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Mesh vs. Regular Vape Coils: Which One You Should Use?

mesh coil vs regular coil

A coil is one such underestimated accessory in a vape kit. Without the coil, you won’t be able to turn your e-juice – in liquid form – into its useful form (vapor form). E-juice is heated up by vape coils to create vapor. The surface area of a coil is vital; the larger the surface area, the more the amount of e-juice is vaporized at a particular time, and vice versa.

The more e-juice is vaporized the more the amount of vapor is generated. Most recently, we’ve witnessed a rivalry amongst vape makers to optimize the surface area of their coils. It began with the dual coils incorporating a pair of wires and the technology still exists today where several wire strands are incorporated in several coil holes. Arguably, the race is far from the finish line, and one of the most modern revolutions in coil technology is the introduction of mesh coil technology.

While the majority of vapers understand the various resistance ratings of coils, not all of them minds about what type their coil is. What’s meant by the type of coil is how the coil is structured in terms of the configuration of the metal material which often comes in two varieties: mesh and regular/standard coils.

In recent days, mesh coils are more of a trend and vapers have begun to love them. For sub-ohm vaping, the overall vaping experience is influenced by several factors and coils aren’t exceptional.

Coils act like gatekeepers; they dictate the compatibility of vape juices with certain vapes, the tightness of drawing, as well as the size of the vapor cloud produced. The design of traditional (regular) coils is simple. They are typically round wire coils shaped in a spring pattern. Their straightforward design makes them easy to make and more importantly cheap.

But the modern coil technology introduces mesh coils to solve the various design limitations associated with round wire coils. In this article, we will make comparisons between mesh and regular coil in terms of their differences and similarities.

Mesh vs. Regular Vape Coils

mesh vs regular vape coil


Mesh and regular coils are characterized by the same working principle, only that they have slightly varied effects. Although mesh coils have become increasingly common across the vaping industry, they are most commonly used in sub-ohm tanks (coils with built-in resistance of less than 1 ohm) whereas regular coils are used for mouth to lung vaping (MTL).

Both mesh and regular coils heat up when the firing button is pressed. While heating up, they vaporize the vape juice to vapor which is inhaled through the mouth.


Mesh coils come with a larger surface area compared with regular coils – heat up at a faster rate to produce more flavor and vapor. Also, mesh coils are characterized by a more evenly/uniformly distributed heat as the current is spread on the entire metal sheet. This implies that there are lower chances of experiencing dry/burnt hits with mesh coils than in regular coils.

Since mesh coils do not get extremely hot like their spiral counterparts, they are characterized by a cooler vaping experience. The mesh coils types are better at generating flavorful vapor and huge vapor clouds compared to regular coils.

Regular coils are usually used with small pod mod vape systems. These kinds of coils are best suited with tiny systems as they are ideal when used in small-sized vapes. While regular coils generally have poor longevity compared to mesh coils, this is an ideal counterbalance as they are used with tiny vape systems that work with low wattages.

What are Mesh Coils?

A mesh coil is a grid-like metal sheet/strip – usually built from kanthal, stainless steel, or nichrome. Its design is meant to increase the surface area for e-liquid contact for maximum flavor and vapor production.

A standard/regular/conventional coils are single wire strands “coiled” to form a spiral heating element. Just like the name “mesh” sound, the majority of mesh coils comprised of metal strips with holes punched on them.

Mesh coils aren’t absolutely new in the vaping industry. They were used in rebuildable tanks as wicking material before they were overtaken by cotton as the most preferred wicking material. Besides maximizing the coil’s surface area, their flat thin design optimizes (reduces) their volume. They are built from kanthal or stainless steel materials.

As anyone might guess of their advantage when used as heating elements in vapes, they are best known for maximizing the surface area of contact with vape juice.

This results in:
  • Shorter ramp-up time – the time is taken by the coil to heat up – than ordinary coils
  • Dense vapor and intense flavor
  • Even distribution of heat, a more convenient vaping experience
  • Longer lasting than ordinary coils – even distribution of heat prevents the concentration of heat at one point which can lead to burning out of the coil.
  • Better taste for your e-juice. The majority of vapers report flavorful vaping experience with these sorts of coils.
  • Consumes less power
  • Compatible with most tanks; can be used with an old tank without the requirement of acquiring an entirely new one.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Coils

advantages and disadvantages of mesh coils


There’re lots of incredible reasons why you should use mesh coils. Whether you use the internet to experience the best out of e-juice in terms of flavor or cloud chasing, odds are this modern coil technology will leave you hooked. Apparently, this new technology has an upper hand in various ways that stem from a single characteristic: large surface area.

  • Fast firing: these coils fire at a quicker rate compared to regular coils. This translates into a more effective, stronger hit delivering a better flavor and vapor than ordinary coils.
  • Greater flavor delivery and vapor production: the larger the surface area the better the flavor delivery. Mesh coils offer a better taste of your e-juice hence improving the entire vaping experience.
  • Consistency: mesh coils unlike the regular coils cover the whole wick surface area enabling uniform heating of the coil. This facilitates even heating of the e-juice ensuring that all the hits are the same.
  • Longevity: thanks to the evenly distributed heat: not focused in one spot meaning no much straining of the coils. vapers using mesh coils replace their coils less often than with regular coils saving them time and money.
  • Power-efficient: they are often used with low wattage ranges saving your battery power and ultimately increasing the battery service life.


  • Notorious at e-juice consumption: Increasing the surface area of coil results in a corresponding increase in the consumption of vape juice. That sounds obvious, more juice must be heated to produce those huge vapor clouds. Vapes that use mesh coils are notorious for consuming e-liquids. True, mesh coils offer better hits, fast heat up, huge clouds, and strong flavor, but all these strong points come at a cost. You’ll only accomplish them with more e-liquid. This is a bit frustrating as the tank would require frequent top-ups.
  • Health concerns: it is worth mentioning that inhaling too much vapor can be more harmful than consuming a lot of nicotine. Health experts have established that vaping is 95 percent safer compared to cigarette smoking. Notwithstanding, inhaling huge amounts of vapor can exacerbate the 5 percent risk. Take caution when vaping with mesh coils. If you find yourself developing some cough or some other strange symptoms, it’s high time to switch back to regular coils and consult your doctor.
  • Heat preference: mesh coils do not reach the heat levels attained by Clapton coils, implying that they are not perfect as you may think. Also, you will discover that mesh coils work better with various flavors than others.

Top Mesh Coils from Wotofo

Wotofo brings you some best mesh coils in the industry such as nexMESH Mesh Coil, Wotofo Mesh Style Coil, nexMESH Pro Tank Coil, Manik Pod Coil, Wotofo Flow Pro Coil, nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank Conical Coil.

● nexMESH Mesh Coil

Flavor chasing is important when it comes to vaping. It overtakes the ordinary coils in terms of flavor production. They come in two varieties: SS316L nexMESH Mesh Coil and Kanthal A1 nexMESH Mesh Coil. The Kanthal type is made from Kanthal material whose internal resistance is 0.13 oms. For optimal performance, the coil works best with a wattage range of 60 to 70 watts. The SS316L nexMESH Mesh Coil, built from stainless steel, is best known for its vaping with temperature control ability. Its built-in resistance is 0.15 ohms and performs best with a wattage range of 65 to 75 watts. Both coils heat very fast for intense delivery of flavor. Their intricate micro-weave netting facilitates a large surface area and even distribution of heat. They have great longevity.

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● Wotofo Mesh Style Coil

It’s taking the vaping market by storm. Talk about flavor and Wotofo Mesh Style defeats all the regular coils. Its large surface area provides more contact with e-liquids, ultimately delivering great flavor. It’s built from kanthal material making it resistant to deformation. It’s evenly pierced ensuring an even and fast distribution of heat reducing burnt spots on the cotton wick. With build-in resistance of 0.18 ohms, the coil works best with a wattage range of 40 to 60 watts. Appropriate wicking and priming offer the coil better longevity. Their design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.

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● nexMESH Pro Tank Coil

Available in different choices: #H15 Single Mesh & Parallel Coil, #H12 Clapton Mesh Coil, #H19 Wire & Mesh Quad Coil, #H18 Triple Mesh Coil, #H13 Single Conical Net Mesh Coil, And #H11 Single Conical nexMESH Coil Built with tough and high-quality materials for superb delivery of flavor and production of huge vapor clouds. Each coil under this package offers a peculiar vaping experience. With a build-in resistance of 0.15 ohms, each coil performs best at a varied wattage range.

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● Manik Pod Coil

These coils are compatible with both Vaporesso and VooPoo pods. Come with four varied and competitive coils capable of providing great flavor. The coils under the Manik Pod Coil umbrella are D11 Pod Coil, D13 Pod Coil, D14 Pod Coil, and D15 Pod Mesh Coil. They have a built-in resistance of 0.2 ohms.

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● Wotofo Flow Pro Coil

Regarding flavor delivery, this coil outperforms the conventional coils. The evenly punched piece of the metal sheet provides a large surface area. Their built-in resistance is 0.18 ohms and works best with a wattage range of 40 to 60 watts. The evenly pierced coils provide uniform heating creating a perfect vape experience while reducing the chances of burnt spots on the cotton wick. The coil is versatile, has a fast ramp-up time, and greater longevity.

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● nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank Conical Coil

The first conically-designed Wotofo mesh coil is out and it’s said to deliver a top-notch flavor. There are three of the kind made from Kanthal, another one from stainless steel, and the other from Ni80. The built-in resistance of these coils is 0.2 ohms. Regarding the wattage range for each, Kanthal made coils perform best with a 75 to 80-W wattage range, stainless steel works best at 55 to 77-W wattage range, and Ni80 performs best at 70 to 85-W wattage range. Its unique design enables a shorter ramp-up time as well as advanced airflow.

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The coil technology is always on the road to innovation. Soon we’ll be having the 3D mesh technology. But vapers know what they want! For moderate throat hit, medium generation of vapor, decent flavor delivery, and warm vape, look for a regular coil.

If you need a coil with fast ramp-up time, cool inhale, dense flavor, and huge vapor clouds, then go for the mesh type of coil. This implies that mesh and regular coils aren’t limited to replacement coils, the same option can be chosen in different RDAs.

Some rebuildables come with already built decks to house mesh strips where you can fit, wick the mesh coils, and start enjoying your e-liquid. Although regular coils have their place, the majority of brands are migrating to mesh coil technology due to the above-mentioned advantages. This implies that the new coil technology (mesh coils) is more convenient than standard coils. If asked to choose one, I will definitely go for mesh coils.


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