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Single Battery Vape Mods - A Guide to Get an Amazing Vaping Experience

single battery vape mods

Whether you believe in it being a healthier and safer alternative to smoking, a way to refrain from smoking, or just a habit meant to pass time, in the current world, vaping is gaining astonishing popularity, kind of becoming a sport.

One factor that contributes to this wild acceptance is the fact that vapers are offered the space to customize their experiences in uncountable ways. The market has countless vaping products including different types of vapes and e-juices with all sorts of flavors and blending.

Unfortunately, people who seem to be busy with their lives have a challenge in determining the best ways of having an amazing vaping experience. They need a guide to take them through the best vapes in the industry, the most appealing e-juices, and even how to vape appropriately.

With the wide variety of vaping products, particularly vape, currently in the industry, it will rather be an overwhelming experience navigating the market.

Fortunately, if you’re specifically searching for a small vape mod that can fit in their pocket, a single-battery mod is a potential candidate, and perhaps it will be the right option for you.

It can be a box mod or a vape mod that comes with a starter kit and a regulating chipset. The battery is either removable or in-built. The vaping community is so competitive; manufacturers are competing to produce some of the outstanding vapes in the market.

One of the most reputable single-battery mods available in the market today is Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod. It is an unregulated mod producing a maximum of 80W. It is powered by a single 18650, 20650, 20700, or 21700 battery under working voltage of 3.2-4.2 volts.

Recurve Squonk Mod have earned top spots in the market listing due to its great inherent quality and outstanding functionality.

A two-battery mod is most preferred by most vapers as they’re more powerful. Some of them can deliver over 200 watts of power while only a few single-battery vape mods will deliver over 70 watts of power.

Nevertheless, their cons are as well obvious: big in size, heavy in weight, and costly. That’s where single-battery mods come in. vapers looking for excellent, small, light, easy to carry, and small-budget mods, then single-battery mods are the only option.

In the vaping market today, there’re so many single-battery vapes posing a challenge to newbies to know the best mods. Worry not because the best single-battery vapes have been tested and identified by experts to examine their durability, quality, and their performance.

Some devices are equipped with OLED or LED displays or even touchscreens. Other feature screen lock capabilities, an easy-to-use interface, smart atomizer recognition, stealth firing bar technology, puff monitoring systems, and safety properties like 10 sec cut off to prevent coil burn out, protection to overheating and short-circuiting as well as low-battery warning.

Can you imagine all this in a simple small-size device of a single-battery mod kind, it must be a powerful device indeed to offer the best you need in your vaping escapade.


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How to Get a Hot Vape on a Single-Battery Mod

single battery mod

A vape is provided with a battery to provide energy to the coil where some of the energy is converted into heat, heating the e-juice to turn it into vapor. In vapor form, the e-juice can be drawn into the lungs through the mouthpiece of the vape, which is mouth to lung vaping. But it’s natural for newbies to find it a little bit uneasy if they notice their vapes are generating excessive heat.

Perhaps they will drift up their fingers as if they just touched an edge of a hot frying pan. Or perhaps they have overheard some of the various scale tales about the explosion of e-cigs and end up thinking that might happen when their batteries become notably hot. Don’t ever panic, after all, all batteries whether it’s a laptop battery, a mobile phone battery or a vape battery gets hot due to some reasons – either charging or discharging power.

A single-battery vape mod is no different as it’s meant to supply the coil with power. The heat generated by the coil is necessary as it is the only mechanism that makes sense in a vape. If it is actually the vapor that is too hot other than the device, it is most likely the combination of both the wattage and airflow that you’ve set your device to.

For instance, if the wattage setting is very high, then the temperature of the coil will be high, and vapor coming out of the vape will be as well hot. More airflow to the heating zone allows the device to draw more cool air to mix it with the e-liquid making the vapor cooler.

Now, for this reason, in a single-battery vape, the airflow slots should be adjusted such that the appropriate airflow combines with the correct wattage to produce vapor of the desired temperature.

Here’s a guide to temperature control vaping for more info.

How to Get an Amazing Vaping Experience with a Single-Battery Mod

Vaping is all about flavors. Even if your vape is 5-star and it happens that you are using a poor-quality e-juice, definitely your vaping experience will be boring. This implies that a good vape should match a good e-juice, so when investing in a good single-battery vape, don’t forget to do the same for your e-juice.

There are plenty of shops online that stock the best e-liquids. Don’t also forget to clean the coil and the tank when you’re changing the flavors, otherwise, you’ll experience unpleasant or some strange tastes. Also, you need to know that blending some flavors results in even tastier concoctions, so you can experiment that by blending various flavors.

Notwithstanding, it’s recommended to always remove the old flavors before sampling the new ones; as this is a critical upkeep aspect for vape mods. For your small box vape mod, mini vape mod, or whichever name you call it, it’s advisable to stick to one type of e-juice, perhaps your most favorite. But there are dozens of flavors that you should try.

In order to experiment with various flavors without the hassle of cleaning the coil each time, you must invest in the best vape mod brands. This will save you the headache of disposing of your e-cig each time you mess up with the coil.

Before feeding your single-battery box mod with the vape juice, always remember the rules of “shake before use.” This is to make sure that all the ingredients are properly mixed up. Also, always ensure the e-juice bottle is kept closed as keeping it open will compromise its flavor.

The device and the e-juice bottle should be hidden from direct light, sunlight in particular to avoid chemical reactions. The untouched bottles should be kept in cardboard cartons or in dark cupboards to reduce the chances of degrading.

If you’re traveling and you intend to carry your device with you, have your vape in the woods, then you must research the place you’re going; whether they permit vaping or not.

Also find out whether vape mods are permitted in the airline, train, or cruise ship you’re traveling in. if you intend to stay in that flashy hotel room, find out whether the management permits guests to vape within their premises. Research about the vaping laws and also make plans of how you are going to get your supplies while there.

Changing Coils

changing vape coil

There is a wide variety of coils used with single-battery vape mods. The coils degrade with time due to the effect of oxidation by the elements of the e-juice, particularly the water compound. Coils with rusty coats will compromise the taste of the e-juice: give flavor with a burnt taste.

Besides, it’s not possible to wash them as they will just burn out when reused. Instead, they should be replaced whenever they appear crusty to avoid spoiling the vaping experience. For better vaping experiences make sure to avoid the coil gunk.

Determine Your Best PG/VG ratio and Maintain It

Besides investing in the best vape mod and e-liquid, it’s equally important to determine your best PG/VG ratio to improve your vaping experience. If you are a cloud chaser and you love your e-juice thick, then a high content of VG is ideal for you.

Low content of VG will suit vapers who want that deep hit on their throats without producing large clouds. However, for medical reasons, a higher content of VG is much safer as it contains fewer allergies. Moreover, it does not cause a strong throat hit and is characterized by a sweeter taste.

So next time you’re buying an e-liquid or if you are making DIY vape juice, make sure you determine and maintain the PG-VG ratio.

Check Your Mod Battery Regularly

It’s a single-battery mod thus the battery solely powers the device. If it fails to work then you will not get that soothing vaping feeling. The battery requires regular checking for vape juice gunk. Unscrew to detach it from the atomizer and using a clean paper towel, wipe the gunk before screwing it back.

Vape battery safety is one of the important things to consider for a smoother vaping experience


One major challenge vapers experience is the Vaper’s tongue. It’s annoying as it can ruin the vaping experience when you use the same e-juice repeatedly or for a long time. This can be solved by trying new flavors as well as staying hydrated as dehydration might worsen the condition.

So, go buy yourself the latest single-battery mod, sit relax, and concentrate on enjoying your vape. Also, when vaping, always create fun and make the experience more interesting. Maybe you can do it with friends or when watching your favorite Netflix episode.

Friends will make the experience more thrilling as you can be vibing about the latest car models or doing some gossip about your childhood times, dating stories; yeah, just stories to drive the feeling home.


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