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What is a Mechanical Mod? How do they work?

what is a mech mod

Are you an enthusiast of huge vapor clouds, participating in cloud chasing or performing the craziest vape tricks? If yes, chances are you have used or heard about mechanical mods in your lifetime. For newbies, non-vapers, or even people without the knowledge of what mechanical mods really are and their method of operation, the whole thing might appear complex and hard to comprehend.

Vaping fans who watch online videos often get curious when they see completely different vapes on these vids from what is sold in their local stores. Mechanical mods, also known as ‘mech mods’ are familiar and favorite vapes among professional vapers.

The Wotofo team parades a couple of questions regarding mechanical mods: how do you use mechanical mods? How do you do mechanical mods? How do mechanical mods work? Are mechanical mods dangerous? These questions guide me to create this informational post. In this blog post, we’re going to explain the mechanical mods world and give you masterly information concerning these vapes.

What’s a Mechanical Mod?

A mech mod is an amazingly simple piece of apparatus, far more than a typical layman or inexperienced vapers can imagine. Simply, it’s a vape that supplies pure battery power (electricity) to the atomizer. It’s a basic piece of equipment, simpler than an ordinary vape. It features the most fundamental components you can find in a vape like housing, battery, and atomizer.

• Housing:

It’s the shell that encases all the parts of the vape. It comes in a variety of forms (shapes): tubular form, cylindrical form, or box-shaped form. For instance, a mechanical box mod features a box-shaped housing.

• Battery:

Used to supply power to the atomizer. Depending on your vaping needs, manufacturers build different types of mech mods in terms of the number and types of batteries to be used by a particular unit.

• Atomizer:

An atomizer drips vape flavor into the heating element (coil). The most popular choice of atomizer for mech mods is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA).

How do mechanical mods work?

Mech mod vapes are simple to operate. The housing encases the battery where it (battery) is positioned in between the top and bottom caps. The top cap connects to the positive contact while the bottom cap connects to the negative contact of the battery. To fire the mech mod, you need to push the button. In turn, the bottom cap completes the circuit allowing current to flow from the battery to the coil. In tube mech mod vapes, the firing button is positioned at the bottom cap whereas in mechanical box mods the push button is located on the side.

Whilst anyone can use mechanical mod vapes, they’re most preferred by advanced vapers – smokers who love tailored vaping experience, coil rebuilding, cloud chasing, blowing amazingly huge vapor clouds, or performing some crazy vaping tricks. They’re unfit for newbies and general smokers who are obsessed with smooth and effortless smoking. A starter kit which often comprises regulated box mods, Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers (RDAs), and sub-ohm tanks are best suited for general vapers.

anatomy of mechanical vape mod

How to use a mechanical mod?

An electronic device is a component that uses power (electricity). Regarding the use of power, safety is very paramount irrespective of the size of the device. A mechanical mod vape isn’t different from any other electronic device as they too use battery power.

To effectively ensure safety is guaranteed, the user must be conversant with battery safety and Ohm’s law. Mech mods don’t feature circuit boards implying that the gadget can be damaged should a malfunction occur. Defective batteries can cause overcharging, misfiring, overheating, or in worst cases explosion. That said, it’s important to practice a safe vaping process by following the guide below:

• Using the appropriate batteries:

Having the knowledge of the right batteries for your mech mod is very critical. Although there are countless battery types from different manufacturers, only a few can be chosen. In this case, we recommend ICR (LiCo02) and IMR (LiMn) battery types that are commonly used to power mods that require a 3.7-volt voltage source. This reminds you that you should conduct some study about the sort of power source required to power your mech mod before committing to purchase it. For instance, LiCo02 and LiMn are different; you should have the right knowledge about what is the exact type required. Between LiCo02 and LiMn, the former stresses more easily than the latter that can easily result in combustion. So if you choose a LiCo02 battery, ensure it’s protected against short-circuiting or overcharging. On the other hand, LiMn batteries are stable and have rare safety issues. Consequently, we recommend LiMn as the right battery for your mech mod.

• Avoid overcharging:

Overcharging or using a faulty charger can be disastrous to the device. Overcharged batteries are dangerous to your devices and yourself. Mech mod batteries should be charged to a maximum voltage of 4.2-Volt. Also, when using the battery with the mech mod, the battery shouldn’t drain beyond 3.3-volts. You should invest in an appropriate charger. If possible, shop for a better one that indicates when the battery is fully charged.

• Checking for short-circuits:

The majority of mech mod vapes don’t feature smart precaution capabilities like advanced box mods and regulated mods. For example, supposing that the atomizer is experiencing some short-circuit, the vape will still fire and this will damage the device. The atomizer resistance should comply with your mech mod. You should ascertain the resistance of the coil before placing the order. For safety reasons, ensure that the resistance of the coil builds ranges between 2.4 and 3.0 Ohms.

• Avoid misfiring:

Unlike regulated mods that feature an auto current cut-off safety feature, the majority of mechanical mods lack this capability. Careless handling of the device can result in misfiring. The end result is damaged batteries or explosions in worse cases. You should handle your mech mod carefully and put it in a secure place. Also, avoid carrying mech mod in your pocket. Place it in a secure place and lock the device.

How to clean a mech mod?

Frequently cleaning is a way of giving your mech mod vape more life and extending its longevity. Besides, it’s a way of keeping your device at the appropriate level of hygiene to avoid bad tastes and unwanted odors. When cleaning your vape, you should be careful and more importantly cautious.

First, there are a couple of removable accessories that you should recall and ensure they are working properly. Second, the majority of mech mods are built with copper and brass; they are superconductors and susceptible to oxidation and dirt. Cleaning doesn’t take you much time, 10 or so minutes are enough. You should have an eraser, a small reservoir preferably a bowl, a toothbrush, water, acetic acid, and citric acid.

Procedure of Cleaning a Mech Mod

Start by disassembling your mech mod. Take the bowl with water and dissolve three spoons of citric acid. Submerge the disabled device inside the solution. For brass-built mech mod, add acetic acid to the solution. Leave the mod to soak for at least an hour before conducting the actual cleaning.

  1. Wash the mod parts using dishwashing soap (detergent) and clean water
  2. Use a toothbrush to clean the threads, remove all the dirt that may be dislodged inside
  3. Remove the black spots on the contacts with an eraser.

Note that not all parts of your device require thorough cleaning. For instance, if the contacts are built from rhodium or silver, an eraser does it perfectly. The same applies to galvanized pins: all the cleaning can be done without submerging the device in a citric acid solution.

For advanced cleaning, which is often performed by an expert or perfectionist, a little more effort and time is spent as compared to ordinary cleaning. In advanced cleaning, the perfectionist uses a soft microfiber to manually clean the device, a toothbrush and eraser to clean the threads and contacts, and a Dremel device to clean the pin. While the second process is a bit more labor-intensive, the mech mod will sparkle like a brand new device.

Are mechanical mods dangerous?

Mech mods aren’t dangerous provided the user follows the laid down guide and precautions to the latter. Don’t overcharge or over drain the battery, keep it within the stipulated voltage limits. Use the appropriate charger, always check to ensure there is no short-circuit in the setup. Prevention of trouble in mech mod is as easy as being a disciplined vaper and using the device as required. They are only dangerous if the user has poor knowledge or is defiant.


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