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The Best Sub Ohm Tanks in 2022 for Clouds and Flavor

best sub ohm tanks

Even if you’ve never had the chance to vape from one, perhaps you’ve seen or heard about sub-ohm tanks from your friends, in the print media, or on the internet. If not, probably you may be wondering how special or different sub-ohm tanks are from the other types of vapes.

And odds are, you might be thinking they are special equipment worth your money and time designed to deliver incredible clouds and flavors. If that’s what’s going in your head, then you’re right. Sub-ohm tanks give you a run for your money and it’s worth an investment.

You might already know what is a sub-ohm tank. Vaping with sub-ohm tanks is apparently referred to as sub-ohming. Vapers who switch to sub-ohming “confess” an incredibly enhanced vaping experience, with significant improvements in the production of flavor and vapor and even their overall satisfaction is awesome. The reason behind this experience is that the technology behind these devices allows the production of relatively large, flavorful, nicotine-enriched, and smooth vaping experience.

In recent years, sub-ohming is becoming a popular technique amongst the members of the vaping community. Wotofo receives a countless number of questions regarding sub-ohming tanks and sub-ohming in general:

  • What’s it all about
  • How does someone get started?
  • What are the best sub-ohm tanks with mesh?
  • What’s the best VG/PG ratio mix for sub-ohming
  • What’s the best vaping temperature for sub-ohming,

What are the best sub-ohming products in the market among others?

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best sub-ohm tanks for cloud and flavor production.

Factors to Consider for Best Sub Ohm Vaping Experience

The use of premium materials is recommended to enjoy safe and smooth sub-ohming. Vapers are advised to take time to understand the various types of coils (for example, wire and mesh-like coils), wattage, and resistance levels to understand the best combination.

In particular, three factors must be considered when sub-ohming to achieve the safest and best-vaping experience: coil resistance, wattage, and VG/PG ratio.

● Ideal coil resistance:

It’s a significant factor in sub-ohming. Heating elements (coils) with a large surface area have increased area of current conduction consequently resulting in low resistance. This is the ideal condition for sub-ohming for vapers to enjoy huge vapor clouds with low resistance.

● Wattage:

Refers to the power that an electrical unit generates. High wattage results in the production of more heat, more flavor production, and huge vapor clouds.

● Best VG/PG for sub-ohm tanks:

VG/PG ratio is considered as they significantly affect your vaping experience. A general rule for sub-ohming is that an ideal VG/PG ratio has higher vegetable glycerin (VG) than propylene glycol (PG). Any ratio above 60/40 for VG/PG is okay. Sub-ohm vaping increases the amount of nicotine ingested due to the increased vaporization, implying that an ideal sub-ohming e-juice must have low nicotine concentrations – produces smooth flavor, dense vapor clouds without harsh hits. To get some hit throat, stay around 60 to 70 VG while for a smooth vaping experience, and cloud chasing go up to 90%. However, an 80% VG / 20% PG is the coolest ratio that has been attested to be the sweetest spot when sub-ohming and ideal for coils 0.5 ohms and below. E-juice flavors at this ratio produce immense vapor and the amount of flavor is great.

List of Top 5 Sub Ohm Tanks to Choose

You’re yearning to chuck big clouds of vapor in an easier way, then sub-ohm tanks meet all your needs. Their performance beats that of their rivals (RDAs and RTAs) but comes with disposable coils. Often, sub-ohm tanks are direct to lung (DTL) high powered and low resistance mods.

For sure, these devices have been most common in recent days. They are in tons of hundreds if not thousands that have been manufactured in the past few years. Consequently, choosing the best sub-ohm tank is a major challenge, especially for newbies, and sometimes tends to be mind-boggling.

Now, hoping that you are ready to jump into this new way of enjoying your vape juice or maybe you want to upgrade your old sub-ohm tank with the latest version in the market, then there are plenty of you to choose from. There are a couple of incredible options from trusted brands. To assist you to make a smart selection, here are the best sub-ohm tanks:

1. Wotofo nexMINI Subtank

If you are a vape lover and like to enjoy unique flavors, then the nexMINI Subtank is made for you. You can kiss unique flavors with different coil configuration in nexMINI Subtank.

The Wotofo nexMINI Subtank comes with a pre-installed #D43 Clapton Mesh Coil, ideal for getting a rich and strong experience of the flavor with each hit, and the #D41 A1 nexMESH Coil, ideal to get a velvet and smooth experience of the flavor.

If you are looking to enhance your experience further, you can also use the #D42 Net Mesh Coil to get an intense warm flavor, and the #D44 Dual nexMESH Coil to get a double dense flavor profile with each hit. The #D42 Net Mesh Coil and #D44 Dual nexMESH Coil are sold separately.

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2. Wotofo nexMESH Pro Tank

The Wotofo NexMESH Pro Tank is an upgraded version of the nexMESH Tank and the pioneer of the mesh coil and parallel double coil technology. This type of vape comes with an adjustable bottom airflow system as well as a sliding-top fill design combined with a one-fill port.

The mod is a leak-proof vape and can be used with varieties of coils like H11 Single Conical nexMesh, H12 Clapton Mesh, H13 Single Conical Net Mesh, H15 Single Mesh and Parallel, and H17 Redbuildable Deck. For single-coil heads, the mod comes with a 4.5- and 6.0-milliliter tanks whereas for dual-coil heads the mod features a 3.5- and 5.0-milliliter tanks.

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The Wotofo NexMESH Pro Tank is meant for vapers who enjoy vaping using rebuildable atomizers with a splendid production of vapor and flavor. Its bottom honeycomb airflow allows smooth air intake to the coil resulting in a delicate taste of flavor.

For lovers of MTL vapes and would wish to shift to sub-ohming, Wotofo NexMESH Pro Tank is the right option.

Top Features:

  • Measures 42.85 mm by 24 mm –drip tip and 510 Pin excluded
  • Available in different colors – black, gunmetal, stainless steel, rainbow, gold, and blue
  • Tank capacity: 4.5 milliliters for straight glass and 6 milliliters for bubble glass – single coil installation. Alternatively, 3.5 milliliters for straight glass and 5 milliliters for bubble glass – dual coil installation.
  • Wattage ranges from 50 to 80 Watts
  • Features a top vape juice refilling method
  • An adjustable bottom airflow
  • A 510 thread
  • Variety of coils (H11, H12, H13, H15, and H17).


It’s an innovative atomizer by Wotofo and OFRF initially designed for operations at middle-range power to deliver flavorful vapor. It’s characterized by a triple-density conical coils mesh coil – its design beats the majority of existing today – designed meant to optimize the production of vapor while minimizing the ramp-up speed.

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Its adjustable air intake positioned at the bottom offers directional efficiency and maintains excellent flavor production from the beginning to the end. The mod comes with a double-vapor condenser and a twin absorption system (TAS) – a unique wicking method meant to deliver rapid cotton saturation - designed for compression of vapor while smoothening the hit to increase the vapor density. For easier refilling, the device comes with a silicone juice guard that helps to prevent leaking.

For many vapers, nexMesh Sub-Ohm tank is indeed a powerful choice. This sort of technology prevents dry/burnt hits – structured with a pair of separate cotton layers enabling saturation of e-juice and delivery of flavor – throughout the vaping process.

Top Features:

  • The mod measures 40.5 mm in height and 28 mm in diameter
  • 510 threading
  • Top filling technique
  • Sliding-action cap design at the top, enabling efficient refilling of vape juice
  • An adjustable bottom air intake allowing fine-tune of the most comfortable level.
  • Tank capacity of 5.5 milliliters– fits well in most box mod vapes.
  • Available in different colors – black, gunmetal, stainless steel, rainbow, gold, white (new), red (new), and blue.
  • German PEEK insulation


With a good build and easy to clean design, the WOTOFO FLOW SUBTANK is indeed a fashion 24-millimeter diameter vape. The tank capacity holds 2 milliliters or 4 milliliters of vape juice and features a silicon plug to comply with the TPD regulation. The atomizer features a 0.25 Ohm coil that draws 35 to 60 W of power from the battery to generate huge clouds and tasty flavor.

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The vape also provides an impressive top filling technique, an adjustable bottom air intake, together with a silver-plated 510 pin to allow good conductivity of electricity and ensure a splendid vaping experience. It’s made from stainless steel and glass. The WOTOFO FLOW SUBTANK works perfectly with TFV8 baby type of coils.


It’s an upgraded version of its predecessor - WOTOFO FLOW SUBTANK. This newer model offers a better flavor delivery compared to Flow Subtank. The diameter measures 25 millimeters and the e-juice compartment (tank) holds 4 milliliters and 5 milliliters of liquid and assumes a bubble-glass tube design.

This solid small-sized tank is built from stainless steel material and high-quality Pyrex glass. The model features O-rings located at the top and bottom to make the design leak proof. Wotofo Flow Pro Subtank features a short tank chimney that facilitates efficient heat regulation – scattering heat uniformly resulting in even vaporization of the e-liquid.

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Regardless of the high temperatures heating the tank and the chimney to make them extremely hot, the cap at the top remains cool. The device comes with a 6-millimeter wide drip trip – allows evenly dissipation of heat – which is flavor concentrated to deliver the best flavor satisfaction. When full, the glass tank is sufficient to offer up to approximately 60 hits.

Compared with other conventional coil types, the mesh-like coil offers great flavor delivery and longevity of vape juice. Its metallic finish alongside grooves offers it a heavy and industrial impression.

The tank operates at low resistance (0.18 Ohms) and draws approximately 40 to 60 watts of power to generate intense flavor and huge vapor clouds. The multihole mesh-like coil – tiny holes punched on a metal sheet – offers a wide surface area compared to conventional wire coils and longer service life.

Top Features:

  • Measures 41.1 millimeters in height (drip tip excluded)
  • Versatile: compatible with different coil types like the SMOK baby beast coils
  • Uses low resistance (0.18 ohms) high wattage (40 to 60 watts) coils to generate giant vapor clouds
  • Adjustable airflow with dual air intake slots to customize your vaping experience
  • Built from stainless steel and Pyrex glass

Benefits and Safety of Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub-ohming comes with three major benefits: production of warm, tasty, and huge amounts of vapor making it a suitable technique for cloud chasers. Besides, vaping with sub-ohm tanks requires some level of caution to enable an absolutely safe, problem-free experience.

The device uses power (electricity) hence you understand what dangers can be there when electricity is mishandled – short-circuiting or explosion. Also, the mod should consistently be kept clean including the contacts, vents, threads, firing button, mouthpiece, the tank, et al.

For spring-loaded switching buttons, replace the spring when it wears out. When not in use, always keep your mod in a locked position. Train yourself to always use high-quality batteries and remove them when damaged or fully-discharged.


At Wotofo, we quite understand there is a wide variety of vapes to choose from, whether you are acquiring them online or from your nearest store. Since the vaping industry is currently overflowing with vapes of all kinds, Wotofo is committed to giving you hit after hit, offering premium vapes and remarkable customer experience. Above all, we are offering you deals that save your money while giving you the best vaping experience.

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