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Jun 15 2020 0 Comments

What is Box Mod Vape? A Guide to High Watt Vaping with Box Mods

what is box mod vape

Before COVID-19, it’d been projected that in Europe alone, by 2021, the number of vapers will hit 55 million.

This is because vaping is seen as an alternative to smoking. Anyone who is switching from doing the cigarettes to consuming nicotine salts might have some questions. They might even be wondering about the types of vape juice or vape they should buy.

Before going deep into box mod vape, we need to understand why people vape as they seem to be a little more difficult to use compared to smoking a cigarette.

Okay, whereas that might be what’s happening on your mind right now, some people quickly found it as a comfortable way of consuming nicotine the very first day came across vape mods.

But there are substantial reasons why the smokers are switching to vaping such as:

  • Vaping is less harmful compared to cigarettes
  • Vapers don’t create a nuisance to others
  • Vaping does not encounter too much criticism and bans like smoking
  • Vape juices come in a variety of flavors unlike cigarettes, et al.

Having answered the reason why people vape, we need to know what a box mod is. It’s a popular type of vape. This article answers several questions about a box mod and how it is used.

Out of all devices and accessories used for drawing vape juice, box mods are distinct for their application of the most advanced vaping technology.

Inside them, vape mods feature numerous electronic devices with various properties as well as safety protections to enable vapers to obtain the best from their favorite e-juices.

Out of all vape mods, box mods vapes are peculiar for their box-like shape. They are combinations of powerful and high-capacity batteries with tanks, either sub-ohm tanks or mouth-to-lung tanks.

The typical ones use either a single, a double, or a triple 18650 type of cells. Others use different types of batteries altogether such as 20700 or 21700 types.

Box mod vapes are some of the superior types of vaporizers available. However, they’re a bit different in terms of their longer-lasting and larger batteries compared to vape pens.

Box mod vapes are versatile; they’re designed such that vapers can interchange various battery types, atomizers, and even tanks. It’s ideal for people searching for customizability.

The working principle of a box mod vape is similar to that of other vaporizers; the battery is used to heat up a coil located inside an atomizer which is separate from the box mod. Vapor is produced once the coils are heated.


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Why Do People Love Box Mods?

Unlike the world of smoking that simply involves lighting up a cigarette, pulling a puff from it, and get the desired hit, vaping embraces technology.

A vape is a product of technology. Particularly, a box mod is more advanced compared to other vapes and comes with adjustable wattage and power property.

It allows vapers to have control over the wattages or power given to the atomizer. With more power delivered to the coil, the end product is an intense experience, huge clouds, and flavorful vapor are delivered.

The hit on the throat is again awesome with higher wattage. This is partially why a majority of vapers fall in love with box mods. Moreover, with their large size, they have a display (screen) fitted on them and features several iconic functions compared to small-size vaping devices.

Most importantly, these vapes allow vapers to vape at their preferred temperature. This implies that they can decide the vaping temperature level they can enjoy their e-juice, not too hot or too dry.

Honestly, vaping professionals love box mod vapes due to their customizability property. The majority of vapers end up preferring box mods compared to other atomizers due to other features like durability and lifespan of the battery.

What Types of Atomizers are Used with Box Mods?

Types of Atomizers Used with Box Mods

They are wax concentrate, dry herb, oil, and e-juice atomizers.

● Dry Herb Atomizers

These are particularly designed for combustion/vaporization of dry herbs. Vaping herbs eliminates all the carcinogenic and carbon II oxide contents.

Only a few watts are required to run this type of atomizer; the recommended range is 7 to 12 watts, beyond which it will spoil the coil.

● Wax Atomizers

These nicely couple with box mod vapes. Wax requires melting even before vaporization, meaning a lot of heat is required, and a box mod can supply sufficient power. Before vaping was invented, people used to consume wax with petty devices/tools like dab ring, blowtorch, and the like.

Today, an atomizer and battery do a wonderful job. The wattage setting is between 18 and 25 watts, which is considered as the optimal range and beyond it, the coil will burn out.

● Oil Atomizers

They are the most recent devices in the market. Box mod vapes function well with these cartridges and hold power longer than ordinary vape pens.

Nevertheless, these cartridges are delicate and require much fewer watts. Users are advised to start with the lowest setting and work their way up slowly till they obtain their best level of vapor generation.

● E-juice Atomizers

They are the most common attachments for box mod vapes. They have the most wattage rating and generate the biggest vapor clouds.

Some extend as far as 200 watts to enable vaporization of glycerin which in turn forms huge clouds. The recommended wattage is indicated in the coil or the atomizer manual.

How to Use a Box Mod Vape?

how to use a box mod vape

Box mod vaporizers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and are characterized by a broad range of functionalities not often found in all types of vaporizers.

These devices offer the user complete control over their vaping escapade enabling them to scale the wattage and temperature. It’s a high-tech vape that is operated by a PCB chip that draws its power from an inbuilt or interchangeable battery.

Other designs are waterproof, implying that the vaper isn’t worried should their vape fall into the water.

The data and functionality concerning the device can be read and sometimes manipulated on an LED display. They are compatible with any type of 510 atomizers.

A box mod starter kit comes with all necessary accessories required for vaping your most preferred e-liquid. They have a high charging ability, an average mod can be used a whole day without requiring to be recharged.

Beginners might find it a little bit difficult to learn how to use the device. But that shouldn’t worry you as there are basic methods of doing things right.

A stepwise guide to using these devices is explained below.

● Selecting a Suitable 510 Atomizer

The selection of the right atomizer will be dictated by the types of vape and e-juice being utilized. There’s a wide variety of oils, e-juices, herbs as well as wax concentrates and each is used for what they are meant for.

For instance, wax concentrates cannot be fed with dry herb or vice versa. The variants are available in vape stores. The majority of box mod vaporizers go with only 510-threaded gadgets, so it’s important to ensure the atomizer selected fits properly into the box mod.

● Fully Charge the Device

If you just bought your vape and you’re planning to go for a long walk, you should fully charge the mod.

A larger portion of this high wattage vapes come with micro USB charging ports where you insert the charging USB outlet. Other mods have removable batteries that are either charged using a USB charger or “universal” chargers.

Besides, they come with a user manual with instructions on how to handle the device properly including how to remove the battery. An ordinary mod battery will take about two to three hours before getting fully charged.

● Attaching the Atomizer

Attach the wax concentrate atomizer or whatever type of atomizer you have selected to the mod and fix it in place with a screw (if provided).

Caution: overtightening is prohibited as it could cause several problems. The atomizer is left at this place but be easy to unscrew when removal is needed.

● Switch On the Mod

The majority of these mods turn on in a similar manner – by simply clicking a button five times.

When done well, the LED display on the device lights up, indicating that the device is on. When switching off the device, the five clicks are repeated to reverse the function.

● Using the Appropriate Wattage

Most mods come with the feature to adjust wattage and temperature. Ordinarily, there are two buttons, one to increase it and the other to reduce it. The appropriate wattage to vape depends on the type of atomizer selected.

For instance, wax atomizers and sub-ohm tanks utilize up to 200 watts and their limits are indicated on the coils while oil and dry herb atomizers require smaller wattage to operate.

● Powering the Box Mod

You can make your own vape juice or any popular flavors. When all is set, it’s high time to start enjoying your vape juice. By pressing the power button, the atomizer is fed with electricity and the coil heats the e-liquid to generate vaper.

You are required to hold the fire button down as you pull vapor to your lungs. E-juice and oil atomizers put off vapor almost instantly whereas it takes some few seconds for wax and dry herb atomizers to reach the desired temperature and puff off vapor.

Holding the button for relatively too long can spoil the coil, so box mod vapes feature a cut off timer, should the vaper hold the fire button for a longer time, the electricity flow is halted to prevent damaging the device.


Box mod vapes are exceedingly elegant. They have numerous adjustable/customizable settings to allow vapers to achieve the best experience from their e-juices. There are a variety of box mod vapes that suits not only your vaping needs but also your budget. Choose one and vape like a pro!

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