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Cloud Chasing Tips: How To Get Big Clouds From Your Vape?

Forget about the “sweet” feeling or the pride of holding the latest mod some vapers perceive vaping is all about, but we’ve got a new game in the town; cloud chasing. It’s actually a sport whose main objective is to see who exhales the biggest vapor cloud with an RDA or pod mod. Sometimes referred to as “stunt vaping” professional vapers love participating in the game to compete for who blows out the largest and even the thickest vapor cloud.

Actually, it’s a sport with followers, sponsors, teams, and endorsements among others. Now, there are various ways on how to cloud chase responsibly and how to create huge vapor clouds. Participants in these contests are very passionate about it.

Various tips can assist you in blowing the largest and most dense clouds possible, but atimes it’s dangerous if you miss some crucial information; education is very key.

One of them is vape battery safety. There’ve been frequent cases of vapes exploding next to the vapers’ facing resulting in severe burns. This is usually caused by a lack of professionalism and failure to understand your device very well. You shouldn’t leave your mod battery charging unattended as it can end up exploding or catching fire.

Also, when the battery is overcharged, it can cause similar outcomes. Again, never charge your battery with an incompatible charger. Also, ensure that your battery can deliver the required power to allow you to shoot huge vapor flames in the air.

Best Vape Atomizers for Clouds

Probably you’ve heard it from your peers who have them in their houses, come across an article or blog post online describing it, or seen it at glance in your favorite store and you’re thinking of purchasing it for yourself.

Perhaps you’ve heard your friend mention how they enjoyed vaping with an RDA in their friend’s place and they request you to accompany them when they are going to purchase their own. Don’t worry, you will learn about the best mods for cloud chasing.

Professional vapers enjoy and prefer using these mods as they are user-friendly and embrace tons of options.

Best RDAs for Clouds and Flavor

Wotofo brings you some of the best vape atomizers in the market for cloud chasing.

Get A Cloud Chasing Mod Today!

1● Profile 1.5 RDA

Built from the merger between Wotofo and Mr. JustRight1. Designed with advanced features to enable easy building and delivery of the best flavor. Comes with a dual-post deck where these post clamp down creating a splendid connection with all sorts of the build. Besides its compatibility with mesh coils, it also performs well with different kinds of coils. The vape comes with tiny holes positioned on the cap sides allowing adequate airflow – completely adjustable/customizable to the users’ preference – into the channel.

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Designed and built by a Russian vaping enthusiast, a YouTuber, Vapor Place, the twenty-two-millimeter one-coil mouth to lung RDA comes with a droplet-shaped airflow design allowing vapers to customize their vaping experience, hence awesome delivery of flavor. Its splitting system gives soft, optimal vaporization and features a bottom-refilling design that prevents juice leakage. The vape mode comes in various colors such as stainless steel, gunmetal, black, blue, gold, and rainbow – for vapers with different color tastes.

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3● Profile RDA Titanium

The commemorative edition of Profile rebuildable dripper comes with ultra-intensive titanium – super hard, a symbol of strength – cover with exquisite treatment that gives it a cool, stylish, and beautiful exterior. Can you imagine yourself vaping from a strong gear having a delicate metalwork finish and powerful mesh mechanism for flavor delivery? Comfortably, the e-juice is transformed into a symphony charming your whole world.

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4● Wotofo Profile RDA

Built from the merger between two vape manufacturers, Wotofo and Mr. JustRight1. The Profile RDA is a high-tech and innovative device meant to deliver high-quality flavor. The RDA features a mesh-rebuildable coil technology designed for delivering that actual flavor taste. The modern vaping world accepts mesh heating technology as an unshakable heating mechanism that can deliver vape flavor in various ways.

Its characteristic spring-loaded cotton support makes the RDA ideal for mesh-coil uses – offers a perfect coupling with cotton to generate top-notch flavor. The RDA features a thick wick to allow powerful absorption of e-juice. Also, the vape is characterized by a beehive airflow that allows sufficient air exchange to offer top-notch flavor balancing and cloud generation. Additionally, the RDAs are available in different colors like stainless steel, gunmetal, black, blue, gold, and rainbow, for vapers with different color tastes.

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5● Recurve Dual RDA

It’s among the pioneer RDs featuring the latest merger between Wotofo and YouTuber Mike Vapes. The vape comes with deep e-juice wells – to enable less dripping, a stainless steel cover, as well as a gold-plated squonk pin – making it a perfect device for squonking. The RDA is characterized by the delivery of rich juice flavor as well as easy coil building.

It comes with a large build deck featuring tips to house dual coils. Recurve Dual RDA comes with a coil trimming tool to facilitate vapers in trimming their coil leads accurately to enable the perfect placement of the coils. Like most Wotofo brands, Recurve Dual RDA is currently available in six different colors: stainless steel, gunmetal, black, blue, gold, and rainbow, for vapers with different color tastes.

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6● Elder Dragon RDA

It’s a product of the merger between Wotofo and Ryujin, a Japanese YouTuber. The new dripping machine features four airflow channels. It features a drip tip four-terminal build deck that embraces the squonking mechanism. The RDA comes with a gold-coated bottom that feeds the 510 contacts as well as a drip tip adapter together with an angled jet-style air exchange mechanism.

When vaping, the airflow can easily be closed or opened with the four slots to the required satisfaction. Vaping with this kind of monster vape earns it the name “beast” while others call it a “temple.” The design is awesome, same as its delivery of flavor. Like other Wotofo brands, Elder Dragon RDA is currently available in six different colors: stainless steel, gunmetal, black, blue, gold, and rainbow, for vapers with different color tastes.

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7● Warrior RDA

The hi-tech Warrior RDA is a product of the collaboration between JMT Elite and Wotofo. The vape comes with a clamp-style dual post-easy-to-build deck that accommodates all-sized coils. The masterpiece of an RDA features a multihole beehive airflow system and is compatible with squonk mods.

The RDA features a 4-ml deep vape juice well and for versatility, it comes with a 510 drip tip adapter. The vaping monster comes with a pre-installed gold-coated squonk pin. Like most Wotofo brands, the hi-tech Wotofo Warrior RDA is currently available in six different colors: stainless steel, gunmetal, black, blue, gold, and rainbow, for vapers with different color tastes.

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8● Recurve RDA

Indeed the newest Wotofo brand available in the market, and a product of the merger between Wotofo and Mike Vapes. It features a critical set of features: a modern single-coil build deck, an angled airflow system, a squonk pin, and in different colors. The vape is glorified for its powerful flavor delivery facilitated by the adequate flow of air into the heated coil. Arguably, Wotofo is currently the largest vape manufacturer and plays a critical role in designing rebuildable atomizers. Its RDAs are superb devices for cloud chasing and the production of satisfying flavors. They are user-friendly and relatively inexpensive. With these vapes, vapers can vary the power output, adjust the airflow, and achieve large vapor clouds, without compromising the flavor.

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Tips for Blowing Large Vape Clouds

Generally, the more the airflow, the more the cooling and ultimately production of more vapor. The temperature must be kept as low as possible – with adequate airflow – to prevent burning of the wick and introduces a fresh airflow into the mix encouraging vapor condensation into clouds. This is the easiest way to generate huge vapor clouds with a typical vape.

Now, there are other ways – require learning and experience – that increase the size of your vapor clouds such as adjusting the power settings of the device, using powerful batteries, choosing the right coil resistance, sub-ohm vaping, and choosing a suitable vape juice for the formation of huge vapor clouds.

1● Adjusting Your Power Settings

A simple example, if you’re vaping at 100 watts, you’ll definitely generate a larger vapor cloud than when you’re vaping at 50-watts, provided you are using the same device and same vape juice.

Although this might appear straightforward, there’re various things that you must bear in your mind before cracking your device up to 200 watts. Increasing your power setting increases the amount of heat generated in the coil, that’s why we need that additional airflow. The heat needs to be counterbalanced with cool air. It’s neither wrong nor is it right to vape this way or that way, all you need is to experiment and determine your best spot.

Also, vaper’s preferences for the amount of airflow differ, that’s why it’s always right to experiment to determine what suits you. To choose the right power setting requires a vaper to choose their tank wisely. The bottom line is, you need plenty of power and maximum airflow to produce huge clouds.

2● Choose The Right Battery

Simpler vapes often work with fixed voltage settings. They can be used for cloud chasing. Vape mods offer variable voltages and wattages settings, providing vapers with a broad range of options. Mods are way preferred for cloud-chasing. Using a battery that supports adjustment of the power settings on the vape allows fine-tuning of the tank and resistance to achieve that sweetest spot you yearn for.

3● Choosing Your Coil Resistance

Simple rule; low-resistance coils achieve high temperatures needed to generate huge vapor clouds. The low-resistance coils generally work perfectly well with high-wattage settings. This demand goes hand in hand with the wicking material and type of battery. A low resistance coil requires a thick wick for maximum absorption of the e-juice for great vapor generation.

4● Sub-Ohming

For sub-ohm tanks, the resistance of the coil is generally below 1 ohm and are excellent devices for producing huge vapor clouds. Sub-ohming requires batteries with a sufficiently high discharging power/rating for low-resistance. The battery must have a “continuous discharge limit” to ensure continuous and safe current discharge.

5● Choice of e-juice

The e-liquid you choose determines the size of vapor clouds generated. Simple rule, the more the amount of vegetable glycerin (VG) in your e-juice, the bigger the size of your clouds. Going beyond 50 percent VG thickens the vape juice. E-juice concentration/strength is another critical factor when using low-resistance coils. High-nicotine strength implies that you’re producing huge clouds, thus balancing the two is very important.

Perfecting Blowing Technique

Generating huge clouds isn’t all restricted to using a particular vape. You can be having the exact device as an expert, but this does not necessarily mean your clouds will be awesome as theirs: your method/style means a lot. The most appropriate technique considers your mode of inhaling, exhaling, and even your body posture. Below is a step-by-step guide to blowing huge vapor clouds:

  • Exhale to entirely empty your lungs,
  • Slightly lean forward and remove the excess in the lungs
  • Exhale the remaining air through your device and see vapor escape through the vents
  • Inhale as strong and as long as you can while straightening your back upwards
  • Exhale steadily and at a normal speed while at the same time slightly pushing your jaw.
  • Afterward, when you’ve completely exhaled the air, tighten your lips. A powerful shot of vapor will be thrown into the air exploding into large clouds.


Producing massive vapor clouds is a hotly debated topic, but this article sets it clear on what ought to be done in terms of device selection, adjusting your vape and blowing technique. As it has always been stressful, the best thing is achieving your best vaping experience. If blowing huge clouds doesn’t satisfy you, then consider vaping for another reason. If it is, then do your thing to the fullest. Find someone else and compete who makes the biggest vapor clouds.


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