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How to Blow Smoke Rings? A Guide on Vaping Tricks

how to blow smoke rings

Oh yes! It’s really sweet. Nothing thrills your vaping life better than having the ability to show off some of the exemplary tricks to your mates. But there is a problem. You’ll find it easier to just say that you can do them than actually doing them. First, you need to know how to vape properly. Without the right knowledge and skills, you’ll definitely end up making a stupid buddy out of yourself.

But we’re here for you – to save you from unnecessary embarrassment. The commonest trick if not the best is teaching yourself how to blow smoke rings. In fact, they’re an all-time classic that the majority of cigarette smokers have often tried. But with vaping, they luckily come out larger, sweeter, more appealing, and better. To do it properly, you need to learn a few tips to enable you to blow them the right way.

Call them smoke rings, vape rings, or O’s rings, just the way you want, but in a real sense, they bring fun and look pretty cool when you’re blowing vapor. For centuries, people have been practicing vape rings.

“Smoke rings” is the original name and they were blown using cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. Upon the introduction of vaping as a new and better way of ingesting nicotine, smokers switched and found that they could carry this trick game to an entirely new level.

Besides, the vapor is much thicker compared to smoke, which makes it ideal for performing O’s rings. There’s nothing sweeter than drawing, inhaling a cool vapor cloud then followed by puffing out elegant smoke rings. If you’ve had the chance to try it but never knew the correct way of doing it, sorry for that.

Nevertheless, using the right technique and some bit of practice, you’ll realize blowing O’s rings is quite easy. Obviously, the precondition for blowing vape rings is to puff out huge vapor clouds.

If you aren’t sure where to blow O’s rings, don’t worry, many players are as well looking for a suitable place like you. For newbies, a home or parking lot is recommended. For veterans, they can enjoy it in outdoor spaces like football pitches or basketball courts, probably with their mates.

The other thing, you need a huge smoke tank or an atomizer to play with huge vapor clouds. An RDA vape will be a good idea. Also, choose your vape flavor wisely. Go for the one that has 100% pure vegetable glycerin (VG) smoke oil. Remember the higher the concentration of VG in the juice, the thicker the vapor generated.

Most importantly, check your battery wattage, it’s the basis for generating vapor. Higher capacity batteries will imply huge smokes will be generated. Moreover, the maximum current is another significant factor in batteries. Ensure your battery dissipates the right amount of power to generate huge vapor clouds.

How To Make Smoke Rings?

The first thing you must consider when settling for smoke rings is the type of vape you will use. The other thing is creating or looking for a quiet, nice, and calm surrounding with minimal moving air as it will disrupt your vapor – still air allows the O’s rings to grow to their full glory and stay for some time. With these in place, then you can begin blowing your smoke rings.

Now, any skill, tactic, or trick requires some kind of learning with stepwise phases. You can opt for the easiest way to blow O’s rings before proceeding to the complex ones.

Begin by drawing vapor into your mouth, twist your lips to form a circle – O’-shape, tap your cheek, and send out the vapor. With that simple technique, you can now understand what your mouth should be looking for and the proper vapor amount you should pull and push to achieve an impressive smoke ring.

From that far, you will start learning how to push vapor with your tough in pulsating motions and in short breaths. You will only push huge smoke rings once you’ve mastered the method with bits of puffs.

Let us introduce some cool devices to blow smoke rings

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Founded on the old-days smoke rings ways but improved for vaping, vape rings are the basis of the most revamped tricks associated with vaping. Performing smoke rings is a popular trick but requires your effort and time to master. In summary, it requires taking a puff on your vaping device like sub ohm vape tank which produces huge clouds, and pulling the vapor past your throat.

All this time, the tongue is at the floor of your mouth and drawn to the back of the throat. With your lips, create a round “O” shape. With your throat, exhale some small amount of vapor in shortened pulse movement, just like you will experience a subtle cough. Now, that size of O between your lips will correlate to the vape ring produced. Always remember to keep your lips tucked in rather than pushing them out – one of the common mistakes made by beginners.

Is it possible to blow two or more O rings at once? Of course, you can. The process is even impressive. You are required to simply place your finger over the mouth, press, and pull down slightly atop in order to split the mouth opening into two parts.

From this technique, you can achieve two O’s from a single opening. For three rings, you can repeat the process but this time with two fingers placed before your mouth opening to split it into three parts. For the best results, try opening your mouth a bit wider.

Easy Ways of Blowing Vape Rings

Easy Ways of Blowing Vape rings
  • Draw a huge/mouthful of vapor from your vape: but don’t inhale, let the vapor sit in your mouth cavity while your lips are closed; you’re about to make a huge and thick O ring. Besides, you’re going to enjoy the flavor in a better way, particularly if you are feeding on a flavored shisha.
  • With your finger, press the tongue against the mouth floor: while your lips are still closed, move your tongue to the back of your throat and press it against the mouth floor. This way, the vapor will be pushed towards the back of the throat paving a way for O’s rings to pass through.
  • Shaping your lips and cheeks such that you’re sucking on a lollipop, shaping your mouth to resemble a circle: assuming that you were sucking on a vanilla lollipop and bringing the cheeks such that they form a circle is a way to go. Open your mouth and position your lower jaw backward.
  • Clicking the lower jaw forward to eject an O’ ring: to push out the vapor that resembles smoke rings, first maintain the circle between your lips, and then click the lower jaw forward. The action of clicking the jaw forward generated a short burst of breath creating nice round-shaped O’s rings into the air.

Adding Speed to Your Smoke Rings

Adding Speed to Your Smoke Rings
  • After you’ve mastered the fundamental method, attempt blowing rings with backspin: as you’re feeling the vapor leave through your lips, try pushing your tongue forward and keep it pointing downwards. Never attempt bringing the edge of the tongue above the teeth. Otherwise, it will temper with the O’ ring. Let the tongue behave like a conveyor belt. Simultaneously, bring your lower jaw rapidly upward while rapidly and slightly tucking the lips inwards. This way, a back-spin will be created on the vapor, making the vape ring a bit more tight and beautiful.
  • Making your vape rings to travel faster, push your tongue a bit faster alongside rapid jut of the jaw: the combination of two movements should be the last motions to blowing a smoke ring, implying that they are the motions that force the vape ring from the lips. The only difference between this method and introducing a backspin is that in the former method you’re required to push the lower jaw forward whereas in the latter technique you’ll need to push the lower jaw upward.
  • Your lips will affect how farther the smoke rings travel: curling your lips quickly after closing and opening the glottis makes the vape rings to travel faster and farther

Blowing Smoke Rings for Beginners

Blowing Smoke Rings for Beginners
  • Blowing O rings with slight taps on the cheek: some people consider this technique as “cheating”. Nevertheless, it’s a quick and easy method of blowing small vape rings without the need to master the throat method. It involves:
    • Gathering vapor in the mouth, without inhaling
    • Forming the lips into a small O shape
    • With the tongue, blowing the vapor out slowly, flicking the cheek repeatedly. For each tap on the cheek, a mini O-ring will be blown out.
    • Doing this in a constant stream of flicks with breaks
  • Applying the tongue-push technique for O rings: this way, you’ll basically use your tongue to push vapor past your lips: blowing is not required. Start by curling your tongue back toward the throat while its edge sits on the mouth floor, such that it makes a “U” shape. Using the flat tongue surface, the vapor is pushed out of the mouth. This is done by dragging the tongue tip over the mouth floor while maintaining its “U” shape intact. Notwithstanding, the small O rings generated this way have a short life in the air.
  • Using cellophane wrapper: it’s an alternative technique that involves burning the hole in a cellophane wrapper. After you’ve inhaled the vapor, then blow it into the hole and gently click on the side of the wrapper without the hole. You will get an O ring from this setup.

Common Reasons Why You Won’t Blow Vape Rings

Practicing O rings can be thrilling especially when you are the kind of person who likes showing off to your mates. Nevertheless, not everyone has the luck of generating them. There are reasons behind why you are failing every time you try:

  • Wrong method: probably you are adopting a poor technique to blow vape rings. For instance, you might be using a spin to blow O rings and this will make them last longer in the right shape than when you fail to. If you’re blowing vapor in the “O” shape without spin, believe me, that O will disappear before it’s even formed.
  • Wrong form: achieving the correct form or simply the correct O shape with your lips requires you to flatten the lips against the teeth, and avoid puckering them or even curling them inward. If you fail to achieve this shape, forget about blowing smoke rings.
  • You have insufficient vapor: if you don’t inhale enough vapor, then there is no way you’re going to generate vape rings. Reason: you need massive amounts of vapor to form O rings.
  • Environment: how windy is the surroundings when you’re enjoying your vape. Even the slightest draft will not allow you to generate any vape ring. So make sure that the surrounding is calm before you switch on your device.
  • Practice: are you experienced? How long have you been in the game? It’s only a dragon that can blow fire and smoke rings without needing any kind of experience. Now since you aren’t a dragon, you must learn, practice time and again, and become an experienced smoke ring blower.


Vape flavor influences the amount of vapor generated; we cannot ignore that factor. This implies that you must choose the right vape flavor to generate nice vape rings. A thicker one will result in thicker clouds and nice O rings.

The correct PG/VG ratio should be used. But it will depend on the vaper. Whereas some vapers will only blow great O rings with 100% VG vape flavor, others will do the same with a 50/50 ratio. But the proven ratio for O ring production is 70 VG /30 PG. It’s the ratio that the majority of vapers find suitable and comfortable with.

As you work on perfecting generating O rings, you must consider the type of vape you are using. The type of vaporizer will significantly affect these vaping tricks. It should be that kind of vape that correctly balances power and airflow. Perhaps a box mod vape will serve you well.


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