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The Most Popular Vape Tricks You Need to Know About

vaping tricks

Recall your first time seeing a smoke trick. Perhaps you’re watching a movie, a video, or a certain friend was showing off. Undoubtedly, you’re impressed. Smoke tricks appear cool and sweet! And they have been around for some time. Probably you’ve seen some smokers try them with cigarette smoke, but that weak kind of smoke limits their hype.

With vaping, you can boast of something thick and complete to work with. Vapor enables you to generate impressive and defined vape tricks, supplementing another superb reason to dump cigarettes and join the new style. Now, the world of vaping has gained tremendous popularity over the last couple of years.

You might be already aware of the vaping myths and facts. Besides the proven facts that vapes are less harmful than cigarettes, some vapers vape for entertainment purposes. They go beyond by performing various cool tricks like the dragon, vapor bubble, waterfall, blowing smoke rings (Os rings), double and triple smoke rings, bull rings, tornado, and French inhale among others. Professional vapers keep on inventing new tricks.

To perform the most hyped vape tricks, you must ensure that you are having a good vape mod or a sub-ohm tank since it will be completely impossible to do any of the mentioned vape tricks with an ordinary e-cig.

Secondly, you must adjust the device to ensure that it delivers the best results.

Thirdly, most of these tricks require you to inhale and exhale huge amounts of vapor; you must therefore choose the right vape flavor, perhaps one with high VG content. Also, inhaling too much nicotine subjects you to dizziness, so you can even opt for a zero-nicotine vape flavor.

Lastly, avoid a windy environment. Even a surrounding with slight draughts isn’t ideal for most of these vape tricks. If possible shut the windows and turn off blowing fans.

Let us introduce some cool devices to perform vape tricks and competition

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Now, let us check the various vape tricks that are popular and how to perform them.

1. Blowing Smoke (O’s) Rings

If you’d like to shift from the odd and rather primitive vape tricks to more advanced ones, then blowing smoke rings or basically vapor rings when exhaling is an important style.

With proper practice, you can blow O’s strings continually one after the other and even manipulate their shape and size.

How to blow smoke rings

You need to inhale vapor and keep it in your throat. You don’t necessarily have to pull a huge amount of it, so a small one for beginners. Resting your tongue on your mouth floor, then slightly push the back of the tongue towards the back of the throat.

Keeping your lips taut, curve them around the teeth making the shape of the letter “O”. Then push the vapor outside with the pulsing of the throat like you are coughing.

2. Double and Triple O’s

Blowing smoke rings is an old trick that was invented by smokers: no one is much surprised or it doesn’t get that wild attention from lookers. When you’ve mastered the typical O’s rings, then you can venture to more advanced tricks like exhaling two, three, four, or even more rings simultaneously.

How to blow double & triple smoke rings

Begin by pulling a long puff from your mod. Then with your mouth slightly opened, place a finger or two fingers (to blow two and three O’s rings respectively) on the lips. Slowly exhale while flicking your throat on its side using a finger of the other hand. Although this may seem a bit hard, practicing it will enable you to create a room with small O rings.

3. The Dragon Trick

how to do the dragon vape trick

Of the easiest vape tricks that you might have attempted, the Dragon is one of them. With just a few rounds of practice, you will find yourself breathing vapor like a beast. It’s an extravagant style that leaves you looking literally like a fire dragon. Undoubtedly, it’s a vape trick that impresses everyone who seems to care about vaping.

How to do the dragon vape trick

You essentially have to blow vapor through four different parts: your two nostrils, and the two corners of your mouth. Now, the vapor is sent through the corners of your mouth by keeping the center of your lips touching while exhaling. And that may need you to do some practice. You need to pull as much vapor as you can but don’t inhale it.

Once you attain the maximum amount of vapor in your mouth, push it out through your nostrils and the two corners of your mouth, all simultaneously. You need to push it as fast as you can applying some force. Adding a mean glare to this trick leaves you looking like a damn scary hell.

#4. Bane and French Inhale

This is another subtle easy trick of vaping which even comes with a fancy name. Now, after dragging vapor into your mouth, you release it and it’s inhaled through your nostrils. It resembles an inverted waterfall.

The initial step resembles a ghost hit – taking a pull from the mod without inhaling it. then letting the vapor sit in the mouth when the lips are shut. Then slowly open your mouth, and release the vapor.

How it’s done

After the drag, allowing the vapor to sit in the mouth. Slowly open your mouth, then push the lower jaw allowing the vapor to naturally leave the mouth. The innovative aspect of this trick is that the existing vapor is continually inhaled through the nostrils.

For the Bane part of the trick, with the aid of your teeth, block the vapor way such that it comes out in a form of thin pipes that leaves you looking like Bane (DC Villain).

#5. Liquid Mist

Liquid Mist is actually a thrilling vape trick for impressing your peers when you’re chilling somewhere in the pub or parting in the hoods. You can easily form a mist atop of your whisky or beer and make it appear like some sort of potion.

How it’s done

You begin by taking a glass of a cold drink, may it be your favorite cider or lager, preferably one having a wide diameter. If your glass is full, then enjoy your drink until it's half-full when it’s the perfect time to start your wow-thing!

Pull some nice rip from the vape mod. With the vapor inside your mouth, with your lips, touch the rims of your whisky glass like you’re taking a sip, and slowly exhale that vapor. What a nice look, the vapor will magically stay atop of your whisky.

#6. Bull Ring

bull ring vape trick

It’s a somewhat fierce-looking vape trick but someone who can blow smoke rings with ease can as well do bull rings comfortably. Like O rings, this trick comes in shapes of O. rather than the oral cavity, the vapor is exhaled through the nostrils. Basically, the result is an O ring blown through the nose.

How it’s done

The bull ring vape trick

There is no pain as some would think, so don’t fret. You simply need to blow a medium-sized smoke ring, then using your nostrils, draw inside (Inhale) the top section of the ring. It takes some time to master, so don’t hurry to learn.

#7. Triangle

Once you can confidently blow O rings, then try playing with the O shape to make it triangular.

How to make triangle with vape

You need to exhale an O ring and gently push the ring using your hands. By quickly tapping one side of this ring, you will notice that it will bend forming a triangle. What matters here is the timing of the handwork to obtain the best results. Also, learn how and when to push and tap the ring. The right timing makes you produce nice triangles.

#8. Cheerios

The vape trick is common but needs some practice to master.

How to do cheerios with vape

Begin by pulling a long drag from your mod and inhaling it to the back of your throat. During this time, the tongue is resting on the floor of the mouth and pulled towards the back of the throat. With your mouth shaped in O-shape and while the lips are stuck out, a small amount of vapor is pushed out of the throat. It’s similar to blowing smoke rings only that the cheerios O rings are much tinier.

#9. The Jellyfish

When done right, this vape trick is a favorite one. It resembles exactly like the jellyfish underwater. It’s also referred to as the Atomic bomb. The whole idea is creating a tiny smoke ring at the center of a large one such that they later form a jellyfish.

How to blow jellyfish vape

All you need is blowing a smoke ring, then with the help of the palms create an airflow, pulling the O ring. Afterward, exhaled vapor right in the center of that flying smoke ring.

#10. Tornado

vape trick tornado

It’s actually one of the simplest tricks that require you to use your hands. Although the name may sound fun or rather intimidating, rest assured this kind of vape trick is going to impress anyone who comes across it.

The whole idea involves forming a flat vapor pool that creates a tornado shape, that is, the huge cloud of vapor is manipulated with the hand to make a swirl like that of a tornado. The tornado cannot be done in a car as it needs you to have a flat surface. This trick is particularly suitable and ideal with a vape mod that produces a thick and still vapor.

How to do a vape tornado

All you need to know/do about Tornado is exhaling your vapor with much care, but making sure that this is done on a superbly flat surface, and keeping it in mind that the vapor has to be pretty thick. The other thing that you must know is how to apply your hands and how to chop the surface. Then flick your wrist up and raise your arm. Ensure that this is done all simultaneously. You can stand back and view the twister shape form.

#11. Vapor Bubble

Just like the name suggests, it’s a vape trick that requires you to make a large bubble. All you need is to trap the vapor you drag from your mod inside a bubble.

How it’s done

For Vapor Bubble, you may need a couple of supplies: soapy water, a vape mod (obvious), a roll of toilet paper, and sans paper. You’re required to dip the end of the toilet paper into soapy water that cues it up the same way you’d a bubble wand. This is followed by taking a long pull of vapor from your mod and blowing it inside the toilet paper roll. When you find that your bubble is reasonably large enough to favor your fancy, then poke it to expel the vapor.

#12. Waterfall

This superb vape that typically turns to vape appears like a heavy water-like substance that flows down a bottle. The impressive waterfall trick isn’t a difficult style to master.

How to do waterfall vape

You need to have a bottle that holds some frozen water at the bottom. As you’re pulling vapor from your mod, you blow it into the bottle – through the bottle inlet, and slowly pour the vapor out.


#13. Ghost Inhale

It’s a very simple vape trick. Anyone can try it even on their first day of vaping. It’s therefore an ideal trick for newbies and learning it is pretty easy and cool. It resembles a capser-like releasing of vapor balls, followed by rapidly sucking it back. It’s also referred to as the Mushroom Cloud, and it’s a natural trick.

How to ghost inhale

You begin by taking a long vapor pull into your mouth, keeping it there without inhaling. The vapor is allowed to sit in the mouth for a couple of seconds before releasing it. Afterward, the ball is released out of the mouth shaped like a ball.

To perfect this, you just open your mouth, shape it like a ball, and close it rapidly. Without forcing the vapor out, you have to hold your breath and immediately the vapor leaves the mouth, you act like you’re sucking it back. After learning Ghost Inhale, you’ll find yourself doing it in more complicated ways.


Some vape tricks are easy while others require you to do a lot of practice to master. You can try all to show off to your mates how smart you are!

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