suitable for ‘heavy’ vapers who don’t like moving around with e-juice bottles: due to the ability to carry a large amount of vape juice. They are suitable for vapers who like collecting vape gear. They are safe to use as they feature numerous safety features. They are powerful and come with several power modes (levels). Overall, these are the kind of vapes everyone would love to possess.

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