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The Best Vape Drip Tips to Try: An Ultimate Guide

best vape drip tips

If you’re a newbie in whatever perspective, never hate yourself for not knowing the complex terminology used in that particular field. The same thing happens when it comes to vaping; you will certainly be overwhelmed by the foreign terms you’ll be encountering until you get to know them.

For some terms, you’ll have some idea of what those terms might be implying while others will require you to seek some help from friends or the internet. For example, you may have encountered the term “drip tips” along the way and you’ve some idea it’s actually an end/tip or something of the kind. If that’s your understanding, then you might be right in some way.

Typically, a “drip tip” is a device or that part of a vape where a user draws vapor to their mouth. People who have been in the vaping game for some time have either used cartridges and/or cartomizers.

Drip tips are used as alternative accessories to cartridges and cartomizers. They are typically hollow mouthpieces from where you draw vapor from the vape into your lungs. When using drip tips, you’re required to drip/pour your vape juice straight into the atomizer, so you’re required to remove anything.

We cannot deny that the vaping industry is having endless creativity and innovation. Manufacturers are producing hits after another. Whereas some of the greatest achievements of the industry are focusing on modern and more advanced devices, drip tips might be viewed as very basic and simple devices but improve your vaping life in a way that you cannot imagine.


What is a Drip Tip?

A drip tip is also referred to as a mouthpiece and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are manufactured from different materials such as aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, or plastics. The material and length play a critical role in the performance of the drip tip as they greatly affect the vaping temperature.

For instance, a stainless steel drip tip cools off the vapor when it passes through it. When the length of the drip tip is made longer, a much cooler vapor will be delivered as it travels a much longer distance to reach the mouth.  

The phrase “drip tip” is borrowed from the term “dripping” which means pouring e-juice straight into the atomizer via the drip tip bore. Reason: To provide a constant crisp and clean vapor. Drip tips are placed straight on the atomizer letting the vape juice flow through it. Its design and shape play a very critical role in the kind of work it performs in an e-cig.

Drip tips differ depending on their intended use. For instance, there is a long drip tip with a narrow bore for offering a concentrated vapor that is rich in flavor. Wide-bore drip tips are used to permit more airflow thus reducing the flavor intensity.

Dripping e-liquid through the drip tip is not as simple as you might think. You must know the exact amount of juice you’re required to add, and the period you’re supposed to perform the subsequent dripping. Adding too little or not meeting the “deadline” can cause burnt taste. Also, adding too much e-liquid or too soon can result in an overflow.

To enjoy a long vaping session using the same vape juice without the hassle of having to continuously drip your e-liquid into the atomizer, then drip tips aren’t a good idea. A cartomizer will be a better option. But if you need a vaping session full of rich flavor and massive vapor clouds, drip tips will serve you very well. Anyone who attempts dripping will find it hard to look back as it takes their vaping experience to a level they cannot deny.

Nevertheless, it works best for adventurous vapers who love attempting different flavors. All that is required are just a few drops implying that as soon as the old e-liquid in the atomizer is almost dry, the remnants can be flushed out with the new juice.

Another advantage of drip tips is the ability to customize/tailor your device to achieve your preferred vaping experience. They are as well popular among cloud-chasers as they facilitate the production of huge vapor clouds.

Best Vape Drip Tips

Wotofo brings you some of the best vape drip tips and glass tubes in the market such as Wotofo Profile Unity Rta Glass Tube, Wotofo 810 Drip Tip, Wotofo Profile Unity Rta 810 Drip Tip, Wotofo Serpent Elevate Glass Tube, Wotofo Flow Pro Glass Tube, Gear Rta Bubble Tube, Wotofo Disposable Drip Tip 5pcs/Pack, Wotofo Recurve Dual Rda 810 Drip Tip.

● Wotofo 810 Drip Tip

This is the latest 810 drip tip by Wotofo for e-juice lovers. The Wotofo 810 Drip Tip is compatible with all kinds of rebuildable drippers and tanks (RDAs and RTAs). It’s manufactured from resin for longevity and quality. It features a thin inner bore to allow a concentrated and tighter draw for flavorful delivery of your e-juice flavor. Its outer side is thick to enable faster heat dissipation and comfort.

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● Wotofo Profile Unity RTA 810 Drip Tip

Upon its introduction, it became an instant hit in the market. The Unity RTA 810 Drip Tip was introduced to supply quality vapor. It’s resin made and compatible with all sorts of 810 tanks. It’s a perfect option for vapers who prefer flavor over vapor. Like the majority of Wotofo drip tips, the Unity RTA 810 Drip Tip comes with a narrow bore to allow a concentrated and tighter draw hence a flavorful vaping experience. Also, its outer side is thick to enable faster heat dissipation and comfort.

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● Wotofo Disposable Drip Tip 5pcs/Pack

Available in two sizes, 510 and 810 types. It’s indeed the best drip tip for sampling your e-liquid line. The manufacturer offers five colors to choose from: black, white, blue, red, and green. Manufactured from environment-friendly grade silicone and the accessory is 100% safe, resistant to excessive heat, and hygienic.

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● Wotofo Recurve Dual Rda 810 Drip Tip

They are similar to the drip tips used in Recurve Dual RDAs. They are designed with a wide bore and smooth exterior surface. They fit perfectly between your lips. Available in 810 sizes and three different colors. They’re manufactured from PC & PEI material, are easy to replace, and both frosted and transparent.

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Best Vape Glass Tubes

● Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Glass Tube

Build from pyrex material, the replacement glass is very durable. it’s available in 3.5- and 5.0-milliliter glass tubes.

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● Wotofo Serpent Elevate Glass Tube

Introduced to replace the previous Wotofo Serpent RTA. It’s constructed with Pyrex, the accessory is durable and of high quality. It’s available in 3.5- and 4.5-millimeters capacity.

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● Wotofo Flow Pro Glass Tube

It’s a replacement accessory of the previous Wotofo Flow Pro Subtank. It’s constructed with Pyrex, the accessory is durable and of high quality. It’s available in 4.0- and 5.0-millimeters capacity

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● Gear RTA Bubble Tube

The stylish looking Gear RTA Bubble Tube is manufactured from PC/glass material. It’s extremely durable and resistant to heat. Available in 3.5-milliliter and designed for long-term application.

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Choosing the Best Drip Tip

choosing the best drip tip

When choosing a drip tip, there are some factors that you must consider such as material, drip tips for cloud chasing, and drip tips for flavor delivery among others. Also, avoid buying very short drip tips manufactured from cheap materials as they are poor heat resistors and can harm your lips.

Best Material For Drip Tips

There are various materials used to make drip tips, but you should choose the right one depending on your vaping demands. For instance, if you’re outgoing and you love doing your stuff outdoors, you absolutely require a shockproof kind of drip tips such as stainless steel, wooden, and plastic made drip tips. For cloud chasing purposes, then you will require a drip tip that is resistant to heat because of the high temperatures emanating from the high wattage setting; and either a plastic or wooden drip tip can work excellently. If you like it fancy with beautiful finishing, then you can consider drip tips manufactured from stainless steel, glass, or wood.

Cloud Chasing

Consider the 810 drip tips; they are the best option. Typically, a good drip tip for cloud-chasing should have a wide airflow. An 810 drip tip comes with a wide bore and a wide opening thus improving the airflow into the system ultimately generating a large amount of vapor. Another factor you must consider is resistance to high temperatures (heat) as cloud-chasing uses high wattage generating a lot of heat. Sub Ohm Tanks are generally used to blow huge clouds.

Flavor Delivery

Consider the 510 drip tips: they are the best option. The 510 drip tips feature a narrow bore that allows a concentrated and tighter draw resulting in the best flavor delivery experience.

How Drip Tips Work?

how drip tips work

Unlike other traditional dripping methods, it’s surprisingly easy to use a drip tip. You need to just place the drip tip above the atomizer to create a straight channel between the mouthpiece and the wick in the coil. This is followed by dripping some vape juice through the drip tip with maximum caution to make sure that the coil is properly saturated.

Arguably, this process is the most challenging part of dripping vape juice into the atomizer through the drip tip. Because it’s hard to see whether the wick is properly saturated, the dripping process is turned into a game of guessing.

Tool little vape juice and your cotton will be burnt, causing a harsh dry hit and destroying your coil. Too much vape juice and your atomizer will overflow with liquid.

Put into consideration the type of vape coil that you’re using – coils vary in design and thickness. This will influence how often you’re required to drip juice into your device. The best of it is that when you stick to that particular device, you’ll learn to figure the appropriate balance.


Drip tips are independent pieces on a vape hence they can be easily unscrewed and cleaned. This’s an advantage as cleaning the vaping devices is very important. Pretty much everything may it be saliva droplets or food particles that touch the drip tip leaves remnants on it.

Frequent cleaning of the device should be a habit. You’re only required to run hot water on the piece and use a dry cotton cloth to dry it. Alternatively, you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean it followed by warm water to rinse it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drip Tips


There are a couple of reasons for trying drip tips when vaping. Although they are a bit more challenging compared with traditional devices, they are way easier than conventional dripping. They are relatively inexpensive; talk of a few bunks for a unit. And then compare them with rebuildable drippers that can cost you up to $50, drip tips are way cheaper.

Discussing the cotton, traditional RDAs require manual wicking, which sometimes it’s an ordeal, especially for newbies. The drip tips work excellently with atomizer coils, so you just need to replace the coils. Also, vaping with drip tips elevates your experience to another level; it improves the flavor delivery of your e-juice.

Moreover, it facilitates the production of huge vapor clouds for cloud chasers. It’s easy to switch between different flavors when using drip tips. As soon as the old e-juice is almost dry, you are only required to drip the new one and the setup is ready for use. Although there might be some flavor ghosting, it’s not as bad as the one you may get when using a typical tank.


First of all, these accessories are inconvenient as they don’t use tanks. The vapers are required to frequently feed their vape because it only takes a few drags and the device is empty. Also, these devices can be messy, particularly for newbies who haven’t figured out the best e-juice balance for their coil.


To achieve the best vaping experience, always ensure that you’re using your drip tip correctly, otherwise, it can turn to be a serious safety hazard. Don’t purchase cheap ones processed from inferior materials. Follow the rules to the later to achieve the best out of it.


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