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A Guide To Mesh Coils

guide to mesh coils

In the vaping world, mesh coils are undoubtedly trending and gaining popularity each day among vapers. Vape producers and manufacturers respond to this trend and consumer demand by upgrading their vape and coil designs to incorporate mesh coils.

The best vape and vape accessories producers and manufacturers make leaps and bounds to incorporate mesh coils because they understand how much of a game-changer mesh coils are for vaping.

While the hardware itself isn't massive by any means, it serves its purpose and provides the ultimate way to maximize vapour and flavor production for vapers.

If you consider investing in a vape starter kit containing a mesh coil, you undoubtedly should!

Mesh coils are so popular now that previously, during the initial RDA days, vaping using sub-ohm tanks required sacrifices on battery life.

However, mesh coils have excited vapers everywhere because they can maintain their battery lives more efficiently and continue to chase clouds effectively.

Even with zero ramp-up time and low wattage, mesh coils can achieve vaping temperatures faster and create large, impressive vapor clouds.

This blog will be a comprehensive guide for using mesh coils.

The Importance of Surface Area

Vape manufacturers make their primary goal when creating coils to maximize their surface area. In the past, dual coils were standard. These were coils that had two sets of wires attached to them. Dual coils are still used to this day!

A innovation that came about is to create vertical chimneys that add more significant surface area to the vape. You must be wondering why surface area even matters.

The vapor all vapers love comes into being because the flavored liquid in the vape makes contact with the coil in your vape. Since a larger surface area in the coil region can heat up more of the liquid at a time, a coil with a larger surface area results in more vapor per volume liquid.

Experts also debate that you will get a more potent flavor hit when using a coil with a more expansive surface area.

What are Mesh Coils?

It can be easy to mistake a mesh coil for having a mesh on a coil with a traditional appearance. But this image is far from the truth! A mesh coil will look like a metal slab with punches created in it.

This design of mesh coils is highly effective because it reduces the overall volume and simultaneously maximizes surface area. This design is highly efficient and effective because it results in a far more significant interaction between the coil and the flavored liquid, resulting in much more vapor and flavor.

The material used to make mesh vape replacement coils can be Kanthal or stainless steel. While mesh has been around previously, it used to serve as a wicking material. However, now, cotton is used for this purpose more frequently as a standard practice.

Mesh vaping has made a resurgence in vaping, though, and is used more frequently now than in the past.

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How Mesh Coils Work

The greater surface area within the coil allows for more significant friction with the wicking material and, therefore, the liquid. When you heat the coil in the vape, the liquid is vaporized all at once. This procedure works more efficiently than if it were to with a sole vertical wire coil.

Mesh Coils Vs. Regular Coils

Vape replacement coils come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. You may be wondering how a mesh coil precisely stacks up against regular coils.  

As discussed previously, one option is a sole vertical coil. This type of coil is standard in the industry and is very commonplace. It has been reported to deliver flavor effectively, but it doesn't produce as much vapor.

You also have the option of "multiple" vertical coils. Whether you want dual, triple, or even quad vertical coils, these come under the more extensive term multiple vertical coils. The results for this type of coil have reportedly been the opposite of those with single vertical coils.

Instead of decent flavor and little vapor, multiple vertical coils produce decent vapor and minimal flavor due to its power requirements.

Your third option is net coils. Net coils are similar in construction and architecture to mesh coils and provide more significant surface area. Therefore, its results are comparable to those of mesh coils due to the surface area.

Mesh vape replacement coils are one of the most effective options available for you in the market. Their significant surface area makes all the difference you need. Out of these options, they will provide the most effective flavor delivery and vapor output without compromising on the hit.

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How to Prime Your Mesh Coil

How to prime mesh coil

Once you've gotten your brand new mesh coil out of its packaging, gently drop the vapor liquid between the top of the mesh until it reaches the top of the cotton. The wicking holes or areas should be covered with the liquid, so you must keep dripping the liquid until they are soaked and cannot take more.

Once you've completed this process, you have successfully primed your mesh coil. Your next step is to seal your best sub-ohm tank and fill it with the liquid.

Pro tip: if you leave the apparatus for a little while and allow the cotton to absorb even more liquid, you will avoid getting dry hits. Dry hits occur when the mesh coil is new but can be avoided if you maximize the liquid within the coil before installing it in your best sub-ohm tank.

If you appropriately prime your vape and mesh coil each time, you shouldn't run into any dry hits. If you still receive dry hits, though, there is a possibility your mesh vape replacement coil may be defective. In that case, you must get it exchanged or obtain a new one as soon as possible.  

Benefits of Mesh Coils

To effectively understand why mesh coils are revolutionary compared to traditional coils, you must understand their benefits and how they result in awe-inspiring cloud chasing.

The most significant advantage of mesh vape replacement coils is, you guessed it, their relatively large surface areas. Consumers and manufacturers alike believe this higher surface area results in many other advantages.

Firstly, you will experience a more consistent vape flow because of regular heat distribution in the coil and vape itself.

Your vaping experience will be quieter overall because the vape will not create pops and cracking noises as you inhale. Your vapor will also be produced more efficiently from the get-go rather than slowly building.

As a whole, your vape will be cooler because the mesh will distribute heat equally and effectively.

The coils will last longer overall. Usually, a coil will burn out because too much heat was applied in one specific area of the coil.

However, with the even heat distribution inherent in mesh coils, you will notice a significantly reduced probability of burning out. Therefore, these coils will generally last longer.

You will save on power because mesh coils require significantly lower power levels to operate effectively. A mesh coil will work at optimal performance using far lower wattage than traditional wound coils would. Therefore, your battery will last longer, and you can vape for more time.

Downsides of Mesh Coils

One disadvantage of having more vapor due to increased surface area is that more liquid is used per puff. Some argue that there are slightly greater health risks with more vapor and push for single coil usage.

Also, mesh coils don't get as hot as some other coils. Some vapers prefer warm vapes. For those vapers, this type of coil might not be ideal.

Choosing Liquids for Mesh Coils

Initially, mesh coils were only geared towards liquids with high EG levels. However, now specific mesh coils can be used alongside liquids with an equal ratio of VG to PG.

Additionally, they can be used with Nicotine salts!

You may be wondering how you can go about finding the most suitable liquid for your mesh coils. The rule of thumb is that DL or Direct-to-Lung coils are suited for VG liquids.

On the other hand, MTL or Mouth-to-Lung coils work better with an equal VG to PG ratio alongside Nicotine salts.

You will want to stick to a lower wattage for the MTL coils and a higher one for the DL ones in terms of power.

Regarding resistance, you will need lower resistance levels for higher VG levels. If this part is confusing, it's alright because the coils will be accurately labeled as DL or MTL for you to understand the coil's requirements.

Choosing Sub-Ohm Tanks for Mesh Coils

The best sub-ohm tanks now incorporate mesh vape replaceable coils. Mesh coils are even used for MTL tanks. Mesh coils are a highly effective option for sub-ohm tanks. Their consistency and not having any room for hot spots results in far fewer dry hits. This significantly reduced probability is the case even with a higher power!

You must note that your liquid will be used up much faster when you use a higher power with a mesh coil. Therefore, you must be prepared to regularly top up when you use a sub-ohm mesh coil.

However, you will obtain excellent flavor output and brilliant vapor clouds on the bright side when you vape with a sub-ohm mesh coil.

Additionally, your vaping experience will be very consistent. Since a mesh vape replacement coil will contain regularly punched holes, there will be no extra pieces of wire or hot spots to be found.

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