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What Are The Different Mouth To Lung Vaping Devices?

different mtl vaping devices

The vaping world has got as a variety of e-juice flavors, and every armature vaper requires a treat with concealed wonders of vaping experience.

In recent years, the “art” of vaping has gained more popularity since it became a global phenomenon, and particularly in the United States, the number of people who enjoy e-liquids has risen steeply in the last decade and continues to grow in every subsequent year.

In the previous polling, it’s been revealed other countries such as Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom are following suit.

If you are a beginner, definitely you will gain momentum, gain experience, and you’ll find out that there are different ways you can enjoy your vape juice, specifically by using different vaping devices.

Before knowing what the various mouth to lung (MTL) vaping devices are, you should know what is mouth to lung vaping.

A mouth to lung hit, flawlessly known as MTL or M2L vaping involves the inhaling of vapor into the mouth, letting it linger there for some time, and then drawing it to the lungs.

In other words, the vaper collects vapor into their mouth, fills it inside, and then inhales it into their lungs. The direct hit is bypassed by the mouth or by creating a stop in the mouth. Just like its similarity to smoking, MTL is a pleasurable way of enjoying vape among the majority of users.

Smokers have to suck the smoke from their cigarettes into their mouths before transferring it to their lungs.

In this article, a clear picture of what a vaping device is, the variety of MTL vaping devices (MTL Vape Kit), and their principle of operation are outlined.

So, what are the various MTL vaping devices? Typically, there are at least five different types of MTL vaping devices.

They include cigalike, pod system, all-in-one (AiO) vape kits, box mod kits, as well as vape pen kits.

Each device in the pool is characterized by its own unique features that distinguish it from the rest. One of the key aspects that cause distinction amongst the devices is the inbuilt elements such as coil types, pod (shape/type), casing (type/material), tank, among others.

Another aspect could be the form factor, and lastly, although this can be less significant is the battery size. Also, there’re MTL atomizers (e-juice containers), but these need to be used in hand with box mods.

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1. Cigalike MTL Vaping Devices

Compared with the Pod systems, cigalikes are much simpler but often weaker, have less power output, and short battery life. Cigalikes are true e-cigarettes as they take the same form factor, hence their name.


Truly, it is a cigarette-like MTL device but has somewhat comparable features like being heavy and bigger as it has a metallic body and space to accommodate the battery.

These devices are rechargeable and disposable at the same time. Unless you are doing it for fun, the disposable ones aren’t recommended as they are regarded to be too weak.

Well, the rechargeable ones are also too weak for vapers who are ex-smokers who want to meet the same satisfaction they got from cigarettes.

Fortunately, there is a remedy, they can try the cigarette 2.0, famously known as the Innokin I.O., it will serve them well.

Besides their distinctive form factor, and in comparison with other MTL vaping devices, cigalikes do not come with a fire button hence they’re draw-activated implying the vaper is only required to take a puff as they would do in a real smoking experience.

Their small size makes them carry the smallest batteries possible – with low power output. Cigalikes come with one of the ultra-high resistive coils and usually generate little vapor – due to a combination of the high resistive heating element and low power output – resulting in a weak hit.

2. Pod Systems

What’s so unique in these systems is the fact that these devices make use of “pods” hence the name Pod systems.

They’re customized tanks – to enable them to resemble the shape of pods – often built from plastic and comes with a non-replaceable coil as well as a wicking material.

The non-replaceable coil implies that the coil cannot be replaced if it’s worn out, the whole pod will have to be disposed of.

pod systems

Pod systems feature a filling port to allow vapers to insert their favorite e-juices unless they are of the form of “closed pod systems” where the pods are pre-filled with e-liquids and do not require refilling.

The closed pod systems aren’t recommended and MTLvaping.com does not promote/advertise them on their website as they are less convenient compared with refillable pod systems – they deprive vapers of their vape choice, come with low-quality e-juice, and have exaggerated price tags.

Pod systems are connected to electronics and batteries through conducting metal pins.

Typically, a pod system consists of two main parts: a casing encapsulating the electronic circuit and a pod (plus a chipset) and the battery which powers the devices. They come in a variety of form factors ranging from easy, stick, or pen-resembling devices to futuristic ones.

Although these devices may appear hard to recognize just by a mere look, as paradoxical as it may seem, it is a way to distinguish these devices from others.

True, since other MTL devices such as the box mods, the cigalikes, or vape pens are the way their names suggest.

The pod system is draw activated, comes with small-size batteries, has low power output, has high resistive coils, low to medium battery life, and generates less vapor.

Compared to cigalikes, pod systems generate a better thought hit although not to a satisfactory level – relies on the nicotine level in the e-juice as well as the VG and PG ratio but since the power output is relatively low, the hit is a bit low.

It’s recommended for ex-light smokers or persons who have never smoked in their lives. Also, these devices lack airflow control, are simple to use and maintain, and are considered to be great devices with regard to mood or context. They can serve well for people eyeing to quit smoking.

3. All in One (AiO) Vaping Kits

The AiO vape kit is a versatile MTL vaping device: it can be used as an MTL device or a direct to lung vaping tool where the combination of the battery and tank forms a single integrated as well as a visually compact unit.

Here, it is easy to guess the main distinction between an AiO vape kit and a pod system as we have already alluded the same in the above explanation: it is the fact that AiO vape kits come with replaceable coils.

Like the pod system, AiO kits come in a variety of shapes. Besides their ability to replace spoilt (worn out) coils, their major features are mostly the same as for pod systems despite being better and bigger.

They come in a relatively big size to accommodate their large-sized battery and tank. The all in one vape kits are characterized by:

● A firing button
● High power output
● Low to average coil resistivity
● Versatile: Can be applied with multiple types of coils
● Generate high vapor
● Deliver strong and more satisfying throat hit; smokers who desire to quit smoking are advised to buy the AiO kit as they will get a hit sensation equal or more to the ones they got from cigarettes.
● Relatively long battery life
● Has an airflow control

4. Box Mod Kits

The Box Mod kits come with two major distinctive features: the battery and tank where the tank is placed atop the battery.

As it’s suggested by the name kit, the components should match in terms of functions/design and must work appropriately with one another.

Also, as there are two distinct parts, there are two positive consequences: it is possible to combine a tank from the box mod with another mod.

Alternatively, it is possible to make a mod and insert a tank of your choice.

The obvious advantage with this matching is that the longevity of the components is guaranteed: should one stop working, you can use the other part with another one to get a full functioning kit.

The Box Mod kits have distinctive features such as:

● Delivery of high output power
● High flexibility
● Good longevity
● Peculiar design
● A highly complex design
● Screen
● Better functionality/performance
● An independent tank

Due to the above-mentioned properties, this form of MTL vaping device can work way better and deliver a tailored user experience.

With the sophisticated (advanced) chipset, the device delivers a powerful performance like the ramp-up period or control of power settings.

It also enables a good user-friendly experience. The screen displays the information about the conditions like values of power delivered, battery level, or counts of puffs drawn for a good user interface. Indeed, it’s a classy MTL vaping device to have around.

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5. Vape Pens Mod Kits

They can take the form of AiOs or Mod Kits in a pen format. Vape Pens are designed such that the tank sits comfortably atop the battery.

They are defined by their form factor as the name suggests. If the design consists of an independent battery and an independent tank, the vape pen is a box mod kit whereas when the two components are single integrated units, it is an AiO vape kit.

Although this device isn’t highly promoted in the MTLvaping.com website, if a vaper decides to purchase for this unit, it must verify if it meets the appropriate regulations by spotting the MTL coils.


That’s all about mouth to lung vaping devices. Hopefully, you have gotten a good idea of what an MTL vaping device is, the various MTL devices available, their features and principles of operation, and what devices suit what type of purpose. Hope the above list will help you to find the best mtl vape device and start vaping.


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