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Aug 03 2020 0 Comments

Pros and Cons of Vaping You Need to Know

pros and cons of vaping

Today, vaping is an increasing pattern in the world. It is progressive becoming equally helpful and pleasant to users. Millions of smokers are shifting from cigarettes to vapes. Notwithstanding, there are plenty of mixed opinions in the public domain about vaping.

Perhaps you might have read somewhere about the health benefits that come with vaping or an article that describes it as a harmful habit. Truly, disputes about its safety don’t end. Tabloid headlines continue to shout that vaping is dangerous while medical researches maintain that vaping is much safer and cleaner than smoking.

But we need to get the truth and check what are the pros and cons of vaping.

Pros of Vaping

benefits of vaping

1. It’s Safer Than Smoking

Probably the most obvious and greatest advantage of vaping: it is not characterized by the production of stinking smoke as tobacco smoking does. You might have overheard this from people discussing it or in the media. The unpleasant scent of burning cigarettes lingers in garments, hair, household items, et al.

Sorry for saying it but most smokers have a smell similar to an ashtray. Results of an extensive study conducted by the Royal College of Physicians, one of the most prestigious institutions with 35,000 medical practitioners across the world, show that vaping is 95% safer compared to smoking.

Vaping does not involve combustion like in smoking implying that there is no production of ash, tar, and smoke enabling the user to experience some health benefits. Ultimately, this translates to better mouth, respiratory and skin hygiene; blood circulation; and a good sense of scent and taste.

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2. No Toxic/Deadly Odors

Neither the vaper nor their environment would smell of smoke after vaping, unlike cigarette smoking. Instead, after vaping the vaper and their surroundings might smell some aroma coming from the flavors used, but not the unpleasant smell of burning dead tobacco leaves!

Some people might not observe the fragrance but others will compliment you about the sweet breath they are getting from your vape. On top of that, vaping gives you the enjoyment you deserve. It offers you a better perception of smoking, learning new vaping tricks like a dragon, waterfall, et al. It is a source of excitement and can be used as a sporting activity, for instance, cloud chasing.

3. Controls the Amount of Nicotine Intake

Vaping gives you the full authority on how to measure your nicotine consumption. E-liquids are available in all sorts of qualities in terms of nicotine level extending to zero- to high-level nicotine. It is easy and possible for vapers to make a precise choice of the amount of nicotine they want in their vape.

Generally, the majority of vapers tend to work their way down; start off with high levels of nicotine and later stick to zero-level nicotine e-juices, or even entirely eliminate it.

4. Controls the Output of Vapor

Vapers have absolute power over the amount of vapor they exhale. Small-size vapes such as pod vapor are meant to generate small vapor clouds whereas powerful devices such as pod mods are designed for cloud chasing purposes.

By making adjustments to the power output, airflow, and the type of coil enables vapers to tune the measure of vapor.

5. Wide Variety of Flavors

Regarding flavors, there are unlimited options to choose from. Each day there is the invention of countless flavors implying that vaping enthusiasts have countless alternatives to try.

Examples of available flavors in the market include fruits, menthol, and beverages among others.

6. Gets Instant Satisfaction

Vapes have a high convenience factor implying that vapers have the chance to stop their craving. Although modern vaping devices may need initial mending, the majority of these devices feature pre-filled tanks and are ready for instant use.

Alternatively, once the vape is filled with e-juice, taking a hit requires you to simply push the button or draw (auto-draw vapes) vapor through the mouthpiece to quench your throat.

While most vapes feature a rechargeable battery to power the atomizer, an average device can serve you through the day without needing much maintenance. As a matter of fact, the device is ready when the vaper is ready.

7. Wide Range of Prices

There is a wide selection of vapes in the market, regardless of the amount of budget you have budgeted for. Over the last few years, there has been increasing expansion of the vaping industry and tight competition among the manufacturers.

Consequently, a wide range of vapes has been dumped in the market, at affordable prices – from simple disposable e-cigarettes, vape pens to complex pod mods as well as top-shelf e-juices. If you have as little as a couple of dollars to spend, it’s possible to find a vaping device that can work with your favorite e-juice.

8. Experience, Not a Requirement

True, there are countless and even sophisticated vapes in the market, but there’re also those that work effectively with the newbies, for instance, pod vape and starter kit for vaping beginners. Some vapes are an automatic draw, they only require you to pull a puff and they are switched on.

9. Wide Availability and Accessibility

Today, vaping is more easily accessible than during its invention times. It is much easier to find vaping products even at your doorstep store, smoking shops, gas stations, and obviously in vape shops.

Vapes are manufactured in different designs, shapes, and sizes and there are always vapes that cannot hurt your pocket. Moreover, you can buy these products from online vendors that deliver them to your house. Today, in almost every single place selling tobacco products is most likely going to stock vaping products.

Cons of Vaping

Cons - Disadvantages of Vaping

1. The Options are Overwhelming

There are countless choices in devices, e-fluids, and even the styles of vaping. Sometimes vapers, especially beginners find it hard to process as compared to the ease of making a choice of a particular brand of cigarette. That is why newbies are recommended to begin with a starter kit.

Sometimes the shop attendants, vaping forums, or even friends help them find the way to do it right. Fortunately, the experienced ones find it okay to help their inexperienced friends.

2. Technology Learning

Besides the saturation of the vaping industry/market, the majority of vapes are for hobbyists.

Vapes with advanced hardware are meant for experts and come with complex information that beginners find it hard to understand. This may result in some people thinking that vaping needs complex knowledge or skills in order to do it properly. But that is wrong! Vaping is a simple procedure than it may appear.

3. Scary Headlines

Regardless of the available truth about vaping in the public domain, there are still myths about vaping frequently perpetrated in the media. There is some truth in some news but others totally contradict the story.

Nevertheless, almost everything in life is not safe from harm. Perhaps it’s the dirty game of competitions. But the truth is that vaping is safer and more beneficial than smoking.

4. Nicotine Stigma

Relative to other drugs, nicotine is lightweight. It is classified as a mild stimulant meant to paradoxically relax the user.

Notwithstanding, its history is undeniably connected to smoking – regarded as a dangerous activity – nicotine doesn’t have a good name. In fact, some people think smoking and nicotine are one and the same thing. then, if you are really going to consume it in your e-juice, you need to have a blind eye and grow some thick skin and teach yourself to neglect some bad talks and misinformed opinions from censorious people.

The majority of people out there know very little or nothing about nicotine, so don’t mind them. Also, a times vaping is treated as smoking: the act of pulling vapor from a burning bottle (vaping devices) and exhaling it to the environment is treated like exhaling smoke from a burning cigarette in the air. That is why there is the age limit for vaping and bans are imposed in some regions.

5. Cumulative Costs

Just like consumable goods, vaping products require you to commit repeated purchases. Regardless of the design of the vape, e-liquids always get depleted and there is a need to purchase another one.

Prices of e-juices and their quantities vary; there are expensive and cheap brands in the market. No matter how cheap it might be, the bottle will still get replenished. The price increases when you find yourself buying multiple flavors. That’s why most vapers opt for DIY e-liquids as it’s easy to prepare and less costly.

6. Perception

Depending on the country, state, or region, the minimum age of engaging in vaping activities is 18 or 21 years of age according to vaping laws. The age factor here is a major hurdle because of the popular perception about this activity is that it is for young adults.

The adults who love it are found in any age bracket above 18. However, it is sad though because the majority of older adults find it hard to follow the vaping culture, they perceive it as a youthful activity.

7. Uncertain Health Risk

Although medical studies about vaping show that there are no negative health effects, the information is not substantial because vaping is a new phenomenon, there is no adequate data about it.

So, when you are vaping you are certainly taking a risk that some severe outcomes might be found in the coming years. If you are doing it as a substitution to smoking, then you can take a rest knowing that you are safe from the well-known effects of smoking.


From the above discussion, it is easy to pick the points from both sides of the discussion. But considering vaping as a substitution to smoking, then it is certain it is safer among the two.


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